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  1. The official designated case is an SG case. So I have an Epiphone Deluxe SG Case that it fits quite nicely in (with little extra head room), or a Gibson Deluxe Case that the body fits a little snugger.. So the Wilshire is a little shorter in overall length than an SG.
  2. mihcmac


    Nice setup... How do you like your Blackstar?
  3. It is standard with most guitar manufacturers except Gibson and Epiphone. ••I copied the following notes from one of my earlier posts and there is a link for instructions I used the first I did this at the bottom•• •Just as a note, in a reverse coil pickup the actual polarity is reversed, the coil (bobbin) and magnets are reversed creating an opposite magnetic field. The wiring is the same, if changed it will take the pickup out of phase creating an undesirable effect. If you place a compass next to your pups the normal pup will swing the north end of the needle closest to it, on either end of the pup. The reversed pup will swing the south end of the needle to it, on either end.. If you take a P90 apart and remove the magnets, you will notice that the magnets are held together in opposing fields trying to push each other apart creating a single magnetic field at both ends of the pup. On a P90, if your compass swings to the same pole on both pups, then they are in the same polarity.. Normal pups in the same polarity will normally swing the North end of the needle toward them.. •If anyone should try to reverse a Gibson P90 is one of the most difficult because it is very substantially built. You will need a good soldering gun to desolder the cable shielding from the chassis so you can flip the coil, while being very careful not to damage the leads going to the coil. Also need to mark the magnets with something like nail polish so you know the original orientation. Usually much easier to just acquire an aftermarket reverse polarity P90, most manufacturers are building them in sets this way.. Epiphone P90's are easier to reverse with no desoldering required, just mark the magnets, disassemble requiring the pole screws to be removed, flip the coil and reverse the magnets in an opposite opposing position, check the polarity with a compass and finish reassembling. There are a few other posts in the Epiphone thread explaining in more detail. **** Easy P-90 hum cancelling mod I made a few minor corrections after re-reading this post..
  4. I have had several guitars with Gibson and Epiphone P90's, I prefer the Epiphone P90 Pro's over Gibson. To me they sound better and are not as badly effected by 60 cycle hum. Also it is likely I will reverse the magnetic polarity on the neck PU so I get hum-cancelling with mid switch position and this easier to with Epiphone P90's, I have done this a few times before..
  5. I searched for a long time to find a 2009 Gibson CS 62 reissue Wilshire, but they just had too many zeros behind the price. At 449 this new Wilshire is a very accurate reproduction, I have owned several early Coronets and Crestwoods, but this is my first Wilshire and I am totally jazzed about the quality of the build and the way it feels when I play it.
  6. I just saw the part about your friend passing, it is difficult to have people who are close to you pass, I'm sure he loved the fact that you made preparations for him to come and jam.
  7. Hmm a rack full of dreams, Gregor is pretty good, it is one thing to play well and totally another to be able to capture it on video.. Click here to see my final pic.... 59 style Wilshire
  8. mihcmac


    So far so really really good......
  9. Ok so she's pretty much done, time to jam... I got to remember to play my 339.. 🙂
  10. I pealed the plastic and blackened the edge of the edge of the tortoiseshell pick guard, as it had kind of a rough edge on it. I was able to do some of the initial setup on the Wilshire. I noticed that the pickups were slanting slightly the wrong way, P90's are usually mounted resting on foam and springs, I added a small piece of dense foam under the bridge side of the PU to help slant it correctly. Also pulled some of the extra PU cable into the PU cavity creating a coil under the PU's, theoretically to help with hum cancelling. After pulling extra cable into the PU cavities I still had plenty of go length in the control cavity. Also the CTS pots connections neatly done make nice connection to the switch and jack. The Wilshire has played so well out of the box I haven't even checked the intonation yet.. Not a whole lot for me to do on this one as it pretty much setup the way I want it. Kind of like a guy staring at the engine of his new car, frustrated that there is nothing to do.. Guess I got to go drive it, er play it now...
  11. To see unwrapped click here.... My 59 Wilshire
  12. I got to play it a little today, so far everything is good. A few of my concerns before buying were laid to rest after actually seeing it. No veneer, the body is 2 blocks of mahogany with the seam exactly down the middle. No scarf joint, the neck is one piece except for the wings on the headstock like a Gibson. My new 339 was monopolizing all of my time, until the 59 style Wilshire got here. I love this rounded C profile neck and with no access restriction all the way to fret 22.
  13. Thanks for your comments Guys, I am really digging it. I still haven't pulled all the plastic off or done my own personal setup on it, it is still playing good just as it came out of the box, so far so good. My China built version, at the Gibson Qingdao factory, is looking and feeling amazing, I wasn't able to stop playing my new 339 until this one came in. It is nice and light I think no more than about 7 pounds, definitely not a back killer. I am still amazed that it suddenly showed up on my radar after trying to find a Gibson CS version for so long. The Epiphone SN# has gotten so large it almost doesn't fit on the headstock.. The Epiphone Deluxe button tuners aren't as cheesy as they look in this photo, they are actually antique off white and feel more substantial than the usual Kluson knock-offs. I really do gotta go finish the lawn.. 🙂
  14. The woodgrain binding on my Wilshire is exactly the same as my Cherry G400.
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