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  1. Wake me up when September ends - Green Day
  2. I used a 4-channel VHT with 2X12's then went to a VHT full stack, I used these in an attempt to reduce noise by excluding as many pedals as possible. I was using humbuckers at the time but transitioned to P90's and migrated to combo Marshalls while using a ME-50. I went to a Deluxe 900 with 6 sampled amp models that could be assigned to any of the 3 channels and started using external pedals again, a TS5 and a DS-1 mostly. Through these I carried a Roland Cube in my car so I could get more practice time in, in remote areas. Then I found that 2 cubes sounded better than 1 and now I have 6. But back to the Deluxe, currently I only use the 1st overdrive channel with the gain on 0 (the clean channel is too brittle) and increase the volume to what ever level I need, using a simple RK5 multi pedal. Wanting to get back to Tube sound I am looking at a Blues Jr, Blues Deluxe or a Rivera Sedona Acoustic app. I have tried these with my RK5 and they sound great. I use my OD's in stages each individually set to the same level as clean, the RK5 has 2 OD's and an OMG button that just gives you more.
  3. When I found this guitar on eBay I didn't know what a Jim Atkins Signature Model was, I was searching for a Tele with P90's, Gibson style hardware or one with a Strat tremolo and P90's. I didn't care who made it, same way I found my G&L. The site did not mention it was a copy of a Fender JA-90 and did not show the headstock. It said the brand was Starshine and it was a model CC-TL50. After seeing the wood on this one and it having my required components, I just pushed the go button. Later, while waiting for about a month, I entertained myself by watching videos on what people experienced when they received their China guitars. Then I saw a video on a Fender JA-90 and realized my new guitar was a pretty close copy. When it arrived I opened the box and it had a Fender brand on the headstock. Note too that my Indonesian Cort factory built G&L Tele is a higher quality build, specially the components. I just sold my G&L Tele, so down to this one. Finalizing what it will look like, but still lots more to do inside. Additional $160 spent for the Vari-Tone, Les Trem II and roller bridge.. More parts to find... My running total now $437.. Still using the stock Alnico V China P90's that are bright, but can back off the tone a bit to get down to a more Gibson range.. I played out with it last Saturday, it took a while before it settled down after having its headstock hardware removed, but then it turned to magic...
  4. Got to be careful with the Green Fairy. I hope you are able to find you way back. It was a favorite of many of the early modern artists...
  5. I really regret letting go of my black 58 Epiphone Coronet that was a basket case I bought $100 in 72, that had been modified with 2 PAF humbuckings.. Anyway I spent many hours rebuilding and refinishing. Gibsons first fast thin neck with a relatively flat fingerboard, I think.. An original 58 below what mine looked like before being modified.
  6. My last outdoor gig in 2008 was pretty dangerous. We were setup in a pavilion on the Hilo Bay Front pulling lots of juice as I was using a Marshall AVT full stack going through a very large Mackie system, when a storm hit. The rain started coming down sideways on my side of the stage, in shock we kept playing and our audience was still standing there with no cover from the storm. Fortunately our engineer wasn't suffering the endorphins that we were and shut down the main power boxes.. Sometimes we go to extremes to play. The rain stopped we dried out, checked everything and about an hour later started playing again..
  7. Gibson has thinned out the Epiphone product line quite a bit. Surviving Epiphone product line...
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