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  1. Reminds me of the joke that went around in the 70s. Three teenagers in the USSR were gazing at two pairs of Levi jeans hanging on a clothesline. First one: "When I get older, I'm going to become a member of The Party so I can afford a pair of Levis." Second one: "When I get older, I'm going to plan my escape across the border and move to America where I can buy a pair of Levis." Third one: "I turned my parents in to the Secret Police and now I own BOTH those pairs of Levis!"
  2. It's definitely a befuddling serial number and a truly intriguing top! Sorry I don't have anything to offer. Sweet guitar though.
  3. I've never known Nashville numbers to be anything other than "over 500". I was under the impression the "300+" area was for Memphis. Bozeman, of course, was "under 500" exclusively, before Memphis opened. I'm not claiming to know for a fact, however. I would very much like to see a photo of your serial number.
  4. Strings last forever at my house. I don't know why. It's nothing for a set of strings to be on a guitar for 3-4 years. My Merton with the funny fish skeletons around the edge has had Elixir nano 13s since early 2018 I think. My P- Bass has the same D'Addarios I put on in 2003. I have one classical that had the same set from 2005 to 2014. The 2014 set is still on it. My J-100 has the same strings since 1998 but that's a different set of circumstances. It was my father's and he passed away in 1999 and I just haven't played it.
  5. It's the 12 fret neck joint that does it.
  6. This topic has been moved to the Acoustic section: https://forum.gibson.com/topic/161843-help-please-discovering-the-origins-of-a-family-heirloom-guitar/
  7. One of my main acoustics is a 2015 HD-28. I got it in 2017 and of course the first thing I did was shave the saddle down. I murdered that guitar. Destroyed it. I ordered a stock Martin replacement saddle, dropped it in, and it's fine. Not touching it again. The action is a little higher than what I try to dial in, but the payoff in tone is worth it. People have long discussed the physics involved, and I'm not going to pretend to understand, but I've never seen such a dramatic 'proof' as this Martin.
  8. "A" followed by six digits is definitely early 70s. I was once told it was "1973 only" but I have since found that it could be 1970-75. This has the "J200 Artist" style bridge, which was first used around 1971 and continued until the early 80s. "Made in USA" would indicate 1970 or later. The three screw truss rod cover was used occasionally in the mid 1970s. The shading of the sunburst is commonly seen on c.1972 instruments. "BGN" does indeed mean "bargain" and they were usually made available to employees only. Could have been either sold or gifted.
  9. Yes, it's a 17" ES-150. I think the tuners have been changed, because Grover didn't make anything like that back then. That was Kluson territory! But Grover (in it's present day Korean manufacture) does make a Kluson-like replacement tuner.
  10. Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I've read conflicting information and I want to be sure. I've had two LP Personals (both long gone). The first one, a friend took the transformer cord apart and built it right into the control cavity so any cord could be used. The second one had the cord. I'm pondering another one, and it does NOT have the matching transformer cord. I've seen several reports of people using a Shure A95U. Truth? All good? No other alterations needed? Thanks for your time.
  11. Used to be. They had a string of stores in the northeast. Closest one was Portland (ME), the other end of the state...the "other" Maine. I never went into one but they had an online presence. Not comparing the LP to a Martin, just bemoaning the massive jump in price. I just bought one of my old guitars back from a guy who also owns a clean 1979 Silverburst LP Custom. He bought it for $4500 and claims he got it on the cheap side. I sold an identical 1982 in 1993 for $400. And I think I made a profit on it!
  12. I'd like to own another LP Personal. The first one I owned in the 80s, I traded a pile of junk for it in '85and sold it in '86 for $300. The second one was bought in 2000 from Daddy's Junky Music for $800 and sold it for around $1000 a few months later. Now they're $5000. And up.
  13. An entry level single cutaway slab with one pickup in the bridge position, bolt on neck is fine, in an assortment of solid colors. Wrap around bridge, basic as basic can be. Something like the Challenger Invader Sonex line of the early 80s. Don't call it Melody Maker. That has the same model name flavor as a Banana tuner or a Gorilla amp. Or First Act! Call it a Gibson EG (electric guitar). Don't be stupid with the colors and don't add Hanna Montana graphics. Make it something an adolescent would actually WANT to own, knowing it was a real Gibson but without being condescended to with a stupi
  14. I think Reverb is in ebay's pocket. Not sure how, but consider: Ebay's selling fees were at about 5%. Reverb opens up, charges 3.5%. Ebay eventually drops to 3.5% on instruments to match. Ebay and Reverb both increase to 5% within a month of each other. I complained to Reverb and they basically told that (a) they plan to increase advertising so I will, in effect, get more exposure and therefore more sales (to which I called BS) and (b) I could go take a flying ____ at a rolling donut if I didn't like it. Ebay tells me the same thing just by being ebay. 22 years, 9
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