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  1. I heard the rest of what she said. But I don’t believe for a minute that when she heads out to a protest with her counterparts that she leaves her Marxist beliefs at home and makes no effort to recruit/indoctrinate new Marxists. It’s part of their game plan.
  2. Her words, not mine. Enough said.
  3. Very nice. Congrats. I have two SGs and love them both.
  4. Welcome aboard. You might want to post your question to the Gibson Acoustics forum. You’d probably get a pretty quick reply there. Enjoy your stay.
  5. Happy Canada Day. Great country. I’ve been to Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and many years ago while riding my motorcycle from the West Coast to the East Coast, I crossed into Canada at Port Huron, and rode across Ontario and crossed back into the U.S. at Buffalo, NY. Always a good time.
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