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  1. I think the guy in the video was supposed to be the good guy, I just couldn't tell from the pictures, lol.
  2. Is the guy in the video the good guy or bad guy? No offense to people who missed hygene class and have low personal self-awareness, but I just don't trust big shots who wear leather jackets and look scruffy on purpose. Or maybe it's not on purpose. ⁉️
  3. I figured I'd bump this thread about the Mapleflame mod. The bridge posts on ES guitars are not anchored into the wood very far, usually about 1/2". You can install longer bridge posts that extend into the maple center block. It's a matter of taking out the old posts, drilling the anchor holes out further and installing new longer posts.
  4. I heard Clapton say once that he bought the Beano guitar and didn't even realize it had totally different pickups than Freddie's guitar. He said he didn't even know what was different about the pickups, he was just a kid and didn't know exactly what he was doing.
  5. I like how you can just stick the URL for you fave media right in the text, like this gif- Or Facebook videos or photos of a good kitty- Just paste the url right into the text without all the BBCode stuff. Same for Youtube videos.
  6. A 1970 Leslie 900 using a telecaster straight into it's preamp pedal - Click the video and then right click to unmute it -
  7. They started using Richlite because they had to stop using ebony - to maintain their civil status as free men, able to go to the Club for lunch instead of getting lunch thru the portal in their cell door. Their having to use using Richlite was like having to wear an ankle monitor in front of the whole rest of the industry. Gibson sold it as "Look at the fancy jewelry we have on"; everybody else saw the ankle monitor. Richlite may be the fanciest thing since Formica, but the whole situation was a big black mark on Gibson's histiory. And that's the problem.
  8. Our property taxes here in TN are about half a percent of the value of your land and house per year. About 500 dollars per year for every 100,000 dollars of real estate. Maybe a little more. No state income taxes, 10% sales tax. We have a national income tax. The rate is progressive, so everybody pays a certain percentage of the first, say $100,000 of income. Then, if you make another, say $100,000, you pay a higher percentage of the second 100,000 in taxes. I think you guys have progressive income taxes too, right? The actual rates and income ranges that apply are kind of complicated: Rate For Unmarried Individuals, Taxable Income Over For Married Individuals Filing Joint Returns, Taxable Income Over For Heads of Households, Taxable Income Over 10% $0 $0 $0 12% $9,700 $19,400 $13,850 22% $39,475 $78,950 $52,850 24% $84,200 $168,400 $84,200 32% $160,725 $321,450 $160,700 35% $204,100 $408,200 $204,100 37% $510,300 $612,350 $510,300 We have social security and medicare payroll taxes that are split between the employer and employee that are about 15% of wages. The taxes are levied on the first $130,000 of yearly income of each employee. This money goes toward your social security - a national pension system - and medicare, which is medical insurance for retired folks.
  9. Well, the Leslie 125 isn't loud enough to keep up with the loud music. Good clean fun though. And check out all the emoticons - here's a surveyor's transit - 🔭 - "Left a little... right a hair..."
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