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  1. Awesome! Love how effortless he phrases with the rhythm.
  2. @DZA unfortunately your plea falls on deaf ears. Meaning that Gibson doesn’t check the forums here. If you got their attention you’re more than welcome to go Custom Shop for a nominal fee.
  3. I one time heard that fructose - corn syrup have you - is actually similar to alcohol - which we know is a poison to our body - in the sense that the only organ that processes it is the liver. It is an extremely inefficient source of energy that is considered by the FDA as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). I don’t trust the FDA or many other 3 letter places today. Fructose is a sweetener that is not good for you at all. But moderation whatever, the less you have it - like alcohol - your body will thank you. That is… pure fructose. It exists in nature, but if you say consume an apple, the fib
  4. We don’t but “pop” in this household. Does anyone else call it pop? I heard it was somewhat of a regional thing… either way that s*** is bad. Only “good” things to drink are (pure) water and milk if you can handle the lactose. Coffee isn’t bad I suppose if you don’t add the sugar and cream and don’t consider caffeine a bad thing. But again I go back to water and milk. Everything else has something bad in it IMHO. To add, I don’t like milk personally but that’s just because I don’t prefer it.
  5. As it has been said many times before, you're best bet is to take some time to call Gibson and share the information you have. They know for sure and it literally takes less time than waiting for some potentially inaccurate response coming up here. Not trying to pick a bone here, but rather trying to lead you in the best direction possible. Calling Gibson is what I do when I have these sorts of questions. This forum does not get Gibson employees' attention - just a bunch of regular Joes here.
  6. I shared a short while back my Digitech RP7 effects board and my 90s DOD Metal X pedal. Had these since they were brand new at the time. Another pedal I picked up a couple years ago was the Boss DA-2 pedal called Adaptive Distortion. WOW! It is a killer pedal. The newer Boss pedal DS-1X is similar to it if anyone is familiar, but I tried both and the DA-2 is better IMHO. https://www.boss.info/us/products/da-2/ Good luck finding one today. I had to scour the web for mine and got lucky to get it for what I paid. But in sum, this distortion pedal is crazy because you can play so
  7. Lol just saying: I don’t care what made those marks! As long as they aren’t skid marks, you’re all good 😂
  8. I’m going out on a limb and saying no clamps, only razor blades. Watch how these guitars are made and pay close attention to when the people are posted to scrape bindings all day long to remove the excess finish with razor blades. Sorry don’t have a link but web searches are easy to do. It’s 2021, I’m lazy haha!
  9. @DanvillRob as I suggested before you should work ok creating a new “test” account and make sure that somehow you are not just a “member”. At the very least you can hopefully identify why this is happening with this A/B account comparison. @nhwildbill may have provided a great clue! Things like this drive me crazy - have to figure it out haha! Good luck 😁
  10. Could definitely get more than $1650 for it and the right price will sell that quickly as you post it. As always have to do research to figure out what similar guitars are selling for and/or have sold for in recent days. Start high, then gradually reduce price. The guitar market I have learned is a lot of made up value. You are playing the card that you have something that someone cannot live without so to speak so you’re waiting for that buyer. But mods and non original stuff set aside will affect value, but still you will get a bit more than $1650 I believe. It takes time, patience, and rese
  11. @DanvillRob Well, you could make another account somehow and see if anything changes. Literally a test you probably have to do if you aren’t getting anywhere to verify if it is your device(s) or your account related. I.e. is it your fault or the account admin’s fault. If I understood correctly what I read that you have more than one of your devices not show this heart thing to react to posts. Seems like an account thing which can be confirmed again by making a dummy account to see if you get this to show up.
  12. With these new LP Standards, I just look at the knobs. Reflectors on the 60s, no reflectors on 50s.
  13. Looks like the person who scraped that with a razor blade left some noticeable impressions. Wouldn’t worry about it, it’s pretty common. Hand-made guitars, gotta love em. Seriously wouldn’t worry about it as that’s pretty small and looks like it won’t affect the way the guitar plays.
  14. Well you probably could take the cord and loop it through where the strap fastens to the butt of the body and you’d think nothing of it. It’s probably a great sounding guitar… don’t know, never played one. But again hope it turns out well!
  15. @LPRich web search Phil. But I’ll save you the trouble. He’s a YouTuber and I don’t like to watch his stuff. I know my gear… Just had to throw my opinion into the mix lol!
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