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  1. I don't know of any acoustics by any maker who use one piece top. Two piece is the norm. The area were you marked the center seam, and the two halfes are visible, shows what is called runout. It's perfectly normal and occurs when the two halves of the top reflect the light ever so slightly differently. If you turn the guitar upside down, the dark and light areas will be reversed. Lacquer thins over time, so it sinking into the pores of the wood is also normal. That is a very fine looking guitar! Lars P.S. great version of Desolation Row!
  2. I had a listen, David, and it's all very good. Dollar Store is the stand out track for me. Lars
  3. I have that exact mic myself, and bought a condensor mic and an Apogee One interface for my iPad. While the recording quality went up some, it really wasn’t by very much. You are bettetr off to work with mic placement and room positioning than gear, I believe. Good luck! Lars
  4. Easy and without the shadow of a doubt, one just like this: http://www.bannergibsons.com/910-41SJWilliHenkes.html Coolest guitar ever made, in my book at least! Lars
  5. Very natural and laid back sounding. Great job! Lars
  6. Great playing and great recorded sound too! You might want to boost the recording volume some. It's a little low, I think. Also, and you might be fully aware of this, you actually have the mic pointed towards the ceiling. Again, this could be intentional on your part, but you should be able to get a much stronger sound if you place it head on. Either way, what you have sounds really, really nice. Lars
  7. Sounding good EA! I'm very curious to hear the final product. I think a B3 type sounding organ would sound great in the background, if you're looking for arrangement ideas. Lars
  8. Jinder, I hope you get well soon. You seem to have the right attitude and you'll always have music beside you along the way back. Best wishes, Lars
  9. I'm pretty sure these guitars will do very, very well. Good move! Lars
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the AJ was not in the standard line-up for quite a few years. Instead, it was produced now and then in smaller batches, hence limited. Now it's a regular model. Lars
  11. My first attempt would be to clean it up myself by scraping with a razor blade along the white edge. I bet that would help a lot. My second alternative would be to just order a new one. With that said, it shouldn't look like that and you shouldn't have to fix it yourself, but some things are not worth fighting for. Lars
  12. Those are some grim tales. Right up my alley 😁 Reminds me of Springsteen's Nebraska, which is a good thing! Lars
  13. Wonderful and extremely cool guitar, Anne! Let us hear it as soon as you have it. Lars
  14. Congratulations on a great looking guitar. The top is really cool looking, and the glue spill wouldn't bother me one bit. The guitar really does look old. Very nice! One thing though, and this is just my personal preference. I would carefully remove the interior label by soaking it with naptha on a cotton rag, then store the label in the case. To me the label just looks out of place on a replica of a 40´s instrument. Lars
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