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  1. Big Legs, Tight Skirt - John Lee Hooker
  2. Currently 3-ply top Maple/Poplar/Maple with a Maple centerblock..
  3. How many fingers am I holding up..?
  4. I'm starting to get used to mine, the gen 8 is my first iPad..
  5. Sitting here having my coffee thinking about all the guitars that have slipped through my fingers since I started in 1962.
  6. I like that they are using the retro tortoise shell, I find myself strangely drawn to the Pink SG Standard. In the late 90's they did the SG-X Summer Beach series with a really hot coil tapped PU. I took a Corona Yellow one home, it was an awesome 24 fret monster. Later they offered a few other colors including a Black Tone Ioni model.
  7. If you look too closely at a beautiful woman, they start to fall apart under a microscope.
  8. I always pre-stress my strings by pulling up in different positions, but not getting too close to the bridge saddles or the nut so not to kink the string over them. I have also noticed on some of my recent Epiphones that the high E string saddle has had a burr on the front edge causing the string to break under high pressure. Which is easily fixed by filing the very front edge of the notch on the saddle.
  9. Having my coffee and then I get to start mowing the back acre... Well I managed to survive the back half, the rain made it a lot cooler, I usually get pretty cooked, even at this time of year..
  10. Looks very cool, I really liked the Rivera 50w Sedona Acoustic amp with12'.
  11. The serial number checks out and to me the checklist looks authentic. Serial number: 002191417 Production year: January 21, 2009 (Batch:1 Product nr.: 417) (Manufactured in Nashville) The unusual painted back and neck, doesn't mean it wasn't finished that way at the factory. Another check is that Gibsons normally have a 17° break angle on the headstock, where Asian built like Epiphone have a 14° because it is more resilient but not as stiff. Also note that as said before I ain't no expert, I am getting pretty old and reality is slipping away.. Best thing
  12. I ain't no expert on this I just noticed irregularities.. Also getting the serial number would help.. Ok here's one that looks more like it..
  13. Well I'm a little suspicious, I never saw a maple top standard with the back and neck painted before and the Les Paul logo seems to be too far away from the Gibson logo. Also the serial number is hard to read (like it may have been painted over). But other than that it looks like it could be nice guitar. notice the position of the LP badge..
  14. This is a 58 Coronet like the one I owned, the Wilshire and Crestwood, that came later, were based off of this guitar using the symmetrical body. In addition the fingerboard seemed very flat, possibly a 14" radius and a very slim taper neck. Also note that this Coronet is the first Gibson produced Epiphone solid body and using this headstock with the Epiphone badge. Below In 2009 Gibson built a USA Limited Edition Reissue of a 62 Epiphone Wilshire in Cherry and Alpine White. These usually sell used for around 3k.
  15. All non destructive, you can take it off and you'll never know it was there. Thanks to Duesenberg. Oh, my standard setup Mean 90's, nickel roller bridge and Les Trem II.
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