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  1. You Can't Judge A Book - Long John Baldry
  2. Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane
  3. 285 statewide today, with 2 deaths.. 18 on the Big Island..
  4. Congratulations on your new LP, their is nothing like a nice guitar with P90's. I had similar things happen when I got my 50's style LP Std, also now I have P90's on all my guitars.
  5. 224 statewide today, with 1 death.. Still15 on the Big Island.. The state of Hawaii has a total population of 1.4 million. About the size of a small city in the US.
  6. Call Gibson support Europe: 00+8004GIBSON1 US & Canada: 1-800-4GIBSON or email suport https://www.epiphone.com/Support/Contact
  7. Wooden block wedges are good.. What Brand is it?
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