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  1. The only thing that looks unquestionably Gibson is the cracks alongside the fingerboard extension ha ha. A couple additional observations: They didn't come with Grover 102C tuners from the factory in the 60s and 70s that I am aware of. If these were changed out, where's the footprint of the old ones? My '64 SJ has a white heel cap. The H-Bird should be the same. The sunburst is too "small" for that era. 60s sunbursts barely covered the rim. And no fading? None? And I agree with everything Jinder said.
  2. http://www.larkstreetmusic.com/list/pict/benderrD18.jpg
  3. I knew a Pentecost preacher that insisted the finish on a guitar hampered it's tone so he stripped the finish off every guitar he owned. J200, D35, 50s Kay, didn't matter. Idiot. John Lennon did some stupid **** like that as well. If crap like the Tone Rite worked, at least ONE of the guitar companies would utilize it. Don't they want their product to sound better than the neighbors? I don't believe any of the aging voodoo, or in fact thinking we know more about building guitars than the person who built it. On a more basic level, if anyone is searching for gimmicky ways to improve the tone of their guitar, that tells me they're not happy with it. Trade up.
  4. Daisy (1-1/2 year old Jack Russell Shorty) and Maggie (10 year old Golden Retriever)
  5. What's the difference between Iron Man and Aluminum man? Iron Man stops the bad guys. Aluminum man just foils their plans.
  6. When I let the dogs out to pee at 2 am I think of that and avoid being in the camera's range. Or if I am in range in my underwear, I will at least refrain from urinating in the driveway.
  7. A few years ago my kids got me a Ring doorbell, with camera and all that. I happened to have an old style doorbell, so I mounted it so it would be powered all the time via the low voltage feed. That lasted about a week. It lost it's connection and Ring was no help whatsoever. I've run it on it's rechargeable internal battery ever since. In the winter it needs to be charged about once a week. My kids have moved up to newer Ring doorbells and they seem to like them a lot. I guess I'd buy another, but not a 'doorbell' this time, just a security camera, maybe one with a floodlight. Maybe a couple, for that matter. I'm not a "security system" type; never had the need.... but people are people and drugs are rampant here. Rampant. I've almost never locked my doors and I rarely took the keys out of my car. But I'm an idiot and will pay someday. Lately I've been more diligent, locking the cars at night or at least taking the keys out. And deadbolting all doors. I'm at the point where I no longer trust that old Ring doorbell. I left one of my trucks in the front yard this morning, the bed full of scrap metal. A guy was coming sometime today to pick all the scrap up. I have one recorded event at 11:59 showing the truck with the metal, and another event at 12:47 showing an empty truck. So he came sometime in between with no recording from my "security" camera. Of course the sensitivity can be adjusted, and actually it's too sensitive. It triggers every time a large truck goes by. So I wonder what else I've missed? Before I buy new Rings, I'd like to hear what you guys use, if anything.
  8. I've done this for decades. The subject of static has come up on forums before and when I mention a dryer sheet, people think I'm nuts. The only guitar I typically need to use them on is my '77 Tele. I was told the laminated pickguard is more prone to static than one layer vinyl. Can't say. All I know is that it will pop like mad unless I give it a rub once a month or so.
  9. I briefly owned a 2007 CJ165 Rosewood. It was one of the prizes at the 2007 Homecoming. Amazing workmanship, beautiful guitar. Just not the sound that suited me. "Suited me" being the operative phrase.
  10. All except the tilapia. That's not food. Glad all is well. Losing power preys on the mind. The longest I remember losing power was around 12 hours and I was seriously waiting for the zombie apocalypse.
  11. I have no use for trolls and I applaud any smackdown you guys want to hand out.
  12. And some wonder why I’m not more of a hall monitor. You guys do just fine.
  13. I've got two Ernie Ball wooden boxes from the 70s and I swear they have some of the original strings in them. I have replenished them here and there, mostly from buying quantities of old store stock. I can't remember the last time I dug in and pulled ONE string out due to breakage. I have, on occasion, put together a set for a yard sale guitar. Times change. People change. I may dump these wooden boxes on ebay. I did splurge on an unopened set of Fender Super Bullets....case candy for my '77 Tele.
  14. I've always considered CCR to be the ultimate garage band. I don't mean that in a negative way at all, not trying to say they're amateurs in any way. What I mean is, their songs are mechanically simple... no Beatles chords, elaborate backup, years in the studio and settling for an engineer's mashup of takes 114 and 210. They are songs that three people in the garage HAVE A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE of replicating with Silvertones and 10 watt solid state Ampegs. And there's a good feeling that goes with that. The day I figured out the opening riff to Green River, I walked on air a little. The Moody Blues couldn't do that for me.
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