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  1. Yeah, you enter the endorsement agreement knowing you can't be photographed using others. Only the super heavy weights can get away with that. rct
  2. The Mini is quite small, I used one for a long while. I'm using a CryBaby Junior now. Twice the length of the Mini, still smaller and lighter than a full size Wah. The Junior has an ON light too, which is really helpful. rct
  3. I have days and days worth of Night Flight on VHS. Used to just let the giant Jensen Top Load vcr run all night on USA. Great stuff. rct
  4. It was a great day, I remember it well. rct
  5. If by "we" the poster means himself and his guitar fixer, it is possible that guitar fixer is not on the list, doesn't have the Authorized Gibson Repair sign, that kind of thing. They can and do ignore those repair persons. It could also be that "we" IS an authorized repair person but is looking to authorize the return of something that is not warranted, like, oh, I don't know, maybe...The Finish. They'd ignore that repair guy because it is his unfortunate position to be the one to tell the customer that that ain't warranted. rct
  6. Oh I can see the marketing blurbs now, "elasticity" and "flexibility" will become Tone Words. rct
  7. Yeah, we do that one every once in a while. Onea them songs where the crowd likes hearing the riff as much as I enjoy playing it. rct
  8. Sure! I wouldn't mind having his. And I don't even like Metallica. rct
  9. Could be the other way around you know. No, he doesn't get free guitars, he pays dealer cost + X%, used to be 5%, may be more, may be less now. Of the two things here it would seem that Kirk would gain more by being associated with a mainstream guitar company than the other way around. Seems. I could be wrong, but maybe he initiated this, move on to the next thing in his life, next steps or stages of his guitar career. It's not like Metallica is a household name these days. rct
  10. Sorry to hear. Good to see you Cap. rct
  11. No apology needed to this crowd. Clean it up, play it, pass it on to family. It's a great guitar even with some cosmetic flaws. rct
  12. So if you take home a new set of clubs, which can be really expensive from what I understand, you haul them out on the links and the 9 Iron is twisted a bit and the 3 Wood has a dodgy grip on it, do you put them away for three years and then try to do something about it? Seriously. Nobody here is taking Gibson or your side. Guitars are guitars, facts are facts. It is a bad story, and I'm sorry this happened to you. Yes, every guitar has to be evaluated as an individual, and that's precisely because of the limits of any warranty and the difficulties dealing with a company like Gibson.
  13. Ok well, I was answering the question "what difference does it make"? It makes a lot of difference. You have a guitar that has flaws or problems that are not warranted and that's what they are going to tell you. Where did you get this Yellow X Reject thing? Who told you that? That mark looks more like some kind of case/lining glue thing, which is unfortunate because again, the finish is not warranted. It sucks all around. BUT. It plays well and sounds good, you are not handing your son a reject in any way. It has character that no other J-15 has. rct
  14. Well, that's a long story and a sad one I'm sorry to say. I don't know about the Yellow X thing. That looks like some sort of finish burble blurp of some kind. The clearcoat stuff on the back is not warranted in any way. If the Yellow X is finish, it is also not warranted in any way. The finish of a Gibson guitar is not in any way under any warranty. I'm sorry that happened to you. rct
  15. What else did he miss? If it says CLEARANCE ALL SALES FINAL or it says AS IS on the tag and he missed it, it is going to make a really big difference. rct
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