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  1. I really like the lyrics on this one. I've never been to New England, but you paint a vivid picture of what it is like. It reminds me of Springsteen's song County Fair. I also like the arrangement of the various instruments and fills, very nice. It will be interesting to hear what further mastering will bring. Lars
  2. Beautiful guitar! I have played two guitars of that model and they were both super responsive guitars. I really like the deep, dark color of the top. Lars
  3. Great job with one of my all time favorite songs. Lars
  4. That guitar looks familiar 😊 That is a photo Willi Henkes sent me after repairing it back in 2011/12. I guess he put it up on the registry. That guitar has been an inspiration for me, ever since I first got it, almost ten years ago. It has motivated me to become better at this hobby. I was and still am, to use tennis lingo, a parks player, but I can make it sound better today than I could in the past. John, you don't happen to have some more photos of your guitar? Lars
  5. John, that is very cool! The guitar both looks and sounds great, and I hear no hints of "mediocracy" in your playing. Lars By the way, I just checked and my old Banner is the fifth J-45 from the top in the registry. The FON is 7721H-14. You don´t happen to know when and were it was shipped? It would be really cool to know more about its history.
  6. Well, this is after all the official Gibson acoustic guitar forum. Anyone looking for a balanced and unbiased opinion regarding the merits of Gibson guitars versus the rest of the guitar market is most definetly in the wrong place. Likes, dislikes, heart, soul, and emotional responses cannot be explained and solved like a mathematical equation. Likwise, a ranking of best guitar makers can of course not be calculated using any measurable criteria. No such thing exists, never has and never will. We all know this. Yet when members here are asked which is the best acoustic guitar in the wor
  7. You are absolutely right, there are a lot of great guitar makers out there of equal and sometimes even better quality than Gibson. However, for me, the guitars of these other makers for some reason just don't touch my soul the same way a Gibson does. Now, I realize there are probably posts just like mine above on the Taylor forum about someone's love and attachment to Taylor guitars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's just the way the world works. Lars
  8. I don't see a problem either. The guitar looks great. As I'm sure you know, the two halves of the top are book matched, meaning they are cut from the same piece of wood and then laid open like a book. I'm sure the lighter color is just part of the natural variation of the wood. Also, both the wood and lacquer will darken with exposure to sunlight and just by the passing of time. I expect that this will even out the color differences very soon. Lars
  9. To me, the post above is the best and most eloquent one on this forum for a long, long time. It really moves me, and Jinder manages to channel EXACTLY how I feel about music, my guitars, and life in general when I hold a Gibson. Jinder is a musician at a level, which is not realistic for a hack like me to ever reach, but I can still relate to the feelings he describes so well. Gibson guitars are way to good for me, at least if my ability for making music, is the only standard of evaluation. However, Gibson brings intangibles into the equation in a way no other brand can match for me. I w
  10. Thanks guys for all the reflections! Yes, I also come to the hobby from two sides. On the one hand, I spend a lot of time just playing and singing songs, while on the other hand, I try to make as good recordings of the songs as I possible can. For me, it is never about one or the other. I wish I was good enough to just write a song, grab my guitar, sit down in front of the mic and hit record. One-take recordings of simultaneous playing and singing, at least to me, is the ultimate form of expression and beats a multi-track recording each time. However, I´m not good enough to pull that off,
  11. That was a very surprising choice! I like it a lot! You're recording sounds great too, even though you're not in your usual space. Lars
  12. Very cool! I wonder how close his guitars are to Gibson's classic designs... Lars
  13. Great playing as usual. Sounds good too. I have never had the opportunity to test a Maton, but they apper to be very high end acoustics. Lars
  14. As you longtime members know, I have been writing songs, and posting versions of them here for a few years now. Some horrible stuff and some approaching decent. I wrote my first song at age 47 and I'm now soon turning 53, and I just realized a short while back, that I still don't consider my very first song "done" and that looking to complete songs and recordings is the wrong approach for me. This approach has only lead to dissapointment when my skill level at the time hasn't allowed me to fullfill my intent. So instead, I have started to look at everything I do as a constant work-in-progress
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