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  1. My father smoked two packs a day. He was a mailman so he walked a lot. One certainly didn't cancel out the other but he was at least active. He went to a doctor's appointment in the fall of 1993 and came home with an oxygen tank. For the next 5-1/2 years it was in and out of the hospital. Oxygen, nebulizers, catheters, pills upon pills upon pills. He had to stop driving just about immediately. I still have his 1988 S-10 Blazer and drive it daily. Eventually he had to give up guitar. He gave me his Martin M-38 in 1994. He kept his J-100 and tried to play once in a while I have that now, still
  2. My wife got the second shot (Moderna). She didn't sleep at all and had severe chills last night. I got the 'one and done' J&J on 4/8 with no ill effects other than a half hour of mild queasiness, a half hour of mild hot flash, followed by some unusual itching 4 or 5 days later, limited to my scalp and exposed skin. Probably unrelated but it was 'out of the blue'. There, I've posted. That oughta drive people away for a couple days.
  3. I hate that ducking autocorrect. I thought someone was making repros for the 120.... I wish I could recall where I saw it.
  4. Something's still not right..... The bridge looks too far back. Could be a 16" body with a Super 400 neck (which would be a 25-1/2" scale and therefore the bridge would have to sit back further).
  5. It looks like a 17” body in the pic because the angle of the f holes is all wrong for an 18” S400. I’m going to guess it is an L-5 with Super 400 inlays.
  6. ksdaddy uses google translate lol
  7. The reactions seem all over the place. My wife had the Moderna(sp?) first shot, next one due the 29th, no negative effects other than a very sore arm. My step daughter got the first Pfizer with no problems. My mechanic got the first Moderna and wants to die. A co-worker's daughter got the J&J and barfed for 2 days. I have no idea if this has anything to do with it, but immediately after getting my shot, I made it a point to do some fast paced semi-strenuous activity. I sold my mother's house to my daughter and I had a couple car loads of stuff to finish moving. I kept a brisk pace and
  8. I had the "one and done" J&J six days ago. That evening I had slight nausea for about an hour... almost like I had a little too much coffee and it was upsetting my stomach. That may have even been the case. And maybe 2-3 hours after I got the shot, I had a hot flash that lasted a half hour or so. It wasn't bad, just the sensation that I was sweating and felt a little flushed. Otherwise, nothing. For the past couple days, my skin and scalp have been itching like crazy. I wondered if that was some kind of side effect. This morning I realized the itchiness was limited to my scalp, face,
  9. I’m going to guess it’s a late 40s to 1954 L-50 that someone added a pickup to. It can be narrowed down further by looking inside for black cloth strips on the rims and whether or not the profile of the headstock is tapered. Both of those attributes would indicate no later than 1952 or so.
  10. I’ve owned many bikes. I worked my way up in the Japanese stuff until I had a KZ900. I then wanted to be retro and had a couple Triumph Bonnevilles. Which meant I walked a lot, had a very sore right knee, and thumbs that smelled of gasoline. I gave up on bikes for a few years until I began parting them out on eBay in ‘99. I would conservatively guess that I stripped and sold 300 or more. From 2006 to 2011 my main bike was a stock green 1974 Honda CB360 that I bought for $50. Loved it. Then in 2011 I finally bought what I always wanted, a Harley. I bought a white 2000 883 Sportster with 7709 mi
  11. Ho visto alcuni dei primi modelli di Chet Atkins (1982-83) con un prefisso di lettere seguito da tre numeri. Non seguono il sistema standard del numero di serie Gibson. Quelli che ho visto iniziano con B o C. Mi dispiace di non poter essere più utile.
  12. Getting my J&J tomorrow at 5. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I could make something up based on how I feel that particular moment. As I get older, I spend more and more time being thankful about waking up on the right side of the grass. I will take the same attitude after 5 pm tomorrow.
  13. My go-to acoustic for the past 3+ years has been a 2015 HD-28. I still have my Gibsons but the tone of this 28 is just more pleasing to my ear. I would expect nothing different from anyone else. Go to the supermarket and see how many flavors of salad dressing they are. Hand me a Gibson J-60 and it might win me over. Not saying otherwise. Might be the rosewood and ebony that's doing it for me. I don't think it's a matter of me choosing Martin over Gibson. This particular guitar just won me over. All the years I spent bashing Martins because of their stiff, high action and vanilla co
  14. It's an L6-s from the mid 70s. The only thing that I would even question is the knobs. I know they used speed knobs on this model but there's no guarantee that those particular ones are original to the guitar. Impossible to tell. It looks all original otherwise. The finish looks a little odd but it might just be old smoke.
  15. I was always under the impression that the partnership between The Ventures and Semie Mosely was for financial gain first and a guitar design second. Seems like the Ventures injected capital into Semie's operation and of course promoted heck out of the guitar for mutual gain. I could be 100% wrong and will hang my head in shame if so. A (now deceased) friend worked for Fender R&D in the late 60s, early 70s, and also worked for OMI off and on. He grew up in CA, had a place in Huntington Beach, and grew up in the whole surf culture (real or invented). He called them Mose-wrongs. Ju
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