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  1. It looks like a shim that was set in there to level up the top of the trussrod channel. Just looks like it wasn't trimmed off. It's not loose, is it? Plus, the darn trussrod cover screw hole is drilled off-center. Don't they have any two-eyed people there, lol?
  2. The static buildup problem that you're experiencing is from a charge on the surface of the lacquer. It doesn't have to do with the electronics of the guitar. Shielding will not do anything to stop it. Low humidity makes it worse. If I had to guess, I'd say it's partly the composition of the lacquer and partly the curing process that causes some guitars to be worse than others. I had a 339 with that problem and it eventually went away as the neck wore in. As the finish gets worn in and isn't so slick, it gets better. dryer sheets are the usual treatment. They help.
  3. Didn't Henry have a partner that owned 39% also? The guy's name was White or something. Never heard of that guy. He just kept his head down.
  4. Captain X. The guy had the vision of a bat and everybody was all like "Look! It's Harley Freakin' Davidson."
  5. Isaac Newton was the Babe Ruth of Norman Einsteins.
  6. Next time around, I'm going into finance.
  7. The color's supposed to be like a file cabinet. They were making fun of the Fish and Wildlife Service for busting them with illegal wood.
  8. Don't be making fun of me. I'm very sensitive.
  9. Dude. You're in another world.
  10. Now that I think about it, if you had a modelling amp with a bunch of standard amp voicings, at least people could find a setting to play on that sounds pretty much like something they're used to.
  11. The reason Greta Whatshername pisses off the climate change deniers is that she's angry, just like them. She's just as disfunctional as they are. What's she going to do next? Have a tantrum? Anger vs. ignorance.
  12. Whaddayou, some kind of English teacher? I talk conversationally on here 'cause some of you guys aren't all that swift. 'Cause of you guys, not 'cause of me. I get paid to be smarter than other people. I have since I was 22. That's 42 years of getting paid for outsmarting people. How many years for you?
  13. One time the teacher who taught the special kids in Junior High School - he was my baseball coach in high school - goes to me "You're a smart guy and I have to tell you stuff over and over, just like I have do with my special kids in class. What's your excuse?" So what's you guys' excuse?
  14. The amp your customers use to demo the your guitars needs to be equal to or better than the guitars you build. Otherwise, the amp will reflect badly on the guitars. It needs to be as good as you can afford. If it's not as good as what your customer is used to playing, it will be an issue. You can find a used Pro Junior over here for $300-400. It's a very dynamic amp that'll make your guitars sound much more lively than a modelling amp. Blues Juniors are maybe another $100. Very good sounding amps. All tube. Anything that's not all tube will be a hurdle for some customers.
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