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  1. I enjoyed that clip, thanks! Hope you get to see him in June. He is coming to Sweden in November, and I hope to be there (not sure of anything, though, at this point...). Of the currently working musicians, his work stands out to me. His marvelous lyrics and sense of melody, are what sets him apart in my book. I'm guessing his contributions to "A Star is Born" are what got him that '59 Les Paul. I can't think of any other musician I would rather hear play one. By the way, I've heard him jokingly say the movie surely must be science fiction and take place in another world, because in the movie his song is a hit. Lars
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about the fire. I hope you and yours are alright. Wonderful song, just great. Super sound quality too. You should share more songs. Lars
  3. The latest episode features Jason playing yet another great Gibson, an Everly Brothers. Knowing his taste in guitars, this is most likely the real deal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBWvuHBC2n8 Apart from the three Gibsons on stage, the music in this episode is awesome (the cover of Wish You Were Here especially), and the in-between banter is ridiculous and funny. Lars
  4. Tom, I had a listen and I preferred the first one, A. Stay safe! Lars
  5. Lars68

    Lars Dalin

    Yes, Dalin sounds more Swedish to me than Norwegian, but I guess it's a blurry line... Here is another video, by the way. Lars
  6. That back is awesome. Great looking guitar, in a modern kind of way. I have never played a maple guitar. I wonder what it sounds like? Lars
  7. Well, I answered my own question. It is indeed a 1946. I had missed a spot towards the end, where Jason actually talks about the guitar. Lars
  8. Here is Jason Isbell playing what appears to be a 1946 J-45. Is that what it is? it sounds super. Jason Isbell J-45 This video is from a series of live streams his wife Amanda Shires is putting up daily. The two of them are stuck at home with two friends, and they share some very informal sessions from their home in Nashville. The music is great and the in-between chats are often hillarious. A lot of guitar and gear related stuff too in some of the videos. Lars
  9. Lars68

    Lars Dalin

    This guy appears to know his way around old guitar. Good to know that a fellow Scandinavian (he is Norwegian) can take care of my old guitars should they need attention. Lars
  10. David, I can't seem to get your link to work. Lars
  11. Oh man, I wish I could play like that. Super! Lars
  12. I watch his shows once in a while, maybe it has just been bad luck, but I think the ones I have watched are missing real insight and content. To me, it appears to be too much product placement. Lars
  13. 👍 It's not every day we get Nick Cave and then The Cure here on the forum. Glad you're back posting to give us some balance. What's next, Joy Division? 😃 Lars
  14. I would use naphta for the bad spots, then very gently with a cotton rag, damp with warm water, for the rest. A vintage guitar should be cleaned, but not polished. Naphta will take care of most junk, and it won't hurt the nitro finish. Are you humidifying the guitar? It should ideally be kept in 45-55% Rh to avoid cracking. Lars
  15. Hey, EA, glad to see you back posting songs. This is Nick Cave, right? I really like your version. You should post more often. Lars
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