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  1. I want to apologize for some of the responses left here, while trying to get information on your grandfathers guitar. This instrument was manufactured in Japan with many different production labels on the headstock. Including Bruno, Univox, Greco, Airia, Silvertone and Lyle to name a few. These seem to have a common link to Teisco. It must have been a fairly decent sounding guitar with so many companies wanting to put their brand on it. Most of which used an attached emblem that could become detached, leaving a blank headstock that anyone could apply a Gibson like logo on it. These guitars seem to have a resale value starting at about 500 and go up from there depending on collectability of the exact model or brand.. The Gibson logo has several things wrong with it, first is that it shouldn't be there, also it looks more like someone spelled it G i b s e n, maybe...
  2. Looks kool with black covers on the Blues 90's..
  3. Looks like one of the early Japan lawsuit guitars, same headstock as a Greco 950 Shrike below made by Teisco... Below a Maxitone Bruno with the same hardware, also made by Teisco, I think.. These guitars have bolt-on necks, it wouldn't be very hard for them to build a few necks with a Gibson logo on the headstock and now it could be very collectable...
  4. You may want to call Gibson to confirm, 1-800-4GIBSON or have a professional evaluation done.. If authenticated it could be worth somewhere arround $6000...
  5. WOW... be careful with it................................................................................................................................................ Serial number: 05313 Built: 1960 (no space after 1st digit) (serie: 5313) Made by Epiphone (Gibson) in Kalamazoo, USA. (Solidbody) from Guitar Insite
  6. The dummy coil is wired in for hum cancelling for the P94, but there have been problems reported with wiring on the Lee Malia Artisan series including the RD and Explorer. This forum has lots of posts about the problems, which usually required a skilled guitar tech to test and repair.. click here to search this forum for Lee Malia.. Note the Lee Malia RD and Explorer have the same pickup configuration and wiring..
  7. I love these retro guitars. the LP DC has always been one of my favorites. But the SG Jr is an iconic killer. Between the LP DC and SG's, I would tend to lean towards the Special style as they have two pickups, making them a little more versatile over the Junior style with one. P90's have a very wide usable tone range, so even with one pickup, you still have lots of variation. Unlike a humbucking that turns to mud when you touch the tone control. If you play sitting down, the body shape of the SG seems to make the high end of the neck a little more accessible over the LP DC. But standing, not much of a difference, although the LP may be a tiny bit heavier.. Between my LP DC and 61 SG Special, I have a hard time deciding which one to pick up.. My only solution is to have both..........
  8. with most 2 letter factory codes the first letter = factory, the second letter usually indicates country of origin, in this case I = Indonesia. Serial number: JI98110129 Built: November 1998 (serial: 0129) From Guitar Insite I also have this LP Junior Double Cut with a factory code CI = Cort Indonesia. This model had very limited production, most of which is traceable to Indonesia...
  9. Serial number: 16031500606 Built: March 2016 (serial: 00606) Made by Qingdao (electric), China From Guitar Insite
  10. just put in a humbucker sized P90 single coil.. its easier.... Or a humbucker sized adapter plate for a Strat sized single coil....
  11. I started playing frat parties in 64, then 3 years later found myself living in Laurel Canyon surrounded by some amazing people and hoping their abilities would rub off. My first new decent guitar was a 63 Coronet with a P90 followed by a 64 with humbuckings. After suffering a mid life crisis at 30 and found I was really in my prime, the pattern seems to repeat every ten years, another decade is coming soon.
  12. The Les Paul Junior is an iconic design that has been in production for well over 60 years. Simplicity in form and function and gives you everything you need without going off the deep end. it seems that Gibson got it right the first time without being overdone. Its comfortable to play and its hot P90 combined with a solid metal wraparound bridge gives you tones that are unrivaled, enhanced by the mahogany construction. There is literally nothing like them. A lot of people have compared their guitars to machineguns, the Junior is a bazooka, can easily cut through and dance on top of most other guitars. The trick is controlling them, the question is, are you up to it..
  13. The data came from GuitarInsite I don't know where they got it from but good to have it posted again. But their engine correctly identified the SN like you did as being made by Samick in Korea 1994 ...
  14. MC doesn't seem to be very knowledgeable about Jr's or P90's. Since Jr's don't have switches, when you have one pickup, you don't need one. He seems to be referencing the static problems on other new Gibson models caused by the Nitro finish. Anyway enjoy the blistering sounds of early southern rock with your Jr........
  15. I have been watching them for a while, used DC Pros are starting to show up there's one on MF for 479. Sam Ash will have some new open box DC Pros for 521.. Most reviews seem to rate them pretty high. I am waiting for one I can afford to modify..
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