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  1. YaY! Retirement is good. Get the Tele. Yer welcome. rct
  2. It isn't something you get used to at all I don't think. Not that I can't get a Starbucks without being recognized or anything. I'm amazed anyone remembers some joker fooling around with a Tele in some crummy bar! rct
  3. Oh man yes. Hijack away. I guess we could have another thread, like a legacy thing or something. That's a good story! I have a couple similar hookups after long and short times. Always exciting! rct
  4. First: Junior HIGH dance at Monongahela Jr HIGH, with my band Astra, '75. Most Memorable: 1977 with a band I was fairly new in, Summerwind* **. A young lady I had been sweet on in school was there, Deptford Skating Rink. In our two classes together I would bum a pencil from her and she would bum a smoke from me. We were really good friends. I took her home that night. We've been married 39 years now. Next Most Memorable: 1984 - 1987, every single time I took a guitar out in the fine nation of Bermuda. My band was Blade, we were the band on the Naval Air Station. I was civilian and had a two foot long pony tail, the rest were Squids. Two guitars, keys, bass, drums, singer. We had a ball always. Rehearsed at base theater, probably 300 seats, 50 foot wide stage 5 feet off the floor. We played any weekend we wanted at Enlisted Men's Club, once a month at Officers Club. Played any party any division was having on the beach out at Coopers Island. When I wasn't with them I was at marathon blues jams at White Horse Tavern in Devonshire(I think I remember that right), or rocking with some locals at 40 Thieves, or Brit Night at Rum Runners. Met and played with so many people from all over Europe, still communicate with some to this day. It was a glorious time and place to be 25 and in a band. Really memorable days and nights were the big ones with several bands, flatbeds at festivals and at Deptford Day for quite a few years running. King Theater in Gloucester NJ. D1ck Lees and Bogeys, Galaxy, Dr. Jekyll's High Times. Three Pines Inn! Great times at the big ones, 500 people, 3000 people. Big ones here in recent years on the beach in Atlantic City, they were and are a blast every time no matter who. Wildwood NJ, Penalty Box and a couple other places. Best Recording: 1982 with Billy Paul. That was great. Can't even explain it. The record went nowhere, he was a mess but MAN I learned a whole lot. rct *A full fifteen years later, walking on the boardwalk in Ocean City, a young lady walked straight up to me, stuck her index finger in my chest and said "You are Ron from Summerwind and you are (Mrs Name)". I was speechless, a rarity. Mrs said "Yes, he is and Yes, we are!". That was strange. **In 2002 we were on one of our younger days marathon trips to Disney World, in the fall. The time was called New Jersey days because NJ schools were out for a week and it seemed everybody went to Disney World. We were sitting at a table out back at Wilderness Lodge and had decided to just sit tonight, have dinner, couple drinks, retire late and sleep late tomorrow. A table across the way kept looking at us and finally a guy got up and came over and said "Yer that guitar player guy with Gene and Billy from Deptford". This was a full 25 years after Summerwind. Crazy talk ensued, lots of cocktails. That was most bizarre moment. I AM LUCKY MAN.
  5. rct


    I'd do it three more times this year if it prevents my HOUSE FROM BURNING THE FUKK UP. So yeah, some stress and strain, sure. Just sayin. rct
  6. rct


    Holy Moly!!! rct
  7. rct


    Stem Cell Transplant. They killed his bone marrow, turned it off completely. Chemo and radiation. So by April 3rd he had no immune system left at all, no low level stem cells to do anything at all, but most important, not to make leukemic stem cells. I laid there for 5 and a half hours without moving, giant needle in my right arm taking my blood out, spinning it through a centrifuge, warming it up, putting it back in my left arm. You can't bend your arms at all, and I didn't even have to pee for the whole time. Took the gunk at the bottom of the centrifuge away about 4.30pm, did some stuff with it. By the time Mrs and I got to dinner he was having the gunk put in. Then comes the scary part, getting to day 100. By that point in July when I took him home finally, he was well on his way to a pretty good recovery. He was hospitalized Halloween 2018, got out in July, went back to work on...Halloween 2019! That was a year we'd both like back. rct
  8. rct


    Thank You. I was a 6/10 match, perfect as we could get in his case. He didn't think I would do it, and we still don't know why he thought that. Or didn't think that I guess. Both of us pushing 60, this transplant welded us together in ways we didn't ever think possible. Nobody left to see it but, that's the cards we got. rct
  9. rct


    Nice dinner with pop and my younger brother who has come out this side of some serious AML/FLT3/ITD, bone marrow transplant in April, and now back at work trying to make life again. It's been tough, dicey, and good all at once. I was glad to give him my stuff and Mrs and I are ecstatic that he is moving along nicely now. A great Thanksgiving dinner tonight. rct
  10. Happy Thanksgiving each and everyone, whether you have that holiday or not. Here's an Absinthe hoisted to you all. rct
  11. lolz If a guitar player touches my EJrctRW they want it immediately. rct
  12. I want that thing. I have an EJ, I am nothing but greedy and want another. Pure luxury that thing is. rct
  13. Yes, our store did not have one and many peoples were disappointed. I wanted a whack at it too. rct
  14. That Shell Pink is screaming my name. Maybe Christmas. I have the Black that looks like Gilmours but it doesn't look at all like Gilmours it looks like one of mine. Great all around garden variety run of the mill Mexican Strat, which means it is almost as perfect as they can be. rct
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