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  1. Is this shortage due to low production (due to reduced working hrs during the pandemic), high demand, or both? Lars
  2. Beautiful!! Can you tell us more about the documentary? Lars
  3. Could it be one of the spiders from Mars? Lars
  4. Cool! I really like the uniqueness of the look. Is that an adjustable saddle? Lars
  5. I see no reasons why those marks could not be polished out. I have made some pretty bad looking scratches and marks go away using the stuff below. https://virtuosopolish.com https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/tools-by-job/tools-for-finishing/foam-polishing-pads.html https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/tools-by-job/tools-for-finishing/kovax-tolecut-finish-repair-system.html You go slow and take your time. Lars
  6. The two appear to belong together. A beautiful couple! Lars
  7. I have a 1942 J-45, and it has both bridge dots and backstrip. Although mine is a very early J-45, it's not from one of the very earliest 1942 batches, so things might very well have changed. Lars
  8. 2014 Hummingbird for me too. I don't mind the white guard at all. I find it cool! If you go with the studio, you will always keep wondering what the real deal sounds like. Lars
  9. I have tried them and loved them. More mellow than anything I've tried before. I'd love to use them more, but due to price I only buy them now and then as a treat. Wonderful stuff! Lars
  10. Now that was great! A lot of talented involved in writing and performing that song. Lars
  11. Does anyone of you know how Gibson is doing these days, after the financial issues from a while back, new CEO, new model releases, and now the pandemic situation? Lars
  12. I have the 2016 Standard model, and really, really like it. I'm afraid I cant compare it to other HB models because this is actually the only variation I've ever played. However, I can compare it to some other models like the J-45 and the D-28. A great quality I like about the Standard is that it's actually not so responsive and loud as the others. I'm not a fancy player. I mostly do simple chords with some push-offs and hammer-ons to create variation. The Standard is very forgiving and easier to play than the others, in the sense that it hides my strumming clumsiness a bit. The volume being s
  13. Beautiful! Is this guitar the same under the hood as the HB, or are there differences? Scale length? I have the Sheryl SJ from 2012 or thereabouts. Lars
  14. That's a weird one! Strings are like underwear. They need to be changed once in a while. I would not let him return the guitar for that reason. Ridiculous! Lars
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