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  1. Epiphone did make an EA-250 in the 70's and usually had the Epsilon on the nut Cover and Pickguard, I think Matsumoku did use other Brands on this same guitar.. Below a Matumoku with an Aria badge.. Also whats referred to as a Lawsuit Matsumoku Aria below
  2. Guitarinsite Serial number: I01100165 Production year: October 2001 (serial: 0165) Made by Saein, Korea Looks like an Epiphone Les Paul can't tell exact model without seeing the pickup side
  3. I have a confession to make all of my guitars have P90's...
  4. Hmm, fast reaction, maybe you like this one too...
  5. I am a P90 freak, sounds like we have another convert.... 🙂
  6. This one is reported to be a 98 on Reverb Generally a lot of 58 Korinas out there, but only a few with solid Korina, most are Korina blocks with a thin Korina veneer top and back.. There are quite a few new ones out there, like this one below on zZounds.
  7. I really Miss my Coma Caca T-shirt
  8. Thanks Rabs, that was the main reason I bought it. I did do a lot of work to it replacing everything but the tuners and has become a great player, but a bit heavy.
  9. Broke my high E on my Wilshire yesterday, fortunately I had my Junior DC as a backup and it was extraordinary. Something about the wraparound bridge seems to make the notes ring-out even more with that solid piece of steel. We had a new lady singer that seemed to know are songs pretty damn well, so that was good. I just got through mowing the back half of my new lawn, so I'm a little fried. Hasta luego...
  10. I found some new information that the first Wilshire was manufactured in 1959 but was not sold to the public until 1960. Below are 1960's and notice the unusual position of the 3-Way switch and input jack, which was changed in 62.. A very bright image of my 2020 in the sun below looks bright red but is actually trans cherry with controls laid out more like a 62. The originals had a one piece mahogany body where mine is two piece mahogany split down the middle which makes for a very nice grain pattern, with no veneer.
  11. Hmmm, thinking of taking my Junior DC to my jam today..
  12. Incredible wood, I think I liked the darker knobs, but consider smoked chrome or nickel.. Maybe... On the back of my swamp ash Tele I have been thinking of replacing the back access panels with something more neutral like a cream or tan or brown. On the front cap the woodgrain is a bit straighter and has nickel hardware with black plastic that I may try to match with the same neutral color.
  13. The SG Classic Worn with 2-P90's is a very good choice, it also has a LockTone™ ABR Bridge and stop bar, set neck and Epiphone Deluxe Ivory Button tuners (Gibson/Kluson Style) like the Wilshire. I think the SG Classic is a lot of Guitar for the money and I think these will make very good companions.. Epiphones current P90 collection..
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