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  1. No, the Slash Effect is way overstated. Les Pauls were always in demand, the vintage ones were just as stupid money the day before the first GnR record as they were the day after the first GnR record. Les Pauls were not selling, Les was about to get a divorce and he did not want his wife getting any future money from him based on that guitar. The SG and the legend that he didn't like it didn't come until after they had stopped the LP and had nothing to do with the demise of the LP. rct
  2. They want their money back and nothing more. "Saving" anything was not on their agenda. Business is business, debt is debt, doesn't matter how iconic your products are. rct
  3. WD Music down in Florida, if they don't have it you can trace it and send them the tracing and they'll make it for you. SGs are tough for pickguards. rct
  4. That is some crazy hardware daddy-o. rct
  5. We got together with our special guest drummer this afternoon. I was able to get it about halfway up on the dial. Strymon Sunset, junky MXR chorus, some verb, Van Halen. It held up well, I was very happy as was our drummer bud. We played loud for an hour, hour and a half, it was a hoot. Gosh, it was refreshing to be almost at a gig. Bass player bought some gizmo, lets him record straight off the mixer into his phone. We probably recorded 6 or 7 that way, everybody in the board and headphones on. I used the Tonemaster DI, Cab Sim #2, sounded great. Not the same mind you, but sounded
  6. Doesn't Jeff Beck use them? He don't use 10s I don't think. At least, he used to like them heavy. rct
  7. I've never met a pickup I couldn't get the cover off of. rct
  8. I have in rehearsal, couple times with a drummer friend of ours and we get pretty pumped when he sits in. It holds up well, volume=volume, not more noise. rct
  9. 5% of dealer cost. He is not getting rich from them at all. I'd put some little humbuckers in it. It's the damn road worn thing, I'd have to see it, and once I did I'd probably hate it. rct
  10. It's a road worn junky Mexican Tele. Right up my alley except that road worn part. Still something to think about. If I ran into one on sale I might jomp eeen eeet. rct
  11. I've been -><- close to a Custom Shop a few times. In the end, they won't put it in what I want, so I'm just spending stupid money to be changing pickups when I get it home. There is currently American Original 60's Tele that is the 1960 Custom Tele. Burgundy Mist. Yum. 2 grand, and I'd be changing some stuff. I am thinking about it hard. That and a Tele Custom. I sold my 72 Tele Custom in the late 80's and have missed it ever since. Another American Original maybe, another 2 grand. Yeesh. And the American Original Strat. Shell Pink. gaaaahhhhh. Another 2 grand.
  12. Ok, I upjiggyed the firmware. It caused vague yet traumatic memories of work. Thanks Fedner, thanks a lot. rct
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