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  1. Decent cleans, decent grinds, decent Too Much Of Everythings. That's all you need for gear. It's all on you after that. Confidence, which comes from acceptance of how you sound when you play, and how you play, that's what leads to confidence. You should look like you own that thing because you feel like you own that thing. rct
  2. Beach bars in AC, but they aren't open yet, should be next week. Maybe. rct
  3. That sucks. We had a halfa dozen coming up, but we are not going to open indoor eating/drinking/entertainment as we were planning to tomorrow, July 2nd. "Until further notice", which pretty much means this year. Sucks. rct
  4. I agree. All the mids of a P-90 and none of the pain. Seymour makes them well. rct
  5. Any Disney Person worth their salt knows the song Oh Canada from the Canada in EPCOT. Love that movie and that song. Take off ehy. rct
  6. Neck fell and hit something. Top of the amp is always a good candidate for that, or out front thrashing over the monitor. Missed a cymbal and hit a drum rim, that would be how I would get that. rct
  7. I know man. I pick mine up and almost throw it over my shoulder. rct
  8. Dual Showman was a fukkin amp it was yessirree Bob's yer uncle. Took three pedals to put a dent in that headroom. Took three guys to carry each. Controlling that mess was what made guitar players, it's how many of us still around learned to play. Nothing beats stupid volume and 4 LPBs. rct
  9. John Legend is a Bono of a different color. rct
  10. I installed my new Shure wireless pedal thingy. Nice. Had some Scotch. rct
  11. Ok, so if I bought that guitar with Kluson tulips on it I'd lose them the first day for a set of Grovers. Grovers don't break, Kluson tulips do, and you only need it to happen once to hate them. The Burstbuckers are a bit on the shrill, harsh, scritchy side, depending on what words you like to use, so I'd also put 57 Classics in it the first day, the closest they have to their own PAFs. rct
  12. YaY. It's the 90's again. rct
  13. People switch tuners to get a completely different tone? When did this happen? rct
  14. I'm rct and I approve this message. rct
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