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  1. What about the Floyd Rose designed for Gibson's with a Surface-Mount FRX with locking nut.. Lots of images on the web showing them installed on SG's, like this one below... There is also Kahler, Stetsbar that replace the bridge and stopbar, or Duesenberg that replaces just the stopbar, to name a few.. My SG of choice is one with P90's. Nothing like an SG for upper neck access...
  2. My first post on this thread I showed a headstock shot from the Epiphone site of an "Elitist 1965 Casino" 3 hole nut cover with no inscription on it but the same page main image below shows Elite on the cover... Then Epiphone also shows a similar model the "Limited Edition Elitist 1965 Casino Vintage Outfit" that has the 2 hole cover with the Epsilon on it. Also this one has Gotoh "Kluson style" tuners like the OP showed and not the heavier Grover's like in the image above.. These current very similar Elitist Casino models could cause some confusion..
  3. Also note that Elite/Elitist have a Nitrocellulose finish not Poly, USA Electronics and premium materials (what ever that means) hardware and wood I think.. ie ABR Bridge, Bone Nut, 5 Ply Maple construction and Spuce Top, Grover Tuners, etc... And Made In Japan....
  4. Do a search for Baritone Guitar Strings Also note that with a 27" neck that the strings may feel lighter than they actually are, but with the 13-60 strings the Baritone is usually tuned down two and a half steps to B-E-A-D-F#-B... If the previous owner said he used regular gauge (10-46), he may have used something closer to normal guitar tuning...
  5. Your tuners actually look higher quality than the originals at least from the pressed in bushing side... enjoy....
  6. The spec page lists "Vintage Deluxe w/ White Buttons" which would be correct for the era that Juniors were introduced using Kluson style. They did not have the threaded bushing with a washer and nut until later. A lot of the early Gibsons had the Kluson 3 in a row style. Not to worry, they are still high quality machine heads, Gibson still uses them on several other models which some have no brand, some marked Gibson or Kluson...
  7. Hmm a very unusual Beast.. the specs say 13 thru 60.. Check the current SG Baritone page....
  8. If you are concerned with how much weight you will be hanging around your neck you may wan to read "pippy's post on LP weight relief"... Note that a well taken care of Gibson LP can last indefinitely and will be with you for a very long time.. 😉
  9. With many of my early influences coming from Delta Blues, I heard guitarist getting animated imitating the sounds of trains and chickens. When the Yardbirds released I'm A Man and Eric imitated the sound of an old airplane starting up at the of the song, I knew something different had just happened... and then a little later came Cream... Thanks Eric...
  10. While searching for an Epi T310 to upgrade with P90's, I found this G&L Junior II, which has Gibson style bridge hardware allowing me to install a Les Trem II so I couldn't resist... The Paul Gagon-designed P90 pickups are balanced and have hum cancelling when selector is in mid position. The mahogany body is a lot heavier than I expected, I may have to put it on rollers... But it is fun to play.. So.. Now I have three 25.5" scale necks to play, this "Junior II" with heavier frets and my BluesHawks that have a lighter touch, a little easier action..
  11. check out ....... Les Pauls @ Epiphone.... and the Player Packs....... the entry level with bolt on necks are usually lighter while the Set Neck and Sculpted Top LP's can get close to 10lbs.. note that SG's with the same hardware tend to be lighter..
  12. I have 2 of these, here is a link to the Epiphone Limited Edition 50th Anniversary 1961 SG Special... in the "out of production" pages.... The 61 SG is based on the G400 but with totally different cutouts for the P90's and controls. They were manufactured for Epiphone at the Gibson Qingdao factory in China in 2011.. The 2011 Epi 61 SG Specials are rare in the sense that they are the only "setneck" G400's made with P90's, styled and set up as close a possible to the original Gibson 61 SG Special. The neck on these can be set almost flat with the truss rod, but allowed to stabilize over a few weeks time with minor tweaks.. The Alnico P-90R neck pickup and the Alnico P-90T Bridge pickup are about as hot as they come.. Adjusted closer to the strings they get louder and dirtier, if too dirty, lower them.. In addition the bridge pickup usually needs to be adjusted up to a 1/4" higher than the neck pickup to balance the volume when both are selected.. My SG's, a stock Black 61 SG, a White 61 SG with a Stetsbar and a modified G400, All of my guitars use P90 pickups, these are some of my favorite and they all scream...
  13. The C, Rounded and 50's generally indicate a beefier neck and they may use any of these or all three in descriptions on the same neck. Confusing? YES... but while these necks may be a little thicker the exact shape may be unique to that specific Gibson model.. On the 330 and 335 main differences are pickups but more important is how far the fingerboard goes into the body. Some of the high frets on the 330 are almost unreachable where the 335 has almost unrestricted access al the way to fret 22.. These are critical things to consider on any archtop... Note most of these have slimtaper necks but the Epi's are well within your price range.... Epi Archtops...........
  14. Gibson's seem to last forever and the older they get the better they sound.. Not all of the C, rounded or 50's style necks feel the same, some are unique to the model.. I think you need to go somewhere and hold and feel them. I just had a strange thought after taking in your info, so I'm typing., I think a 335 could fill you're requirements.. I don't know why it just popped into my head..
  15. FYI..... The Artisan series uses a 2 wire Gibson USA P-94™ Single Coil in the neck position with a separate Dummy coil for hum cancelling mounted in the back of the guitar between the pickups.. There have been reports of Dummy coil or P94 wiring problems on both the RD and Explorer models..... The P94 and the Dummy coil both use 2 wires, if either ones wires get reversed it will cause problems..
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