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  1. Not sure. Does it have screw slots in the tops of the posts? It doesn't look like a Nashville or ABR-1 bridge. I think the posts are too big in diameter to be one of those. What model is it?
  2. Maybe here? http://archive.gibson.com/Service/Tech/Schematics/
  3. Here's a quick video into a Kalamazoo Model 1. You have to unmute the video to get the sound to work -
  4. Here's the nut. The PLEK machine must have messed it up, cause the top of the nut is too high and somebody had already filed down the nut slots at the factory. The strings were all still too high - the high e was like 3.5/64" high and it should be 1/64. It was like playing a hammock. I filed down the slots some more. I still need to file down the top of the nut. Plays great, sounds awesome!
  5. I was wondering that myself! I'll try melting the solder and pull the wire back out away from the pot enough to leave maybe half of the wire still in the joint. If I can get just enough so the pot can wiggle a little then I'll know it's not too tight. I can always tack on a little more wire.
  6. Yeah, it's because the body is angled away from the neck and the strings. And because the pickguard holds the pickups, they sit a little slanted. It's just the way it is.
  7. I got the nut slots down pretty close to where they need to be and it plays great now. Awesome. I'm just going to loosen up the tight ground wire to the bridge and see if I can't get rid of the ringing. The new style ABR bridge has these wobbly posts 🤪that screw into the inserts in the guitar. So the bridge posts could be ringing. I might have to try some loctite or teflon tape on them. I might have to change the bridge. Somebody's practicing engineering without a license here... 😆 (engineer joke)
  8. Here's a look inside the control cavity. I don't think I've ever seen this wiring scheme. The volume controls are wired sixties style but the tone caps and controls are kind of like the Memphis Tone Circuit. It sounds great. Very interestingk! The tone from the guitar is awesome. Something about the wiring or the pickups. Just very useable. Great lead and rhythm tones from both pickups. Controls work great. Got lots of compliments. There's some kind of weird sympathetic vibration in this guitar when you play the high e string, and one of the possible causes is that ground wire going to the bridge that's too tight - in the upper left of the photo. Or it may be the nut, which was cut really weird, with the strings sitting down about 1/8" below the top of the nut. The high e string was super high at the nut, like about 3 to 4 64ths, rather than 1-1/2 64th. I had to take that down to the correct height. I played it nice and loud for a couple hours and the ringing has settled down a little. The adventure continues.
  9. Gibson or Fender into - 1. Fender tweed type amp, or 2. Fender Blackface/Silverface. Lots of good amps are derived from those designs. I'm not big on modern Marshall amps. the old 1959's and JTM45's are nice for what they do but the new amps, the DSL/TSL's and those amps, are thin and fizzy, Hard to work on. They tend to have cranky owners too, lol. Gibson basically never made good amps. There were a few, but they also made some really bad amps. Fender just totally kicked Gibson's butt in the amp department. Nobody did anything as well as Fender did amps. I just work on tube amps, so I've grown to dislike modelling amps and distortion pedals and heavy effects, cause they're so compressed and flat. Playing with effects makes it hard to develop a intuitive connection between your fingers and your ears.
  10. A 335 with a skinny neck and a pair of fluffy dice hanging off the headstock. With an pull-out ashtray on it somewhere. I don't smoke, I just want the ashtray. I don't want a two piece back. I want a one piece or zero piece back.
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