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  1. Tell you what, Mr. Walking Kafka Novel, I'll let you take over the thread. Have a nice issue. And BTW, I'm an ex-epileptic and I don't drink or do drugs.
  2. You tell me! Mr. Never Heard About Backing Nuts. You sure straightened me out! My self-confidence is shattered. Please don't report me to the Backing Nut Board of America. Or the ES335 Wiring Society. Or the ES-335 Big Expert's Group. Or the Who Doesn't Know Something But Now They Do Authority. Or my Professional Engineer's licensing board. 😘
  3. I learned something new today. Makes sense. I had a trumpet when I was a kid that wouldn't tune up to pitch and I had to "lip" everything, lol.
  4. Sounds like you're going to have a stroke anyway soon enough with all the arm waving.
  5. Hey bud - There's no need to get all worked up. How many times have you pulled the guts on an ES guitar? I've done maybe 8 or 10. Not "all" pots come with backing nuts. "Some" pots come with backing nuts. "All" and "some" are different. "All" means every one. "Some" means not every one, but some of them. If you haven't learned about using the backing nut to adjust the pot height on an ES guitar, well then, maybe you should try it sometime. It feels good. Felt really good when I did it. You can do it on your Les Paul too. That's where beginners start, lol.
  6. Those "cheapo" straps that Gibson includes with the guitars are awesome. I use every one I have. 👍👍
  7. Now that I think about it, I look at it like Guitar Center and Gibson met at the Devil's Crossroads in the mid 2000's sometime and Gibson sold their soul to those guys and look at us now...
  8. https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/guitar-setup-part-3-intonation/
  9. And at the same time, capital gains rates are flat, so rich guys pay the same rate as poor guys on investment type capital gains. They're not like income taxes, where the rich guys are paying a higher marginal rate. So rich guys kind of get a break on their "rich guy" income compared to how their regular income taxed. It's a complicated system that's not consistent with the rest of the tax system.
  10. Here's some pix of an '82 JCM800, just to set the mood -
  11. Does Natasha change Boris' diapers? Will they remove the diaper chute next year?
  12. He's an awesome player but I always felt like he'd have more soul if he wasn't just playing everything at such high gain and just ripping the heck out of the guitar all the time. Too heavy, too loud, too compressed, too Marshally. And he's got that thin tinny white-guy-voice like me which doesn't necessarily pair well with the heavy guitar sound. He's awesome, he's just not Muddy Waters or anything like that.
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