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  1. Nice tone! That guitar neck looks like a toy in his hands. Must be something strange going on with the scaling or perspective of the video. Lars
  2. Yes, I see it. It's a website issue. The Standard is not in any of the new categories in the top ”Acoustic Guitars- menu”. They must have missed it. Guess it is neither modern, nor original... Lars
  3. One strange thing, though, there is no J-45 Standard anywhere among the acoustics on Gibsons web-page. I hope that is an error, and soon corrected. Lars
  4. This is just an amazing new line-up from Gibson. I never thought I'd see the day when Gibson understod what their customers want. https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Collection/acoustic-custom-shop-historic Lars
  5. This shirt is nice, and there are other new ones on their site I like too. However, what I like even more is the move Gibson is so obviously making, with this shirt, the new traditional acoustics etc, to care about its heritage. Good moves! Lars
  6. https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Apparel/GA-SC-HBBS Lars
  7. Looking really good! I like that the vintage style models are back. Lars
  8. Great job, David. I really liked that one. You tend to write lyrics in a style I appreciate and is personally drawn to. A lot of artists I love tend to deal with similar topics, like Springsteen and Isbell to name just two. I also live in a small town, so a lot of the issues and characters you often write about feel very real to me. Your songs also have a tendency to remind me of stuff from these other artists I like, and this one is no exception. It's more a thing of a shared topic or point of view than anything else. Have you heard Jason Isbell's song “Speed Trap Town”? The lyrics to that one are sensationally good, I think I've said it before, you have been posting several songs here for quite some time now that deserves recording. Any more detailed plans for that? Lars
  9. Beautiful! I like the somber tone. Lars
  10. As you know I'm a BIG Springsteen fan, and that was great!. It was also the best sounding recording I've heard you make. That's exactly the balance and overall tone I would like my own recordings to have. Any secrets to share? My acoustic tracks, especially, sounds so brittle and harsh in comparison. Yours was warm and lush. Lars
  11. Beautiful guitar. Sounds great too! Congratulations! Lars
  12. Beautiful, Sal! So how exactly is the recording made? It sounds super Side note, I have actually been to Georgia and Macon Lars
  13. Very nice indeed. It both looks and sounds older than it is. This is about the only circumstance when such a comment is a positive... Lars
  14. Jinder, that is wonderful. I really like the smooth, orchestrated sound. Great vocals as always too. I heard it on youtube a few days ago. and I hope it brings some well deserved recognition your way. Lars
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