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  1. I like your song and your style. I have managed to stay out of trouble so far myself, so I can´t relate to the story on a personal level, but it doesn't make it any less valid. It's enough to open a newspaper any day of the week to realize that these kinds of events are all around. Lars
  2. Yes, she is great! We have a lot of fun together. I don't have a lot to add to the music she plays, so instead I gave her two bottles of red wine and a big hug for the help with this last song. Lars
  3. Thanks, Murph! So you mean you had to actually reach for the volume control, instead of just saying "computer, lower volume" Joking aside, some compression ought to fix that. Lars
  4. Thanks for listening, guys! EA, if I ever re-record it a different key is called for. I don't know yet if there is such a thing as a "comfortable key" for me. Usually any key feels like new boots with rocks in them… By the way, the feature I have been using to add drums and strings in Garageband is really great. I like the fact that I can add some subtle touches to my otherwise overlly simple acoustic songs to make them a little more interesting. There are a few different sound to chose from for each instrument and I play them "live" in real time along with the track, by hitting or swiping the screen on the iPad. For the strings, for example, I pick what chords to use. Each chord will then get a bar on the screen where I can "play" the strings by swiping the bar. It takes a bit of practice to the get the chord changes right, but it's not bad. If you're recording with an iPad and haven't tried this feature, it's worth checking out. Lars
  5. Outstanding! You're a natural! Lars
  6. I appreciate the listen and the kind words! Lars
  7. I posted a version of this song this past spring. Since then I have been trying to polish it a bit, and have now added strings and drums played live on my iPad. My kind neighbor also added some nice backing vocals for the choruses and an organ I think is cool. I'm not quite there yet, but this last attempt is pretty darn close to the idea I had in my head when I first started writing it in April. So closer and closer, one tiny step at a time... Here it is in all it's ragged glory. Lars https://soundcloud.com/lars1968/black-velvet-blanket
  8. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Dan. Keep making music as best you can. Lars
  9. I like it! I think sound quality and production are outstanding. I also like the drone like feel of the music, but since there is no change in tempo, it feels a little too long perhaps. So maybe shorten it a bit, or throw in some kind of variation? Lars
  10. Agree, that's the deciding factor. If there is, the guitar would still have the original finish, but a thinner version of it. Lots of people would actually pay a premium for that on a brand new guitar... Lars
  11. Then you should be able to get the finished buffed up to gloss again, right? You might end up with a slightly thinner finish than you had to start with, but that might actually be insignificant, depending on how hard it was sanded to begin with. If it was my guitar, I would at least investigate this option... Lars
  12. Another possible recourse could be to let your guy cover the cost of having a competent luthier repair the guitar. I don't necessarily see the current finish as destroyed. A good luthier could polish the newly sprayed finish off, without damaging the original underneath. You might even end up with a very thin original finish, which might even help the guitar sound better than it did before. I hope it works out. Lars
  13. I really like this model, however there are two things I personally would like to change. I would prefer if the pickguard did not cover the inner band of rosette rings. Also, I'm not a big fan of the pattern in pickguard material. To me, it looks kind of fake. Sounds great, though! Lars
  14. I hope you find some comfort and peace of mind, Sal, in the great music you are capable of making. Music is the best of friends in rough times. Lars
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