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  1. Used to have to do some kind of html but no more.
  2. Just paste the url directly into the body, nothing more.
  3. I really had to put some thought into this one. In 1986 (for about a week) and 1987 (for about a week) I owned a 1970 cherry sunburst LP Deluxe that had been routed for three full sized humbuckers. Sacrilegious, I know, but people didn’t care as much then. I turned my nose up at it because of its butchered state and twice applied “catch n release”. Fact is, however, when I played that guitar, I hit way above my weight. I am NOT a good guitar player but I sure could pass for one with that LP. I didn’t have the brains to realize how good I could be if I looked past the fact that it had been modified.
  4. We finally counted them the other day. I have 46, but that’s counting about 5 banjos and a couple mandolins. I’d thin the herd but the market is horrible. There’s a few I’d like to buy but not going to until I can flip a few.
  5. Why does an elephant have four feet? Because he'd look silly with six inches.
  6. 以前所有していたギターを探しています。 2018年に東京にありました。デジマートを使っています。もっと良い検索サイトはありますか? I am looking for a guitar I once owned. It was in Tokyo in 2018. I use digimart. Is there a better search site? https://www.digimart.net/ This is the guitar: https://antique-guitarshop.wixsite.com/2016/product-page/gretsch-px6119-chet-atkins-tennessean-61-62年製-full-original
  7. According to my googling and a 1981 Gibson parts price list I have here, the one ending in 028 is the 300K. Any reason you chose a 300K linear taper for the tone instead of another 500K audio taper like the volume?
  8. When I was parting out motorcycles on eBay a 3 lb sledge with about a 10” handle was my best friend. That and a Craftsman impact driver. Both made quick work of those Japanese Phillips head screws. Time is money.
  9. Couple big shake-ups in my inventory. I sold my 1947 L-5. I don't know if I'll bother to replace it. I've had dozens of archtops and I guess I'm resigned to the fact that if I have to work my fingers off to get any sound out of something, it's not worth it. If I sell my Heritage Super Eagle I may consider something like a Johnny Smith and just use it electrically. I don't see me having an acoustic archtop. These words will come back to haunt me. But I'm saying them anyway. In October I went to Nashville, met with George Gruhn, and ended up buying one of his Veristar guitars, serial number 20. I fell in love with it on the spot. They shipped it, UPS smashed it, Crushed the top. It went back to the factory and the top was replaced. Spot on flawless job. Then I spent some time with it and fell out of love. It's currently back at Gruhn's on consignment. When I was at Gruhn's there was a silver sparkle Strat on the wall. Over the top speedboat Buck Owens silver sparkle. I dragged my wife over to gaze at it. We gazed. I walked away. I thought about it. A lot. I pulled the trigger. A lot of money. Turns out to be a one-off 2009 1960 NOS from the Custom Shop. And I paid dearly for it. Don't care. I love it. I don't have to fight to get Pipeline. Or Perfidia. Or Penetration. Walk Don't Run. Mr. Moto. And others. Other than that, I would thin the herd some more but the seller's market sucks tremendous large moose gonads at the moment.
  10. I should have a bumper sticker that says "I brake for bungee cords". I've gotten lots of tool off the road. Mostly screwdrivers, once in a while vise grips. Best one I found was a Snap On hammer.
  11. Just as well. He would have gotten down in the mud with fujifilmguy and I wouldn't have been able to ban one without banning the other..... are you picking up what I'm putting down?
  12. And the troll is now gone. Thank me or hate me, either is fine.
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