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  1. I still think that desperate times call for desperate measures is a good portion of the answer. When your costs exceed your income you have to monetize as much as you can after the real estate is considered. Might as well try to monetize the shapes and stuff. It seems like pissing straight up a rope, like trying to trademark the shape of a car or a house. rct
  2. He's another guy that I wouldn't care if he killed babies, he writes/arranges/produces/records/sings/plays just wonderful songs. Only one of him and I wish they all could have gotten along. I'da coveted a writer like that. rct
  3. Looks like in 1993 they trademarked the outline of the Les Paul and every other thing they make. It also looks like a bunch of suits have been filed against them regarding that trademark and others, but none of those suits have any decisions attached. Weird. rct
  4. I have no idea what he meant. They took it down, that says something. Perhaps he means that the consequence of using their guitars is that others can attempt to replicate one of the few things they actually can trade and service mark, that is, their logo? Again that is ridiculous. I am their best advertising. You are. Everybody here is. Everybody in front of one person or more, using their products is by far their best advertisement. I don't wear Fender shirts or Gibson hats or Martin hoodies, I use their guitars, that's enough. By his reasoning I should cover the headstocks of my guitars for "copyright infringement" purposes? Think of every product you use that has as a consequence you being seen using it, and what, by his reasoning, would now be YOUR responsibility to prevent "copyright infringement". I buy and wear Pumas and now I have to tape over the logo? That should make you laugh.
  5. Desperate times call for desperate measures, that's the only way I can see this. By his reasoning, everybody would be out covering the logos on their cars in order to avoid "copyright infringement". Cover the bank logo at the top of the professional sports stadium to avoid "copyright infringement"? lolz
  6. This is good stuff. This is a company trying to overcome archaic, do what we did yesterday laws regarding personally held intellectual property. This is right up there with copyrighted music infringement and the illegitimate use of art to make other art for profit and so on. I can't make a Mustang, call it a Rustang, and make money off it. I can make a car, just not what Ford says is a Mustang. They are trying to get hardcore definitions of what makes something what the maker says it is. Of course, doing this stuff while your burning ship is sinking doesn't look good, but hey, at least he tried to get some money to pay the bills on his way out. Too bad he didn't just pay them, like the rest of us do. rct
  7. Why do people consistently, constantly, continually get this wrong? Logos and brand marks are covered because of the marketing departments of all entertainment production companies making every appearance a product placement. It has simply winnowed it's way into live television. They want Gibson, Fender, Martin, ANYBODY to pay them for showing their brand marks, not the other way around. Everyone, everywhere, in every way is relentlessly trying to advertise at you, because they make money doing it. Gibson can pay for product placement or not. If they don't the company that is producing whatever the form of entertainment is will have the brand marks covered. This monetization of every single brand mark will probably eventually find it's way into live music venues as they are consumed more and more by large corporate interests. Coca Cola did the very first paid product placement. Remember when everything in a movie/television show was some generic thing, like a red and white can with the word BEER on it? Coke paid for that placement, they didn't get paid. It has become the standard. rct
  8. BUMP for this weekends 20% off sale. rct
  9. Hard Rain. I listen to it once a month whether I need it or not. I have the whole Rolling Thunder collection of boots and stuff. The original drunken brawl rock and roll. rct
  10. No, you can't trademark a body style, that is true. What you can register as service marks and trade marks of your particular guitar/blender/golf club/CPAP machine is the dimensions, tolerances, and proportions. If people want to make a single cut maple over mahogany body they can, they just can't make a Les Paul. A Les Paul is...drum roll please...whatever Gibson says it is. Headstock, script, logo, words, they are all the fully trade/service markable parts of a guitar. After that the dimensions that make a Les Paul are vaguely negotiable, I don't know what those tolerances are. So dimension creep has set in, apparently the major guitar makers are getting their knickers tight over people copying a little too close. rct
  11. I waited through the last three or four to see him, see how it would go for him. I sniffled when the two of them went over the side. I wish they had made the whole thing wrap up that well, but they didn't. Still, 8 years of teevee that we won't see again any time soon.
  12. He was a great character in Game of Thrones, like a super assassin I guess, and really funny sometimes. Finished his mission, which was to take out his brother, and died in the process. He was a good one and I was sad for him. rct
  13. The Hound. lolz rct
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