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  1. You're opening up a huge can of worms asking for string advice. My two cents is to start with a set of 12-52 round wounds. It is my opinion that one should use the heaviest string that you are comfortable with. 12-52 is a good starting point. If they're too heavy for you, then fine, go with a lighter set. But at least give them a chance. And it will depend on the guitar. I have 12-52 on my Telecaster, 11-49 on my Strat, and 10-46 on my Les Paul. I've got 13s on a couple hollow bodies so it can go that way too. Lighter strings are fine but if I can avoid tuning problems and just get an overall bigger sound by going heavier, I will. Especially if my fingers can handle it. Again, depends on the guitar. But 12-52 is a good place to start. As to flatwounds, I have used them for years. They feel great, they're quiet, there's not THAT much difference in tone....but I feel like I'm getting more tactile feedback with roundwounds. It's tempting to go with them, and I have, and I probably will, but then I find myself almost bored. I go back to squeaky roundwounds and it just feels like I am more in control if that makes sense.
  2. That’s a serial number found around 1973-73.
  3. Looks real to me. Right down to the pancake seam.
  4. It’s not a Gibson product. It resembles some guitars I’ve owned that were made in India. Someone might be interested in it based on its merits but not the brand name.
  5. It’s an ES-125. It has 19 frets so it was made no later than 1955.
  6. Yes it’s an ES-125T (thin body). I don’t have a serial number list in front of me but with that number I would guess 63-64.
  7. Looks like a wartime L50 to me, with no steel truss rod and the wooden cross bar. Gibson was known to make “Special“ models during this time with non standard features too.
  8. I've had a few T-60s, a couple T-40s, a T-15, a T-27 and a handful of "later" USA models (mid 80s maybe?). All heavier than rocks and just as hard to drive a screw into. Good workmanship though. Nice guitars.
  9. Back in 2015, the company sold off a range of speaker and amplifier manufacturing equipment following the closure two of its Mississippi factories, after it moved production overseas due to “changes in the marketplace”. I have a 1988 Classic VTX and a 1986 Bandit 65 (my favorite amp). I don't buy newer Peavey products due to "changes in the marketplace".
  10. The old forum was like that. I’ve sent a couple messages upstairs asking it be enabled in the new forum.
  11. When you see spam, feel free to report it. I get an email immediately. All we (mods) have to do is ban the offender and all of their posts automatically go away. WE still see the &$@ things but they’re invisible to you guys.
  12. My daughters names are Kimberly and Sarah. In the late 90s I had a vanity plate with "K&S DAD". When I set up my first email address, I fumbled around with variations of that (something that would work for an email) and it morphed into KSDADDY.
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