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  1. I think I was 9 when I built a crystal radio and started listening to whatever I could find on it through an earphone all night long. I started banging on an upright piano a few years before that. I was able to read music before I got my first guitar at 12. Listening to every thing in the 60's played on KFWB like, surf, rock, r&b and pop. When I started playing with friends we played very simple songs leaning towards rock. At 14 I joined a band playing bass and eventually playing Stones, Animals, McCoys, Seeds, Turtles, Yardbirds and so on.. Living in Laurel Canyon at 16 I joined a blues band playing bass then switched to rhythm guitar. Went into the Army a year later and learned to play lead from some southern boys. later after absorbing Cream, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin my foundation was formed to play progressive rock fusion and throw in some ZZ Top once in a while.. Having evolved to prefer improv and anything I can remember how to play, or learn by accident..
  2. You can also clean the pots with contact cleaner, in this case most likely the bridge volume pot..
  3. The Arizona ranchers almost drove the desert Jaguar into extinction, they are protected now but most plentiful on the Mexican side of the border.
  4. My dad, living in the Phoenix area in the 30's, used to take part in rattlesnake roundups. The whole Maricopa county area was very rural at the time and it was open season on rattlesnakes. When they got to close to where people were living they were killed and tossed into a bag. They were so plentiful that a technique of picking them up by their tail, whipping them and popping there heads off was the most cost effective. A slightly safer technique was to hold their head down with a stick and cut it off with a knife.
  5. The SG Standard with the Gibson/Kluson style tuners that use a pressed in bushing would use an 8mm hole, the pressed in bushing with flutes on it making it slightly larger. If you use new tuners with the larger threaded bushings the hole would need to be drilled out to the recommended size of the new tuner.
  6. Nice LP style Melody Maker, It will be really cool with Humbuckers, looks like all good recommendations on parts and assembly. I think it will be killer..
  7. I was wondering how your Origin 20 is working out??
  8. This is a an Epiphone G-400, an SG Standard Plus Top Flame Maple. These were a relatively high end version of the G-400, originally sold for $699 I think. Info below copied from an add on Mercari.. Epiphone SG Standard Plus Top Flame Maple. This amazing guitar features classic Gibson voiced humbuckers, a glued in set neck and a beautiful flamed maple plus top, mother of pearl trapezoid inlaid and headstock. Almost no noticeable wear and tear in excellent condition. a very few small nicks or scrapes but otherwise in excellent condition. This a very rare SG model guitar by Epiphone featuring a set neck and stunning flamed Maple plus top. It's set up with low action, plays great and has an amazing tone along with a 4 classic layer pickguard. Premium quality and vintage guitar made in Korea not like current models in China.
  9. I think its very admirable that you find ways to help the little guys stay hooked up with working equipment. When I was doing Mac support I found my house was filling up with computers, then I changed to publishing support fixing software problems and debugging print files. But still having an excess of old Mac's I had to get creative to find ways to get rid of them. I would imagine you have a build up of old amps, which unlike computers, they are more desirable. What do you do with them?
  10. The factory code AC doesn't seem to track in the data base, when you have a 2 letter code the first letter A (unknown) would usually indicate the factory the second letter C could indicate China. This is most likely a LP-100 Studio built from 93 to present at several different factories and would have a slim mahogany body and a contoured Maple cap. Being manufactured in 2005 and having a nut plate inscribed "Les Paul 100" it could be QingDao built. If the nut plate said GIBSON it could be a LP-100 Studio built in a few other factories in Korea, China or Indonesia. These had a rep of having very good playing bolt-on necks. Also there were a few LP-100 Standard's built in Korea with an Alder cap for the Japan market.
  11. Careful I think that would match some of RCT's new guitars
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