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  1. They're still mad at him for driving that Ferrari or Lamborghini or whatever it was into the gas pump. rct
  2. Gigged a Boss GT 100 for a while. meh. I rehearse with a Boss Katana amp. meh. Makes ok cleans and ok drive and ok too much drive, good enough for rehearsing. Band likes the pedal board of doom much more, same as me. With a bunch of pedals it is way quieter in a bar than most of the digital things, in my experience. You have to try them and see how they do you for what you do. rct
  3. Oh I'd bet a whole bunch they'll leave 'em hangin in the wind. A lot. rct
  4. Wormwood, fennel, mint. It's bitter plain, that's why the pour water over sugar cube tradition. You have to be in the mood, and when you are nothing else will do it. rct
  5. I regret that this Absente will be gone soon. rct
  6. Dave sucked on the 1984 tour. But anyway, just another night for a band that is killing it no matter what the r4tard out front does or doesn't do. Still my favorite Halen to do, don't care how bad Dave drives it into the mud. I've already seen him do it, it is no surprise. rct
  7. I don't think Gibson Incorporated themselves can even help you with that. Good luck. rct
  8. Yes thank god it was one of those rare moments we both had pants on at the same time. We have a rule, No Sword Fighting at rehearsal and we managed to stick to it. rct
  9. I regret two things in my Guitar World. 2. I scheduled a trip to see both Danny Gatton and Roy Buchannon the Sunday after Thurs-Fri-Sat at Reading Tavern, about 75 miles from home, little more maybe. It was a rough weekend, ended up crashing in a car for one night, "dressing room" the other night. Home on Sunday about SunriseThirty. Bros came knocking on the door to get me for the trip down to Maryland to go see those greats and my brother and mother turned them away. I woke up at DinnerThirty and wondered what I was supposed to be doing that day. Dammit. 1. Numero Uno. BIGGEST GUITAR REGRET. MAN I AM STILL PISSED: Two years before he died Leo Fender was up in New York for some thing his Mrs was doing, I don't know what. Was offered a ride up, a meet with him, lunch, all that, by the district rep whom I happened to be acquainted with, and a guy that ran the biggest Fender franchise around here at that time, whom I happened to have bought a few off of so yeah, they were getting a carload to go up. I didn't go. Still pissed I didn't go. Had other stuff to do that turned out I didn't have to really do, but didn't know until done. Still. Pissed. rct
  10. That was good stuff, thanks for that! I am sorry for your condition and I wish you well with playing. rct
  11. Two steps down would be 1 step down to D, 1 step down to C. It's a 5th tuning, just the root and the 5th. Capo at 4th and yer in E, 2nd yer in D. Whatever they did, I don't know, not much of a CSNY guy. I do own a capo so, yeah, just sayin. So some theory, as I sit here sipping a fantastic cappuccino made by Mrs today. It's tuned to all roots and a 5th for two things. You've got the drone thing already, you know that one. Second thing is that most of what we do as Rock Guitar Players is thought out in 5ths, that is, Major/Minor. If you watch my hands play the guitar and you are across from me having to look over to see what the chords are you may get confused because it doesn't look like you think it sounds because I very often don't play the whole chord, just the root and 5th. This makes fat Rock sounds, sometimes erroneously called "power chords". But more important, it allows the melody to determine the mood, the character of the song. Love The One Your With goes merrily from nice and Major sounding to darker Minor sounding without a hitch. That's because the harmonic content, for the most part, is 5ths. The harmony instruments let the melody determine the dominant feel, that is, a minor third over the 5ths makes for a minor sound, as in the pre-chorus, and a major third over the 5ths makes for a major sound during the title lines. Listen to the sorta minor sounding aaahhhs with the fairly major B3/Leslie sounds at the same time. The 5ths underneath, Major/Minor harmonic content, allow the two melody parts, those guys singing and whomever mashing the keys, to both be what they are. It's a thing. Major/Minor is an important concept, I was just going over this with Other Guitar Player in one band. He thought it was magical, and the light went on after 20 years of playing, the parts and pieces moved into place for him. He hugged me. We were both wearing Fedners. Awkward. rct
  12. lolz. I have to mount some Bison horns on the Escape. rct
  13. Good deal. Biggest thing I've ever Reverb'd is pickups. Selling a guitar must feel pretty good. I don't have any to sell though. rct
  14. I've been using Darcos lately. When we were kids everyone, including me, was using Darco Funkies. They are making them again as of last year and I got a deal on bulk so I went for it. I'm pleased with them. rct
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