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  1. I wish I could bring great clouds of rain out there to you guys. We could go up to Iron Horse and sample the morning fog picked nectar. Best. California. Champagne Ever. rct
  2. Those are nice for sure. But if I'm paying 175 for a cover, I'm going to have to pay 50 to cover my 175 dollar cover. I was thinking lightweight, not too expensive(I don't know how much that is), and not really adding value to anything, just a rain coat for the case. eh. I'll forget before the weekend. rct
  3. Sacrifices my friend, sacrifices. Who needs electricity when there's a bottle of the good stuff in hand? rct
  4. It's Wednesday and we rehearse, so of course, if I'm taking guitars out, Mrs can guarantee it will rain at 6pm. Tonight I'm taking my rct signature Black Strat, so I don't care about the rain because Fenders are pretty robust and all. So I thought of something in my spare time which is all of it. Guitar Case Raincoat. Yes, bright yellow like when we was young and fine, made out of that shiny plastic-y stuff, shaped like a Fender rectangle, single opening in it for the handle, open at the bottom. Could even put like logos or initials on it. There you have it. My brilliant idea du jour of the...quarter, maybe half year or so. Free of charge. Make 'em, I'll B test 'em for you, and I'll buy a couple. rct
  5. No apology needed, sometimes my crystalline clear, erudite and concise discussion of all things guitar, which I am never wrong about, is, well, muddy. But yeah. Looks like the slots are all skewed to the bottom of the guitar, or the treble side of the bridge. If that is real, it would be either just really poor slot cutting, or done for a reason. So from the look of it, to me, it would mean the two bridge posts were drilled too close to the top, or bass side, of that guitar and they had to slide the strings down to line up with the nut. Either way, it isn't good, to me. Or not. I'm ok with having old eyes or just hallucinating. And for the original question regarding phones and intonation, just don't. Look at the nut. If string is just sitting on front or back edge and stopping too close to bridge or too close to tuners, you'll have this kind of problem. rct
  6. Slanted, yes. Offset, I used the word offset, as in across the face of the guitar, bass side to treble side, top to bottom, or, in the picture, left to right. The bridge looks to be offset to the bass side, with the saddle slots all slightly offset to the treble side to compensate. Or, it is a trick of the photo, or it is my old eyes. rct
  7. Never ever heard that ever before about two piece bridges. More likely it was a mistake that had to be carried over for "authenticity", like Leo and his poorly aligned Tele bridge that it took until the late 90's for conscientious objectors like me to get them to resolve. And if that is true, it isn't working for this guy! rct
  8. Is it the angle of the picture, my old eyes, or does that bridge look offset to the bass side by some teeny Euro hectameters or something? rct
  9. Because guitars go out of tune when you use them. Like tires wear when you use your car. Your kitchen knives dull in one session of mise en place. It's kind of the way it is. rct
  10. Yes, I do it with my ears all the time. Middle of the song, middle of the solo even. Same as it ever was. rct
  11. I saw a picture yesterday of a guitar i forgot I had. An ink Black, late 90's LP Special, flat slab with some minor contouring on the back. Pair of P-Hunnerts that everybody hates. I liked them a lot and I should have kept that guitar. rct
  12. "Specifications and materials subject to change without notice". rct
  13. P-90s are way overrated. rct
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