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  1. It has a board in it? I have no idea, disregard anything I said, it is probably all the wrong diagnostic tests for that guitar. Yer one yer own buck. rct
  2. They probably make much better stands today than they used to. They were rickety and clunky. I remember using them for Heart songs. Good times. rct
  3. You have a ground problem. You can narrow it down by fooling with each part until you are sure who is doing it. Eliminate the switch first. Then the jack/jack plate stuff. Just touch them, tap them, with the volume up on the guitar and the amp, nice and loud. If it doesn't change much with them two parts, move on. Touch and tap the pickup covers if they have them. If bare pickups, touch and tap the poles, nice and loud. You should be able to determine one or the other or both. Same for the bridge next. After that, get the back off, start touching pots and solder points, volumes up. The place that is no good will make itself(selves) apparent pretty quickly. From the sound of your bridge pickup, I would think that it is not grounded right, and it may be a crappy pot if you can't roll off the tinny ice pick. rct
  4. Nice, I hope it works out for everyone involved. I've done the stand thing. meh. I prefer to wear two guitars, but I'm not nearly as sexy or proficient at that as Joe Perry. rct
  5. I know I almost bought two Teles right off the floor, and I could have. Retail - 10% plus Cali taxes, which is like 11.5% total. So Retail plus half a percent, something like that. I should have bought one of them, at 3500 ++ to get it out of there it would have been well worth it, I have never seen one for sale anywhere, that was in 2013. We saw no acoustic work being done and no acoustic raw materials. I don't recall any in the showroom, but I was looking for very specific stuff. I bought a mug. rct
  6. We should do that in front of the GC up there. In that little tunnel part towards the liquor store, all smellin of the urine and stuff. It would be fun. rct
  7. Can you still get that? Boones Farm? Mad Dog? Night Train? I've read about these things in old books is all. rct
  8. We had a lovely couple days in Corona CA. I'd go back in a second. I'd do the tour again too. rct
  9. Put it together and trade it for a guitar that doesn't have one. rct
  10. I am sorry Kid. You are in our thoughts every day. rct
  11. I was completely distracted from my Redd Fox retrospective by that damn M-36 so, another night maybe. Thanks for the laughs though, and good luck with the new Epi! rct
  12. Started on the Absinthe, have a good cigar in a bit, find me some Redd to watch. I'm giggling like a 12 year old already. rct
  13. I'ma fire me up some Absente and some Sanford later tonight you guys are giving me some really warm and fuzzy. rct
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