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  1. Hey, WHY NOT update a 12 year old thread? My brother's Dobro stayed with me until 2013 when I traded it back to him for a Dobro 33H and a '65 Fender Twin Reverb reissue. He kept it another year or two and then sold it BACK to me before he moved to Florida. It's safe. But I really suck at playing it.
  2. I have no idea why anyone would consider spending one second of their life to create a fake of a Chinese guitar.
  3. Looks fake to me. It would have a Dove bridge during this era, the crown on the headstock is wrong, the tuners are wrong, headstock binding is wrong, the pickguard is wrong.... It's all wrong. Unless you're getting it for under $200 and want to use it as a player, run.
  4. I can only comment on the two photos you posted, but they both look typical of the 70s. I've never seen a 70s label with the model number hand written but I see no reason to suspect it as being fake.
  5. What kidblast said. Pretty loose actually. If you have something you want to sell and want to share it, that's fine. This is clearly not a good place to sell anything, which was self evident from watching the lack of activity in the for sale section. And of course people would join the forum with the sole purpose of selling something, and then vaporize. I would consider the forum as a place to give other enthusiasts a 'heads up' rather than as a platform to sell. If we were chatting about Gibson Crests and someone was thinking about putting theirs on ebay or Reverb, I think it would be a win/win to say so, and almost a disservice to the community to NOT say so. Just an example.
  6. It was made prior to the standardization of Gibsons's serial numbers, which occurred sometime in 1977. Many Gibsons of 76-77 had serial numbers that began with 99 or 00, so maybe yours is a '75 or so? If the pots are original, that can narrow it down a lot too.
  7. Be careful what you have done and who does it. It's quite valuable. Don't have any more done to it than absolutely necessary.
  8. Late 40s Southerner Jumbo.
  9. So is the finish actually stripped now? Or has it just been disassembled in prep?
  10. L7s had split parallelograms starting earlier in the 40s. Not sure exactly when but definitely all post war models.
  11. If you’re looking to sell it, you’d be better off auctioning it as is. It’s lost any collector value from it being stripped. And the fretboard has been replaced. I doubt you’d recoup what the refinish would cost. Best to let someone else use it as the base for a custom finish.
  12. This guitar has already been discussed lol.
  13. They went to a belly down sometime in 1967 or 68.
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