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  1. Sgt Pepper has been given a week off for his vulgar remark about another forum member. That post has been hidden from view.
  2. ksdaddy

    Real Gibson?

    I don't mind people asking the question and posting pics, as most of them are probably legit...they are looking at something on craigslist or a pawn shop and don't want to get taken. I'm not too hip on pointing out exactly HOW we know it's fake. The "wrong" people watch posts like this, I'm sure.
  3. ksdaddy

    Real Gibson?

    It's not a real Gibson.
  4. It’s 1946-47 L-7. It also had a pickup at one time. Maybe even a Charlie Christian.
  5. You're calling it a 1969 J-50 and that's what I would guess as well. It is a round shouldered model but they began with the belly-down bridge. This is typical of "around 1969". It went to a square shoulder style around 1970. Nothing is exact with Gibson. Is it worth fixing? Hard to say! There are too many questions that can't be answered without an in-hand exam.
  6. I will delete this thread if the rude comments about each other don't stop.
  7. When I first looked, I thought it was an LG0 but it looks more like a B-15. I'd have to see the headstock. LGOs had a normal Gibson headstock while the B-15s had a narrow one like the old Melody Makers. B-15's also had the big rectangular bridge with adjustable rosewood(?) saddle. They were made around 1968-70 or so.
  8. It’s just a spring clip. Pull the battery right out (towards the camera).
  9. If I answer a question before coffee, you’re likely to get the unvarnished truth. 😀 Welcome to the forum.
  10. There are only two types of guitars that should be in gig bags: 1. guitars you are selling. 2. guitars you hate.
  11. You are correct.
  12. None I guess. I had a Corvette for several years (operative word HAD). Overly complex. One tiny glitch and it's 4 figures to fix. I have owned a '57 Chevy for 7 years, many people's dream car. It drives like a dump truck. Looks great in my yard. I had a 2010 Impala until we got rear ended in March. Not a scratch on us. The car was totaled. Crumple zones ya know. I bought a 2016 Impala Classic (the last of the same style as my 2010) with 32,000 miles on it for under $11K. I will be driving that car a long time. Very safely and just about as quickly as that Corvette. Except quieter and with a 4-hooker trunk. Fantasy vehicle? 1980-86 Ford F-150 with a 300 6 cyl, rubber mats on the floor and a granny low 4 speed. I drove Betsy from 1995 to 2016 and she's still in the back yard, ready to haul rocks, broken tree limbs or whatever.
  13. C’mon guys....everyone on the planet is antsy right now. Let’s not stir the sh— stew any more than it’s already stirred.
  14. My mother passed away in March and one of the things I've been unsuccessfully trying to sell is this oak china cabinet. maybe I should market it as a humidifying chamber so I can sell it.
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