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  1. …Bruce and an old Banner. Lars
  2. Scales, a forum notification of your post led me to this thread. I remember you helping me out with my song back then. for which I'm still extremely gratefull. I especially remember what a great feeling it was to hear a proper musician doing his version of my simple song. I walked a few feet off the ground for a week at least 😀 I remember revisiting my original recording a few years later and replacing vocal parts and doing some remixing. If you care to hear how the song evolved, here is the version from a few years back. Not a masterpiece, by any stretch of the imagination… Lars
  3. I really need the authentic replica, collectible, 1959 switch tip in a Cali case. I would buy it, never ever to be installed on any guitar, but proudly displayed on my mantle piece, next to my Faberge egg 😀
  4. Some pretty good points made, and with some afterthought I was overreacting when I saw those PAFs. I guess as a whole Gibson is doing fine and my comment about acoustics was not justified. So with some hindsight and a slight adjustment of the target of my disappointment, selling PAF pickups for $1000 as a collectible, in their own version of a Cali case, offends me. https://www.gibson.com/en-US/Product/1959-Humbucker-Collectors-Edition-Series-1-Exclusive/PU59DCNC2-SET Lars
  5. I realize this video is about electric guitars, but the direction seems to be the same for acoustics too. It's a direction I personally don't like. How about you? Lars
  6. Nothing wrong with that sound. Seems to project very, very well. Lovely guitar and playing too! Lars
  7. I agree with Murph. Using names make the story more personal, and I think this holds true whether a story is fictional or not. Another example to add to the ones in Murph's list is Joe Roberts in Springsteen's Highway Patrolman. Lots of made up names in songs… Lars
  8. The J-185 is the one model of the classic Gibson designs I have never tried. A very nice looking guitar. Please post a little recording when you find the time and the setup is done. By the way, this is maple b/s right? Lars
  9. Kind of a strange uke, or? 😀 Does this mean congratulations are in order? Lars
  10. Ah, this is so sweet and relaxed. Sounding great, Sal! Lars
  11. David, I really like this. Can you post the lyrics? I always find it easier to ”get” a song if I can read along. As far as writing and playing styles, having a personal style is a strength, as long as the listener is not put off by repetitiveness among songs. For your songs, David, the story is what draws me in, and I haven't really given much thought to similarities in playing style. I can appreciate both a poetic style, as well as storytelling one. However, any song with lyrics that are lost on me has a massive disadvantage in my book. What is the point of writing lyrics if no one can understand what you are trying to say? That doesn't mean everything has to be spelled out, but I need to be in the right ballpark, playing the appropriate sport at least as a listener. Lars
  12. My guess is that what affects tone the most between these two variants is the amount of vibration created in the lower bout. The more flexible this area is, the better would be my guess. Wouldn't a belly-up bridge create more free area in the lower bout for vibrations, given the pin holes are in the same spot for both variants? Also, a Gibson with a straight bridge and one with a belly-up bridge sound very much the same. So any difference in bridge construction is probably small enough to drown among any other natural variants among guitars made out of wood. Lars
  13. Happy New Year to all of you!
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