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  1. Thanks for the kind words. She passed back in 2011. Her last 2 years were rather difficult, but she went as peacefully as could be expected, which was a good thing and something for which I was very grateful. In all fairness to the doctors at the time, from what my brother told me, they were very conscientious. (I was living 2000 miles away at the time and getting my information second-hand from him .) Despite their original suspicions, my mother’s diabetes was well controlled. It was not at a serious level, she took only oral meds to control it and there were a lot times when her fasting glucose levels were below 70. So her numbers tended to be on the very low end (many times too low) of the spectrum. It was probably due to that information that they made a point of ordering the tests to confirm that their original suspicions were correct. Plus, anyone who ever met my mother would have never suspected her of being a gunshot victim and that a bullet was the source of the problem. So anyway, their due diligence resulted in an accurate diagnosis. The end results sucked, but at least we were satisfied that everything that could be done, had been done.
  2. Not to worry. This may have been the most over-the-top Christmas story I have, but it certainly wasn’t an isolated incident. My family “put the fun back in dysfunctional.” But like the old saying goes: What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. I was fortunate to have been born with a sense of humor, so I was able to deal with adversity through humor, albeit oftentimes rather dark. It has helped me to maintain my sanity through some trying times. Marine Corps boot camp? Nothing I can’t handle. None of my drill instructors were bigger a$$holes than what I grew up around. Yawn! And in my civilian career, I worked assignments that nobody else wanted, but had to be worked by someone. So guess who ended up with the assignment. I actually adapted and in many ways, thrived because of the weird, disgusting and pathetic activities that I experienced growing up and now had regular exposure to. I was in my element. It actually made me better at what I did because the outrageous things I dealt with on the job were not that far moved from what I dealt with growing up. It’s,all about “comfort zone.” Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt. Following one of the tenants of the Marine Corps: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. I am nothing special, just an average mope who deals with the hand he’s been dealt. And it’s definitely been a wild and interesting ride. For a lot of years early on, I was bitter and pissed off. But that got me nowhere in the long run. You learn to move on. And I know for a fact, from personal and professional experience, that there are a lot of other people out there who have experienced far worse than I have. It’s all relative. And as hard as it can be at times, life goes on.
  3. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
  4. Ironically, she did get an unpleasant reminder of the incident about 30 years later. She was being treated for a severely infected big toe that was caused by a serious circulation problem. Since she was in her late 70s and had been diagnosed with diabetes several years earlier, the doctors assumed the diabetes was the cause of the circulation issue. However, the doctor that ultimately had to amputate the toe, was shocked to discover the problem was something else entirely. After running several tests, he went into the exam room and asked her if she had ever been shot in the leg. And she was like, “Yep. My idiot ex-husband shot me about 30 years ago and the bullet couldn’t be removed.” It turned out the bullet had moved over the years and was putting pressure on part of the circulation system in her leg and foot, leading to the infection and amputation. So, 23 years after their divorce, my old man still managed to rear his ugly head in a big way.
  5. Holy Wars (The Punishment Due) - Megadeth
  6. Are you only looking to buy new? I have a 2004 ES-335 Dot Reissue and a 2005 SG Supreme, both of which came stock with ‘57 Classics. I love both guitars and have no intention of ever selling either one because they both sound great. You should be able to find a used model to fit your needs and wants. Good luck in your search.
  7. Historically, Christmas has been a time of the year when terrible things have happened over multiple years. I won’t bore everyone with a list, but I do generally mention one specific incident: Christmas Eve 1974. I hear my parents arguing (nothing new there), then what was obviously a gunshot, then my mother screaming and a few minutes later, EMS and the police arriving at our front door. My dumba$$ old man had accidentally shot my mother in the leg (she survived). I guess in his pathetic mind he wasn’t sure what to give to the woman who had everything, so he decided on a bullet. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but when you really want to send a message of true love, a .22 caliber lead bullet is sure to impress. And since this was a time when body armor was not readily available, Santa skipped our house that night due to safety concerns. But hey, I got to share a holiday story that could not be equaled by my friends or classmates. Ho! Ho! Freaking Ho! Anyway, over the years things at Christmas did change when our grandkids were younger. My wife and I enjoyed making a serious effort to make Christmas special for them. But my grand-daughter is in college and my grandson is a sophomore in high school so the season is not the same.
  8. I don’t own an acoustic so that is not an issue for me. I have always left my Gibson electrics in their cases 24/7, especially when I lived in Tucson. During the hotter months in a desert climate we had two types of cooling: evaporative (Swamp) cooling (water pouring over a filter and being forced into the house through a blower) which raised the indoor humidity substantially and traditional A/C. Swamp coolers while the humidity was very low, until around July 4th, then switching to A/C after monsoon season started and drove the humidity level up significantly until around early to mid September. So as you imagine, it was just easier to leave them in their cases. After moving back to Southwest Texas border, I still kept all my guitars in their cases. The area where I lived was right along a boundary between desert and a higher humidity environment, depending on wind direction and other meteorological conditions. Hot and dry one day, hot and humid the next. Once again, it was just easier to leave them in their cases. Since moving to Central Texas in 2012 (mid to high humidity most of the time), I have expanded my guitar collection, all non-Gibsons. I still leave all five of my Gibson electrics in their cases, but I leave a couple of my non-Gibson electrics and all three of my basses (all Poly finishes) on a Hercules stand that holds five guitars and have had no issues so far. (Knocking on wood.)
  9. Seems kinda silly to be promoting Christmas so early this year. Fauci says it’s too soon to say if he will “let” us have Christmas. No presents on the shelves to buy. No turkeys for Christmas dinner. And I heard a rumor that Santa has already been notified that there is a shortage of coal to put in the naughty peoples’ stockings. Outlook seems pretty grim.
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