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  1. But the hook has context, from the simplest "darling if you want me to", and we know she doesn't want him to, so no, he wouldn't die for her. All the way to the spiritual context of not being even human and being love. Bad example. Hyperbole is what you are talking about. Hyperbole is often interpreted as silly, and is often regional. Silliness is something universal, but regional silliness is not. So if you are writing songs to appeal to people for any reason, you would want to pretty much limit silly hyperbole and stick to easily recognizable word play, no matter the locale.
  2. Stop using my lyrics. My lawyer will be in touch. rct
  3. In space nobody can hear your COA. rct
  4. https://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx rct
  5. lolz Next time we are in your area, you give me money and I'll sign the note. rct
  6. The sole driver in autograph value is rarity. Les Paul signed every bar napkin in that joint, his signature is about as valuable as mine. rct
  7. Seconds Out is a record I listen to pretty regularly whether I need to or not. A great one. rct
  8. They use a percentage of the cost, so they aren't getting rich off it. I studied donation of goods and services for a while, it was tricky and not the ride to easy street people seem to think it is. The real value is in writing down their inventory to make the company look stronger on paper, which helps if seeking investors or considering selling. Nobody wants inventory. rct
  9. It's old. I'm surprised anyone falls for it any more. Tired. Go away and stay away. rct
  10. rct

    The P-90

    That's all pickups, that's what good ones do. Along with good pedals. rct
  11. There are three kinds of people. Those that understand maff and those that don't. rct
  12. Is ok. I'm used to the mocking and shunning that goes with putting humbuckers in Fedners. I'm not hurt. Much. Often. Surfpup softened me up for it. rct
  13. So, if that dust is under the top coat, sealed in with the paint, and it is as all over that guitar as it appears to be then yes, I would send it back. They'll never know they did that and tried to sell it if you don't. And people will just continue getting used to an ever lower bar for their couple thousand dollars worth of guitar. As far as sound goes well, if you can't make any couple grand Les Paul sound just like any other couple grand Les Paul you are definitely doing it wrong. rct
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