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  1. Yeah - just fire it up and keep your fingers crossed, lol. Should be just fine.
  2. Yeah, Korg USA just contacted me this morning to reinforce how bad their support is. They're like "We won't send you any info unless you become an authorized service center. Do you want an application?" I'm thinking "Do you guys want an application to become a reputable amp manufacturer, lol?"
  3. Like RCT said, these new money guys are trying to lay claim some kind of added "value" in every corner of their imaginations at Gibson, making up new columns to add the stuff up, 'cause that's they way they roll. If they find some extra dust under a cabinet, they call it an asset, make a column for it, and say "Look how much more the Company's worth now that we took over!" There's value in having people copycat your products. Not to them, but to the Gibson brand. How about inventing some flat pickup rings, lol?
  4. I played golf for a while in the 80's and 90's. I shot a 73 one time in 1999 - one over par. Seven was my lowest handicap. I probably couldn't shoot a hundred now.
  5. Be prepared to be a little disappointed in those amps vs. a Blues Junior. In the tube world, weight equals volume. Fifteen watts is kind of a rule of thumb for playing at band volume. I have a Tweedle Dee Deluxe and a Princeton Reverb, both about 15 watts, and they struggle to play at band volume with any headroom at all. Warranty service for British amps is prolly pretty good over there. It's not very good here in the States. Us guys in the States - I recommend staying away from any brand in the KorgUSA fold. That includes Blackstar and Vox. Marshalls are pretty bad quality wise. Any amp under about $500.00 is going to eventually get thrown away because it's not worth fixing. Everybody who leaves my shop disappointed has a cheap amp that's not worth fixing. I don't do warranty work but I do occasionally get amps that the local warranty guys can't fix. I have a Blackstar here that's under warranty that the Service Center couldn't diagnose and the shop won't let the guy do their work any more. Korg won't send me any schematics, so it's like a freaking Kafka novel trying to work with them. No returned calls, no nothing. Just don't go cheap just because you want something small. 👍
  6. Prob a 2017 spec guitar. That's when the pickups are dated. What's the serial number say? 2018?
  7. All those amps look pretty good. They're all-tube. The Laney would probably have the most punch with a band, seeing as it has 2 6V6's. I think they're all about the same quality.
  8. Shipping boxes are worth minus fifty cents, unless you need to ship a guitar. Then they're worth a few bucks.
  9. The stop bar should be hIgh enough so the strings clear the back of the bridge. There's no rule that says so, but that's the way Gibson does it.
  10. They're back up there. https://www.youtube.com/user/GibsonGuitarCorp/videos
  11. I'm glad you managed to survive the crash... Good thing they were able to use a stent. Good luck with your recovery.
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