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  1. It's worth a try. BB1 & 2 have a little edge to them that might match up well with the SG.
  2. Looks like the '64 is the one. But the regular figured 335 with block inlays has a pretty hefty neck and block inlays too. Good luck!! 👍
  3. Yeah - The stud on the left doesn't look stock.
  4. Like Arctic said, the Custom Reissues are from the Custom Shop and cost like 5 grand. The 61 Standard is a version of the Standard line with appointments similar to 1961 models. It's priced like regular Gibsons. I have a Standard '61 and I love it. It needed lots of nut work - not a big deal.
  5. I replaced the Grover Rotomatics on my 2011 ES-335 with Deluxe style tuners. Grover makes a Deluxe style machine that drops in to the old peg holes. I lightly aged the nickel tuners with vinegar fuming. Old screw holes plugged - New screw holes - Done -
  6. BTW, if that's an impulse purchase, you have good gut instincts, lol!!
  7. Sometimes the springs buckle when you compress them a long way. If they both buckle over the same way, that will allow the pickup to bend over like that. Might be snagged on something like Kaicho says^^.
  8. I like vintage Fenders. Tweeds if you like some distortion, Blackfaces/Silverfaces if you like clean.
  9. I like it. I think maybe they were making some guitars in California somewhere a few years ago?? Not sure..
  10. That's the good stuff right there...
  11. We survived. Sister in law lost power for like 18 hours and was talking like they were going to have to come over and stay for a couple days... 😧 Moving down south is harder than you figured it would be. 😁
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