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  1. It appears to be my kind of fotography. And I put machines on about that straight too. So yeah, FAKE!!!!!! rct
  2. Ok. Enlighten me, please. rct
  3. Sounds like a hoot! It's why we do this. rct
  4. It's an 01 Classic, it's written right on the headstock. rct
  5. A little young, but I would hit that for sure. rct
  6. Oh man I am truly sorry to hear this. We had some great chats, metric tonnes in common, were going to hook up one of these days on our way through his town. Goddam it. rct
  7. rct


    That is dope. rct
  8. No way. I just sent my Black Explorer to a Prince in Nigeria, he is going to send me the guitar back along with 3000 dollars next week. rct
  9. I only have two degrees, and neither are in Gibson Serial Numberology, so thanks for that! rct
  10. Does that buzz go away when you touch metal? Yes: You have a faulty/incomplete ground on that neck pickup. No: You have a coil/tap/split problem on that pickup. rct
  11. I don't know how you are dropping these cents, for the third time now. Tell them to keep it and give you your money back. It's the only thing that will make you happy and them get the flick. rct
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