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  1. You might find this post interesting if you were in AZ in the early 70's... https://forum.gibson.com/topic/158551-was-he-the-best-guitar-player-of-the-1960s/?do=findComment&comment=2052427
  2. mihcmac


    I apologize to anyone I offended with my last post in here and do not wish to feed the frenzy. I sold may last Gibson a few months ago, I currently have 5 Epiphones and 2 other brands. All P90 powered. 7 seems to be my max number that I can take care of because of my climate and clean the oxidation off of each every week.
  3. The Riviera I an unusually attractive 335 variant, I hope it reaches you soon. To post images here you use an image hosting site similar to Imgur, then paste the image URL text string into your post. I am on the Island of Hawaii, commonly referred to as "Da Big Island".
  4. mihcmac


    Ghost and Pepper, are you guys so bored that you have to destroy posts that other people may be enjoying?
  5. I was just walking around outside playing through my Danelectro Honeytone amp and I don't think they should use the word Tone. Seems I remember my micro Marshall sounding a lot better.
  6. Cool Riviera's are really hot.............................Note, that my last 3 new Epiphones came with truss rod completely backed off.
  7. If you have a Gibson Electric coming, they are usually setup pretty well out of the box.
  8. mihcmac


    With an Axe like this you don't have to say anything, just play it...
  9. A few years ago I went into a local music store that had lots of high end acoustic guitars, I was looking for one with a very rich bottom end. I went through and thumped the bodies with my thumb and selected a few to play. I came home with an Ovation. It sounded unbelievable, but after a while having it slip off my knee constantly unless I was wearing strap, really started to bug me.. This was one of the best playing/sounding acoustics I have ever had, so I cut the knee slipping a lot of slack, I sold it about a year ago.. The point I drifted from was that I tried a few Identical model Ovations, they all sounded different, Including Martins Guilds Seagulls Taylors and more. Finding one that has the sound that pleases you, it doesn't matter what the brand is...
  10. Hope your ship came in. Battery powered amps give you the freedom where ever you want and communicate with nature at a different level..
  11. Well off on a new decade, I though I was going to burst into flames at 30, 40 years later I'm still here, gotta go mow the lawn.. 🙂
  12. mihcmac


    A man after my own heart, beautiful Custom love the wood.. and P90's
  13. Happy Birthday, good blues for you today.. Thank you and may all your appliances continue to function. Thank you and may your land continue to produce world class swashbuckling heroes. I hit a new octave today, have to see what it brings..
  14. I consider all of my guitars to be tone machines, all with P90's each a slightly different variation. My white SG with its Classic 90's sounds more like a Strat while at the other end of the spectrum my Blueshawk is smooth as silk with P90 Pro's. My guitars are maximized for center switch position with both pickups on, but when the bridge pickup is selected its like switching to a scalpel while the neck will tend to produce a bluesy clear tone. Each of my guitars has its own personality and depend on what my hands can coax out of them.
  15. We had one of those "magic moments" while playing Money yesterday, without the cash registers though..
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