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  1. It's either an LG-1 (ladder bracing), an LG-3 (X-bracing) or B-25 (basically a renamed LG-3). Serial number, finish, etc, looks like very early 60s. They would have changed the bridge to a belly up (and then belly down around 67-68) so that should help date it as well. I don't know when they switched from the straight bridge. I'm thinking 1961 or 62. The serial number puts it either 1962 or 1964 (odd, I know). I'm betting '62.
  2. I bought two mandolins for $5 each and this 12 string for $10. Same person, cleaning out their junk. One of the mandolins was a semi decent El Degas from the 70s with a detached neck and missing bridge. And 10 years of dust. The other was a horrific MSO (mandolin shaped object) with a caved in top. I stripped all the parts off that one and sold it on ebay for $9.70. I used the bridge and tailpiece on the El Degas, once I reglued the neck and flattened the fretboard in the process. I restrung it and sold it locally for $65. I pondered even trying to make the 12 string playable. If nobody buys it for 24.99 I may do some nasty things to it, hard to say.
  3. In 1982 my father bought a new (1981) Martin M-38. It came in one of those blue thermoplastic cases. He didn't like them because he was afraid of banging the guitar on the aluminum edges. He bought a new plywood case, no idea what brand, but right in line with any good case. I think he sold the brand new blue case to the pawn shop for $50 just to be rid of it. In that particular case (no pun intended) I wish he had stuffed it in the attic because it would bring a couple hundred bucks or more nowadays.
  4. My advice is to just stash the case somewhere and if you ever try to sell the guitar, offer to include the original case with it. It may matter to a potential buyer.
  5. I promise, they did not hide the glue.
  6. Sometimes I just don't care if someone buys something or not. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114106945980
  7. Met my first wife in June of 1987, married her in June of 1988 in my living room. She passed away in that same living room on January 6, 2011. Met my current wife in September 2011 (online). Met her face to face in November 2011. Began a relationship in December 2011. Proposed in January 2012. Married in April 2012. No regrets, no second thoughts. When you know, you know.
  8. The 2 means it was a factory second. It would have had some dumb little cosmetic flaw that amounted to nothing as far as functionality. There were some that got screwed up pretty badly; those were stamped BGN and were generally sold to employees. Based on your number, I’d guess it to be 1973-75, as it was introduced in 1973 I think. And around 75 they started doing some ‘more predictable’ serializing. Not concrete, just more predictable. I would remove the back cover and look for a number on the volume and tone pots. It will likely begin with either 137 or 304. The next two digits are the year. The final two digits are the week of that year. That will tell you when that component was made. It’s a safe bet the guitar was built sometime after that. Could be a week, could be a year. In the case of Fender pedal steels, it could be a decade. But that’s anecdotal. Seriously, I would fully expect you to find 73 or 74 in there.
  9. Looks like a finish crack to me.
  10. Anna sent everyone on the forum the same message a year or two ago. She was promptly nuked. However, any private messages she sent are not visible to mods like me, so I can’t very well go into your inbox and delete it. Anna is gone, yet I still get reports because of the private messages she sent long ago. Just delete is the only advice I can offer.
  11. It's probably a C-0 with golpeadores added.
  12. ^^ 100% ^^ We did what we did and are sorry now. There are Japanese Squire Strat from 1985 out there that got locking nuts and Kahlers and nobody blinked. Some forum in 2030 is shuddering at the notion.
  13. Looks great. Enjoy it as is.
  14. Get a written appraisal from Gruhn and multiply it by 0.65.
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