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  1. I had a very similar Peavey Stereo Chorus 212 with Scorpions. Very powerful, very loud, great for any large venue, in or outdoors. Never broke down, sold it 5 years later and sounded as good the day I bought it.
  2. Hmm, 19 guitars, an enviable position.. Sounds like renting a van.. Everything with cases packed laying flat, so they don't get road rash from riding on their edges. Any without cases ride in your car.. Your amps should ride upright so the drive doesn't traumatize the tubes too much.. Or if you don't mind the drive make 2 trips...
  3. There are many different models of Epi LP's each with its own unique twist on hardware and Electrics Like; Special, Custom, Standard, Studio, Traditional, Tribute and so on. Not to mention different types of pickups. Current models are made in China, common knowledge that all Asian built Epi parts are metric. Older Asian built LP's, electronics tend to wear out and need to be replaced. It should not be a big problem to enlarge holes for the new electronic hardware to fit. However be warned that Bridge and Stopbar hardware on Gibsons is American SAE standard and Epi's are Metric, not interchangeable. If the people that built your harness knew it was for an Epiphone they should have known the difference. Just telling them its a Les Paul is not enough information, US and Asian built LP's are not the same.. Note that most Asian built guitars are metric...
  4. Carefull..... The body is 5-layer laminated Maple, don't sand through the thin top maple layer...
  5. I love the 50's style LP Standards, specially the beefier Vintage 50's neck, that does seem to make it a sustain machine.. Hope you have many years of rapture with it..
  6. I'm probably not telling you anything new, P90's start out a little dirtier than humbuckers. If you listen the noise your Goldtop is generating and back off a bit of gain/ OD/ treble on your amp and effects settings while increasing the master volume. You may find you are getting as much drive as you humbuckers with higher settings. Also because your P90's are so hot, backing off on the guitars volume/ tone a bit will help as well. The Goldtop has plenty to spare.. If your amp is tweaked for your humbuckers, the settings may be overkill for your P90's.
  7. You might like a Humbucker sized P90 in the neck position for cleaner tone, like a P94 or a P-Rails with hum cancelling, getting a cleaner bluesy driven sound..
  8. The standard setup on a humbucking with a push/pull pot will shut off one coil leaving one coil active giving you a more bluesy Strat like sound. Where a P90 will have twice as many windings on a single coil adding volume and wider tone range with a little more edge.. The P-Rails has full sized P90 coil and a smaller coil that provides hum cancelling...
  9. The push pull pots should work on P-Rails switching from noiseless P90's to straight P90's..
  10. Try some Absinthe and you won't care...
  11. I experienced the era when almost everything ran on tubes and local grocers had a tube tester stand in the front of the store, usually provided by Sylvania, GE or RCA.. Tubes are tough, designed to survive adverse conditions.. What Saturn says is true .. Not much care required, but if you rely on your amp for woking gigs you may want want some spares.. They can be hard to find on a weekend.. Like kidblast said matched sets of power tubes are important, a new power tube can cause its older mate to burn too hot and die or vice versa.. Tubes can be become microphonic when they get old and collect burnt material visible in the glass if the socket is on top, if on the bottom not quite as noticeable.. Tubes can last for years, depending on how hard you push them, but the clock is ticking.. There are many manufacturers of high quality tubes for music amps, including custom tubes to modify your sound.. One of my Ampegs used 6 6550's, 2 matched sets of 3. Usually had to get 3 matched sets of 2..
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