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  1. Has the wiring been modified before? I would take a look inside the control cavity and figure out what’s connected to what. On the surface look for things like shorts and even possibly broken connections and such. But overall sounds electronic in nature. Could even quite possibly have a faulty component in the way. Only way to completely verify that sometimes is to completely disconnect parts from the circuit and use a multimeter to measure them out. Maybe your pot doesn’t go down to 0 ohms... again need multimeter. Good luck
  2. Yeah there’s more important things to worry about. I mean it wasn’t the worst thing to say though but your right man, not going there.
  3. You have shared a link that seems to explicitly explain the differences between the 335 and 345.
  4. The fact is no one knows all the answers really. If we did we wouldn’t be dealing with a mess. It’s a novel virus and science is a tool that can be refined over time. Science is about facts. It can be disproven - agreed. But all I can say is that I believe it’s safe to believe that this virus has the potential to cause a lot of harm and it can spread by us collaborating like business as usual. I’m no scientist or expert on this stuff, but it’s scary to think about what it can do to diminish our livelihood and or lives. And you’re right it’s something that has been heavily politicized and really shouldn’t be. Again don’t have answers to how to end this nightmare but I believe that masks and distancing are our best defenses at this point in time being we have no vaccine. Treatments may have improved but what tool do you have other than statistics or whatever to know the efficacy of them? I don’t believe you just want to give up and get it... maybe some do, but that’s not me. What’s more troubling than the solution is the lack of unity to fight together to be one all facing the same problem. That’s what a country is all about IMHO. We rise and fall together but we’re together and fought the good fight. We share our hopes and fears together to actually love our neighbor. I know what I’m saying can be taken as a grain of salt, but I’m happy to share my hopes and fears with whom I can and this place being my audience. I love my country and never want it to break down. I do want to persevere and give us the happiness of a future for our loved ones. Nothing IMHO is more American than speaking from the heart and unifying for the betterment of the world billions of is share together. It’s saddens me we are so divided and can’t send a positive message to all of us. I don’t want to be red or blue. We are the red, white, and blue. But I appreciate your sharing and hope for your happiness and prosperity American to American and all those abroad that our our friends and allies. Very idyllic yes, but no one can change how I feel and what I hope for. haha and I don’t really hate people, it was a joke. I have a good life and hope to give one to my future - our future. Peace and happiness my friend.
  5. Nice looking guitar otherwise... really nice. Probably sounds great too I’ll bet.
  6. A LP will play just fine, stay in tune, etc if the strings touch the bridge so wasn’t going there. It won’t have any impact I’m collapsing a bridge either but over time the 2 point bridge will collapse by virtue of its design when it regularly year after year holds string tension. Like I said my 26 year old LP had a bridge that wasn’t necessarily straight, my luthier fixed it and have a few more years out of it. I really didn’t notice it but he noticed it when he set it up and addressed it. Stew Mac even had a video about this FYI. I mean you could always buy a new one if it got bad and get some decades out of that one if need be. Am I going to start not playing guitars with a LP style bridge, no. It’s just the way they are and I’ve accepted it. In sum, get your guitar playing nicely, get a nice setup somehow and make music. No rules, only guidelines. I personally can’t tell the difference how the tailpiece is placed when I play a LP anyhow. But it’s nice to ask here and answers will vary. Bottom line is you won’t hurt the guitar either way. It’s just hardware that can even be replaced for a relatively low cost if there’s a need to. Best of luck @SG Sydney
  7. Honestly I’m lost for words on much of this business. It seems like people just started losing their minds. Such a hostile environment for conversation even. It’s like there’s no truth, those with the loudest voice chooses how to project reality onto others. Unfortunately I don’t like those today that have the loudest voices where I live. I’ve lived here for decades - all my life raised and born, I served this place, and I just cannot stand it. “Well just get out then” crap can retort to what I just said, but part of me loves my homeland and I just worry that there’s going to be a miserable future for my children. That’s really it. Not about me, the future of those I love the most. I don’t even want my kids to go to school because the threat of getting a potentially deadly or debilitating virus is there which could directly affect them or me (who needs to take care of them) or someone else. To deny this is lunacy plain and simple. I’m not an a-hole because I wear a mask and social distance. I’m doing it for the betterment of the people and ourselves in the process. And to be attacked for this... to be ridiculed... what have we come to I ask myself. This pandemic what was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for me aside from all the other idiotic garbage that has come about - from where I live. I hate that we can’t unite to fight this problem and the numbers clearly show it. I know I’m not entirely alone in this. Everyone has their challenges in this mess so there’s my sob story. I just deal with this crap best I can with my family. We have our health and each other so it could be worse. Been sheltering basically since mid March of this year of course. Do it because it’s the right thing to do the way I believe it. But you know, “Freedom! Liberty!” SMH.
  8. Thanks for reply NighthawkChris, I suppose every guitars are set up differently , just wanted to check with other players about this topic , seems like no worries . I've got my guitar in for set-up at guitar store, I'll let the pro set it up for me......Cheers.....

  9. This definitely make me go hmmm... quite the shame that people are so poorly misinformed. Well, unfortunately they’re not alone. I see a lot of people around my neck of the woods that believe all sorts of fake garbage and conspiracies these days. No saving them as far as I’m concerned. Well, the virus is real and it does not care that you aren’t a believer. It wants your cells and by god it’ll get them eventually. SARS Cov2 is widespread here more than any place in the world and that’s sad because we only have 4.25% of the world’s population. Misinformation and poor leadership are to blame. Not saying we could eradicate it by doing better things but we wouldn’t have how many millions of cases we at least know about in top of the thousands and thousands of deaths... oh well, out of sight out of mind... losers. Sorry I hate people haha!
  10. No rules, only guidelines. I personally raise the tailpiece just until all strings clear the bridge. Reason is because when you do bends and such, the string will slightly travel over the saddle so why increase the obstruction??? My 1994 LP has slight collapse and my luthier sorted it out to get some more time out of it. It’s going to happen eventually on 2 point bridge. Don’t necessarily know how to quantify this for pinpoint answer here but it is what it is. Again, this is what I do not saying one way is better than the other. I set my own guitars up and this is what I do, wanna fight about it haha! 😁
  11. Even like Dub said, the LP cases need extra inserts in them to prevent the headstock/upper neck from floating around. Lots of bling, but not much attention to function. Those cases are not cheap either. A few hundo more than the USA cases that actually fit their guitars. IDK, that's my complaint with my newer reissues. Only one neck rest instead of the 2 as well. You get what you pay for... or not. Nice guitars though, haha!
  12. Maybe this will be the Lions year if the opp gets an outbreak. But no, I seriously hate the lions. Lions fans... hmmmmmmmm just why
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