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  1. Doooooouuuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,
  2. I love the tremolo on those amps. Really deep and thumpy. The reverb is weird, like you were saying, how the reverb volume is independent of the instrument volume. You have to change the reverb level when you change the volume. They figured out later that if they fed the reverb return signal back in before the volume control that the dry and wet signals would both get attenuated by the volume control.
  3. Nice. That looks like a '62 or '63. It sounds like the model without the "tone suck" circuit that plagued some Gibson designs, including some Falcons. I just worked on one like that, with the grain-textured tolex and the slanted baffle board. I think the one I worked on like that was a '62. Probably the best Falcon model! Congrats on the acquisition.
  4. Thanks everybody for your kind words about my son. Some of you numbskulls better hope St. Peter didn't die from a coronavirus. There's lots of people in this world who have to grind their axe every day to make up for their own self hatred. Some of you guys couldn't think for yourselves to save your lives. That's why you have to be told what to do every day. 'Cause you can't think for yourself or make it on your own. All you selfish Einsteins just stay home until your boss tells you to come in to work. That way you won't kill anybody. You all don't run the world. People like my son do. Y'all just talk. That's all.
  5. My son has got it. He lives in Boston and was working his regular job from home but was doing some renovations on his restaurant - while they're still doing takeout - when he got sick. Prolly got sick running around doing that. Hopefully he didn't get everybody at the restaurant sick. He's in the hospital with no breathing difficulty, just a fever. Might get sent home today to suffer it out, since he's not in imminent trouble and they need the beds. My parents are 93 and live in CT, where it's getting pretty bad. My old man won't stay at home, goes to his office, goes to Home Depot to get a screw, that kind of stuff. I give him a 50% chance of getting it. He hasn't listened to anybody since he was my age.
  6. Looks fake to me. Serial number engraved into headstock. Also looks like frets over the binding - not sure. Would need better/more pix to attempt to verify it's authenticity.
  7. Yes. You'll need some way to adapt the ABR-1 bridge to the Nashville style posts in the guitar. Stew Mac makes some - https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/All_Hardware_and_Parts_by_Instrument/Electric_Guitar_Parts/Electric_Guitar_Bridges_and_Tailpieces/Tune-o-matic_Bridge_Parts/Nashville_Tune-o-matic_Studs_and_Bushings.html
  8. I think things are going to be fine around here. Another few weeks and we'll be through the worst of it. I just pruned a bunch of our fig trees and they look like they'll be pretty healthy this year. I still have 3 amp repairs that are just about finished and a custom build to work on. No repairs coming in but that's fine. Things will get back to normal. Here's some Fender Pro Juniors - one of them is converted to 6V6 output tubes -
  9. This is why they have Facebook, so guys like you don't invade the Lounge with your chronic digestive backpressure. Can't you stay in the Acoustic section and say this stuff? We don't do politics over here. 🙄
  10. I just got a direct deposit of $4,200. !! It came from the Treasury. I'm not sure why. Just kidding! 😄
  11. Wow!! Nice. Make sure you use a nitro-safe guitar stand for it.
  12. I did it online. No big deal. They just want to know names and a little basic info. I remember ignoring the last one 'cause it had a bunch of BS questions. I figured I'd do it this time so we can get all that cash - or whatever you get - coming our way, lol.
  13. When you say it's noisy, what is the noise like? Humming? Crackling?
  14. One of my wife's drunken-broad friends who's always getting sick went into the hospital yesterday with pneumonia and got tested. Her and some of my wife's other dopey friends had some kind of party Saturday night. I think it's time to start wearing one of those masks when I go to the grocery store and music stores. I have a couple in the shop that I use for woodworking. I need to go to a pawn shop today. It's going to be sketchy. I'll have to bring my UV germ detector, like this one -
  15. So sorry to hear that Ray. I'm glad everybody's safe. Hang in there.
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