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  1. The clock is ticking.. When I was getting out of the army we used to scream SHORT, just to let every one know that another one survived enlistment and it felt really good to hear it coming out of my mouth.. Then many years later it was waiting for my SSI to kick in... Currently waiting for my setneck Thinline Tele with P90's to arrive in a few days.. Enjoy your retirement and remember to play all of your guitars in your considerable collection, at least one a day to keep the doctor away... 🙂
  2. mihcmac


    Beautiful, time for some monster rock Boris..
  3. Happy T-Day and be careful if you have shots of the Green Fairy or any other form of Absinthe.. Salvador Dali loved it..
  4. Rosac Nu-Fuzz, Electro Harmonics Black Finger, Ibanez SoundTank TubeScreamer TS5, Vox Tone Bender, Talk Box, Tapco Mixers. , . , . , .
  5. Just missed opportunities for pheromone overload to make your brain crazy.
  6. I went back and forth between bass and guitar but mostly guitar. Studying classical guitar my first year in college and applied the technique to bass. In-between guitar bands, if I got bored, it was easy to hookup quickly band that needed a bass player. Going through several different basses, my favorite was my Ibanez SR800 after my Ric 4001 proved to be too much work to play. Never being completely satisfied unless playing guitar and when my SG-X came in, I pretty much gave up Bass altogether. Amps by gone.... Alamo, Massey, Rickenbacker, Ampeg Flip Top, ST. George, Acoustic, Plush, Sunn, HiWatt, Silvertone, HeathKit, BI-Gretsch, Kustom, Dual Showman, Aims, Super Beatle.. and many more...
  7. No dought that you would. Beautiful guitar, I always liked those S100's...
  8. When I was 14 I had been playing guitar for a while, I saw a Tiesco Bass in the local music store and was captivated by it. Paying for it with my lunch money, on lay-away. The day I got it out some friends saw me carrying the bass out of the store and recruited me to play bass. They had a frat party to play that night, I didn't know squat about playing bass. My dad rented me a Rickenbacker bass amp, similar to a Fender Bassman. So I played that night, mostly with the volume off on my bass, before the night was through I did figure out a how to play a couple of songs and I got paid. ($10 and Beer)
  9. On my Franken-Splorer that I built I wanted a left handed tremolo, I had decided on a Les Trem. But when I installed it in left handed position, I found the spring got in the way of my hand reaching the bridge position. So I installed additional studs and moved the tremolo farther away from the bridge. This worked quite well, but I noticed I was getting some additional sound from the string with the "extra long distance between the bridge and tremolo" and because of the "very slight break angle", this wasn't desirable. Since it had unused stopbar studs in-between, I just installed a Down Tension Bar to fix it. My Franken-Splorer Is quite happy now.. The Point is extra long space between the bridge and stopbar can generate unwanted sympathetic noise..
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