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  1. Same here 'Scales. Nothing going on. A few of the places we were regulars in are gone for good. It is quite distressing, but there is starting to be possible light at the end of the tunnel for us, as there seems to actually be a couple new places getting ready for the new dawn. What's next? I've greatly expanded my Collection Management Portfolio. I hate cheap, junkyass slotted machines. Three guitars lined up for new machines, as pain in the keister as that may be. My #1 Tele has 23++ year old Grovers that I, as a young man, hacked onto it. They are shot. I am not looking forward to it, but they are getting changed. Some pickup changes. Make one of my strats into a 2 full size humbucker strat. Things like that are keeping me busy, stuff I've been telling Mrs for years I'm going to do. Someday. Someday is now. Along with making our rehearse schedule every two weeks, just keeping our chops up, not adding any more to our literally hundreds of songs we are trying to keep track of. Just staying "good". Sucks for now, but it will probably get better overnight and then we'll be all mad that we aren't ready. rct
  2. If yer a guy my age and grew up guitar when I did, you hear one note and before that note has passed you know it is Him. I think the greatest guitar voice in history. rct
  3. Still one of the first things I play when I pick up one of my guitars. It was our second set opener back then, still a favorite. rct
  4. Same here. Couple other oddities with logging in and stuff. Quite frustrating at times. rct
  5. On a random Tuesday at noon thirty or so he was nowhere to be found. Or anyone else in the Customme Shoppe. Not. A. Soul. I coulda rummaged every drawer in every table in the joint, for like a half an hour we hung around in there drankin coffee. Some nice things in progress, but no people. I was hoping to say hello to one or two I'd heard of over time. rct
  6. If I had a '59 Les Paul I probably would have traded it for some junky Tele I just had to have. In the 70's. rct
  7. rct


    Lots of time last few days in my stuff. Great guitar, really fun to play. The pickups are just terrific, different from other Fender Noiseless I have used in the past. I may try a set of these in my blue Two Tone Tele, they are that interesting. All in all a keeper. Thanks for the good wishes folks, and I hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving. rct
  8. rct


    The fun of what came to be called "quack" was that we shouldn't be doing it. Them switches were strong and wanted to be in either the middle or the back, so when you got it just right and jammed something in there to hold it for a song or three, it was a victory over the evil Fender Machine. Then it just got old. Even EC didn't use it nearly as much as legend would have you believe. rct
  9. rct


    Three way just like the pickups. If you want "quack" or blend, you have to stick the switch where it doesn't belong and hold it with a match, that usually worked when I was a kid. By the time Fender got all 5 way switchy the quack thing was long gone. I use them front to back, rarely the middle. When I reach down and move it, sometimes rather brusquely, I want it to go where I want it, not hang out at some 2 or 4 spot, spots that I never use. Now, get off my lawn. rct
  10. It's good to put work into one to make it yours. rct
  11. Sometimes, especially lots of times for SGs, you just have to trace it. rct
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