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  1. Lol yeah instead of thinking how to hold parts down, let’s take a different angle here 😂
  2. If you don't take @kidblast's decision, then you will most likely have to take the Grovers out, fill the holes they leave behind, pilot some new holes for the vintage Kluson tuners, then install. How pretty you do the job is up to you and what you can live with - i.e. handling the filled holes. You probably would want to make sure the plugs for the holes the Grovers made are cut flush with the headstock plane and would be even nicer to finish over them. I wouldn't do the conversion unless I was ready for all of that. So if a strap saves you this effort, probably a good idea to try this first IMHO. It's the least invasive way to correct something that is bothering you. You also don't know for sure if the tuner swap will alleviate the neck dive... But in all fairness, those Grovers are a bit heavy as far as tuners go... Swapping the tuners might affect the dive factor. Perhaps take a mass measurement of your Grovers vs Kluson tuners...
  3. The internet for all its "good" that it brings has a lot of garbage too. Once we were able to start talking to each other non-stop via our "phones" (more like internet devices) say about 10 years or so, give or take, the world got a lot smaller. People have always been the way they are even today. We just have the means to tune into it more frequently with tech today. Information today moves like wildfire across the world. This, is what is different today. And yes, you will get a trillion opinions on the internet about something as trivial as changing a light bulb where it goes off the tracks more than it stays the course. I just accept it as entertainment these days. Grab your popcorn and soda to enjoy the show, haha!
  4. Oh yeah... 😁 @Whitefang, well, I haven't had that happen yet luckily. House I bought came like this; I wouldn't put this bumpy crap on the walls. It's a pain to take off too from what I've read/seen. Either way, you just have to be careful putting the guitars up there I guess. If a guitar does make contact with the wall, it could be something that might not be too good for the guitar if you care about the finish on it.
  5. Stucco? I am using Hercules guitar hangers and the stuff doesn’t damage the nitro finish at all around the headstock - where they obviously seat the guitars. If you got crazy about it, just put a small piece of clean cotton something where contact between the guitar and hanger happens.
  6. The braided wire soldered to the top-left pot is what you're looking for regarding the bridge - and the top-right pot is the neck pickup's volume. The braided wire is actually a combination of a metal (conductive) sheath carrying the actual insulated "hot" wire for the pickup within it. As you can see, it is soldered to the leftmost tab of the pot. If you want to remove the current pickups, you de-solder the 2 braided wire sets from the 2 pots I mention here. Good luck.
  7. Here's something I like to hang up from time to time Not that these are case queens, but when not played, generally, these are cased. I have a nice wooden guitar case rack that holds quite a few of cases. I do my best to keep these protected as best I can. Falling off a hanger is the least of my worries though. Sometimes it's just nice to hang these to appreciate them for what they are.
  8. God, even the fake burst on that thing is hideous.
  9. To me, Christmas is all about family. I have found that as I get older, it's the only thing that really matters.
  10. Appreciate it pal I need all the help I can get.
  11. Bottom line is since I try not to write a novel for a post, use someone you trust. Find out how good they are with a smaller job then graduate to see if they are truly worthy to drill, clamp, whatever to your guitar(s) we all love and know. And yeah there are a lot of swindlers out there that if you go anywhere they’ll take your money cause an issue, you’re unhappy, talk to the manager, talk to your CC company to get a refund or whatever… I’d rather go somewhere that I don’t need a headache for simple stuff. That is… if I can’t fix something myself of course.
  12. I suppose this is a “it depends” thing - acoustic vs solid body. But even solid body guitars like my Les Pauls and such I like to keep them in the case all the time. Reason being is that I live in a place where the winter/fall comes, I turn the furnace on which dries the air up. When you have things like neck binding, not interested in all the frets spouting out the sides. Not so worried about the necks as I do gradual, slight changes periodically to adjust for seasons - and I make sure they are tuned up a lot to make sure the TR is counter acting the string tension appropriately. If I had an acoustic, man that thing would NEVER hang on the wall for a long time. It would be taken out to play then right back in the case - with humidifier packs. These guitars are just so much more maintenance compared to say, a LP. They sound beautiful, but they are just so much more delicate. So in sum if you live somewhere where the seasons change, I believe you should be casing them there guitars and not hanging them too much. Not talking about cheaper guitars. Say my R9… that’s in the case when not played. I’ll leave my Strat out all day long no issues, but this doesn’t have nitro finish, binding on the neck, etc. Not worried about the hanger ruining the finish, just worry about moisture in the air… A good case does a good job protecting a guitar from environmental factors like humidity levels and such. For instance when I tune up a guitar and leave it hanging, it goes out of tune one way or the other. When it is in the case for a long time the tuning practically doesn’t change… By all means take the guitars out to play, but case them when done. These are my observations and wouldn’t mind hearing about how others handle things like this or maybe I help someone out… No rules here, just a suggestion.
  13. Yeah man sorry about the way that idiot handled your SG. That’s unacceptable and should be responsible for restoration. Yoi can’t trust anyone these days… auto mechanics, luthiers… no one. People today don’t GAF and that’s the problem with everything. They take your money with empty promises in return, then screw your stuff up. Frustrating as all get out. I wish you the best towards happiness and resolve. Thanks for sharing.
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