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  1. These people who are watching that channel are being conditioned. They're tweaking your insecurity and your fears at the same time they repeat the same dishonest stuff over and over. Rile your fears and blame it on "modern culture." Do it over and over, morning, noon and night. No accountability, no honor. No wonder all these guys think everybody hates them and they need to punch somebody in the face. To regular people, it's a weakness. You're left behind and now you're complaining. Our moms told us we were watching too much TV. Moms are always right.
  2. You guys obviously need more chores to keep you off the streets. You can tell you're old when you complain about other peoples' businesses. If Dr. Seuss, Inc. needs y'all's input they'll be calling you. Like if I complain about country music, maybe Nashville will call me for advice. Ya'll git back to your own trailer!
  3. My dad and son are MBAs. Son got BS in biz management too. I remember that kind of thing. The kid is a gravy train. 👍
  4. Anybody notice how there's almost no new Gibson guitars for sale these days? Sweetwater's got like, none. Dave has good hair tho...
  5. Now, if they could teach business majors how to do schoolboy arithmetic, the world'd be on track to be a smarter place.
  6. The setup on that guitar is all kinds of messed up. I can tell from the pix. Either take it to a luthier or send it back. The studs can probably be set with a mallet without much trouble. You need a trained person to make all the adjustments work together. It looks pretty messed up now.
  7. There's probably 50 guys at Gibson who can explain why the edge of the lacquer is always halfway up the nut. Not me. If they weren't sick of answering stuff, they'd tell you right here. "Boy, that Gibson sure doesn't know how to lacquer the edge of a guitar nut."
  8. There's always lacquer going halfway up the nut on every Gibson I see. They've made 18 quintillion guitars that way. Why stop now?
  9. It's just as good as a Xerox.
  10. I can't believe I remembered Homz's avatar.
  11. I use a Roland MicroCube as a preamp for my Leslie speaker and it's a dead ringer for the Fender Blackface sound. I can A/B that with a Deluxe Reverb and they sound really similar. The Leslie has a tube power amp, so I guess that's part of it. I'm not all that familiar with the digital Fenders.
  12. Ol' Hank had a real 'tude at that point. Like a perp driving by the scene of the crime and yelling insults at the cops. He got a few digs in on the way down.
  13. The guy in the video asks "Why wouldn't this new binding method be just as good as the old method?" I'd tell him " I guess you don't know, do you?!"
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