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  1. Clean the switch. Use the right stuff, switch it back and forth real fast. It's not breaking correctly. rct
  2. In space, nobody can hear what caps are in your guitar. rct
  3. Mrs was patient as a saint, she was happy to see me so happy. If she hadn't pushed, we would have been at Death Valley, Pomona for Disney Land, and we would have turned east without stopping. She insisted we go. Been to CFMartin as well, but sadly, never made it to Gibson. rct
  4. I'd rather sashay my way thru Alright Now on yours. rct
  5. Fun Fact: Mid 50's Leo made his very first attempt, against his own will but at the advice of George, to job out some of the metal work, like stamping out Strat/Tele bridges. They only did a couple hundred at most, really crappy bridge plates, poor fit, poor sizing. This coincided with the string thru attempt on Telecasters, so some of them as well. These guitars are hens teeth, really hard to find and super duper worth money if you come across one that didn't have the bridge changed out free of charge by Leo himself. Fun Fact Part Deux: In 2013 I spent half my Fender tour carrying around this 32 pound block that Leo used for bridges, his very own stamp block that he tooled. I was over the moon. Tour guy was very happy to have made someone else very happy. rct
  6. The harmonica bridges gave up after even a short time. I think the whole collapsed bridge thing is actually a thing, but it is more a crappy bridge thing than anything else. Some of that stuff just wasn't or isn't made all that great sometimes. rct
  7. Hi  rct,  what I said about stop- tail being raised 1inch from body was so it clears back of bridge, I haven't been playing guitar like that. Stop-tail is now about 1/4 inch from body , just wanted to check if it was o.k. to touch bridge. Had a few replies about this topic and seems no worries about bridge. I've seen other guitars in shops and some touch , some don't,.. any way guitar is in for a setup at guitar store, I'll let the pro set it up. Cheers ......

    1. rct


      It is true, there are some folks that get a little agitated by the strings touching the back edge of the bridge as they go by.  What you see in my posts is a long time of trying to get people to relax and stop thinking about that.  All of the great Les Paul sounds people love and try to cop every day were made by Les Pauls that had strings touching the back edge of the bridge.  We never cared about it then, anyone my age and experience still doesn't.

      If it touches it's fine.  If it doesn't, it's fine.  Just don't get yourself balled up over what other people are doing and saying when it comes to thinks like this.  Good luck with it.  The Guitar World is bizarre and full of fun stories and plain old made up stuff!  Don't hesitate to message and ask if you don't want to in public, I'll help you out best I can.


  8. In the year 2011 I was 51 with 30 years of service. We should start a band. rct
  9. It reminds me of the first Steinbergers and The Talking Heads. Terrifying times for a guitar player like me! I'm glad you are cut of your cloth and can hack that, I hope it serves you as you want it to. I agree, it would be awesome to walk in and plug into the PA. rct
  10. My attorney will handle any issue arising from these posts, especially any issue from Zager and any attorney(s) he'd care to put on it, for anyone in this forum. My attorney and I will pay for it and recover all costs when it doesn't make it past the first stop. rct
  11. You are not solving a problem. With your stop bar an inch off the guitar you are causing a greater problem, those studs are meant to be all the way or nearly all the way in, not up in the air. Again, 50 friggin godddam years with guitars, not a single guitar I have ever encountered of mine or anyone else's ever evidenced any "problem" because the strings touched the back of the bridge. The string has no idea what happens past the saddles, therefore there is no "problem". The other end of the guitar is EXACTLY the same. The strings pass the nut on their way to the machines. The string has no idea what happens past the nut. If you have a "problem" with strings touching the bridge after the saddle, then every guitar in the world with string trees has a "problem", right? No, they don't. Have you ever seen anyone else's guitar with the stop bar an inch off the guitar? I didn't think so. Jesus H where does this stuff come from? rct
  12. rct


    I would hit that. rct
  13. I retired January of 2019, right into the biggest shutdown in my employer's history. I lived. Then came the Covid. We have lived. I can't even imagine what it is that causes "boredom". I have so much to do, so many things keeping me on my feet all day, eating less, and tired as a dog at midnight, than I could ever have imagined. I spend my time waiting for Mrs to retire at the end of this year. And we have so much sh1t planned already, I don't know how we will find the time to do it all. While playing in two bands at the moment. I highly recommend retirement. We worked for it, planned for it, and we are doing it. rct
  14. Sitting in a meeting in stupid work. Guy brought in a laptop to show us the film. Oh crap. BOTH my nieces work up at Windows, the restaurant on top. Got Mrs out of her cube and went home, but we were government and we all got dismissed anyway, after the Pentagon became public. One niece hit it a little too hard the night before, had been with a couple work mates and told them she would take Tuesday off and work Saturday, all agreed. She was sound asleep up in Queens. Other niece was about 8 blocks away, hoofing her way down, late again, probably going to get disciplined or maybe even terminated. She never made it to work on time. She felt that a jet flying into her workplace was not normal and turned right around and headed back up. She had to wander around heading away for the rest of the day and into the night, everything was all frigged up. So, YaY. For a minute or two. Haven't been in that town since July of that year. rct
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