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  1. I've got two Ernie Ball wooden boxes from the 70s and I swear they have some of the original strings in them. I have replenished them here and there, mostly from buying quantities of old store stock. I can't remember the last time I dug in and pulled ONE string out due to breakage. I have, on occasion, put together a set for a yard sale guitar. Times change. People change. I may dump these wooden boxes on ebay. I did splurge on an unopened set of Fender Super Bullets....case candy for my '77 Tele.
  2. I've always considered CCR to be the ultimate garage band. I don't mean that in a negative way at all, not trying to say they're amateurs in any way. What I mean is, their songs are mechanically simple... no Beatles chords, elaborate backup, years in the studio and settling for an engineer's mashup of takes 114 and 210. They are songs that three people in the garage HAVE A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE of replicating with Silvertones and 10 watt solid state Ampegs. And there's a good feeling that goes with that. The day I figured out the opening riff to Green River, I walked on air a little. The Moo
  3. I went into your profile to see if there was anything that could be turned on/off and I saw nothing. I can edit people's profiles, such as signature lines, external links and such, but nothing to do with the 'like' feature or deeper stuff like passwords. I will send a message to the admins but I don't have a lot of luck getting ahold of them.
  4. I have no hair OR libido. But I have double stuff golden Oreos. Not a substitute but I will make do.
  5. There's no way on God's green Earth that a 1957 J-45 would have that serial number on the back of the headstock unless it was carved with a pocket knife. Look inside, possibly on the inside of the back or on the headblock. See what there is for a letter/number combo. I fought with a guy for 6 months. He swore up and down he had a 1957 Fender Mustang. He knew that because he and his brother went to NY and he bought it on the trip. Finally his wife pointed out that they made that same trip again in 1967.
  6. I clicked on this topic to congratulate whoever went a year. Turned out to be me in 2015.... And I still have not gone back to smoking. It will be 7 years in July. There are times I miss it. But I expected that. I will always be addicted to nicotine, I just choose, every day, to not use it. I don't know how much permanent damage I've done to my lungs from 42 years of smoking. The seven year gap is sure to help. All the info says, the longer you go without smoking, the more things go back to normal and the less chance you have of long term problems. The only breathing issue I'
  7. I had a Hofner Committee that George Gruhn incorrectly identified as a Golden Hofner. Sold it to a British architect in NY.
  8. I'm definitely not the oldest here. I will turn 61 in a couple months. A few months back, a classmate passed away suddenly. It happens. It's life. Another classmate messaged me (we were born 12 hours apart) and said, "we both need to buy Mustangs...now." I got what he meant, even though I don't care about Mustangs, or any other sporty car for that matter. I had a Corvette (operative word = had). So can you sum up your guitar bucket list with one guitar? Two? We all have lists. We all want "something", and that's healthy. Gives us something to wish for, hope for, save for, trade up to
  9. I read the original post when it first showed up. I fought the urge to reply, as I wasn't sure if it was meant as a joke. Reminds me of a minister I had a passing acquaintance with over several decades. He was of the belief that the top of a guitar should be allowed to breathe. So he stripped the finish off the top of every guitar he owned. In the early 90s my father bought a 1940s Kay jumbo from him, with the top stripped. I didn't think much of it until we decided to pay him a visit and I saw a D-35 in the corner with the top stripped. Looking around, every guitar had received the same.
  10. 1983 Fender Precision Bass (in pewter metallic). Typical of the era....pots dated 1981, 1983 top load body, 1983 neck date with 1979 serial number on the headstock. Fullerton was cleaning out the dusty shelves. 1981 Gibson Victory (in metallic red) Weighs as much as a spinet piano. 1981 mystery bass (strange Bernie Rico Jr type thing that nobody on the planet can tell me anything about) 1990s Crate P-Style (non functioning wall art that was salvaged from a manslaughter scene) 2001 Engelhardt EC-1 upright bass I'm not a bass player. I'm a noodler and a very bad one at t
  11. I have 335 fever at the moment. I've owned two; a late 60s that had been horribly brutalized and painted maroon (binding and all!) and a wine red 1980 that had been converted to a Badass Melody Maker style wrap around bridge. Paid $500 and swapped it for a Guild X-160. I wish I had bought a Lucille when they were $2000 used. The Japanese dealers have doubled the price of everything and now Gus from Sheboygen thinks he's getting ripped off if he sells for less.
  12. My father smoked two packs a day. He was a mailman so he walked a lot. One certainly didn't cancel out the other but he was at least active. He went to a doctor's appointment in the fall of 1993 and came home with an oxygen tank. For the next 5-1/2 years it was in and out of the hospital. Oxygen, nebulizers, catheters, pills upon pills upon pills. He had to stop driving just about immediately. I still have his 1988 S-10 Blazer and drive it daily. Eventually he had to give up guitar. He gave me his Martin M-38 in 1994. He kept his J-100 and tried to play once in a while I have that now, still
  13. I hate that ducking autocorrect. I thought someone was making repros for the 120.... I wish I could recall where I saw it.
  14. Something's still not right..... The bridge looks too far back. Could be a 16" body with a Super 400 neck (which would be a 25-1/2" scale and therefore the bridge would have to sit back further).
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