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  1. My bad @Big Bill I’m not a huge AC/DC fan - don’t really care for them too much but at the same time have no ill will against them. Either way I’m embarrassed. I don’t deserve to say anymore though...
  2. JP doesn't look happy with a PRS. Honestly, he's looking at it like WTF... Not that PRS makes bad guitars, definitely not going there as PRS players live and die by these guitars. EDIT: Is that Lars Ulrich with the ES335??? God this guy is a DB. Sorry Metallica fans, but I stand by my statement. Oh, and he sucks at drums, haha! Just messing, but no, I don't like his style or listen to him talk.
  3. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but I would think you might also want to insure that the tuning machine holes line up as well. I'm thinking that the safest bet on everything that should concern you is to stick with the Les Paul veneer. Either this or make something custom yourself which might be fun... Either way, good luck with your project.
  4. Nice guitar @DRUSKEE I really love those triburst 68 RIs.
  5. Thank you very much for the compliment! And to answer the question about the NH with the Schaller tremolo, the nut locks like a Floyd rose trem would. It's nearly identical to a licensed FR trem. Either way, it's original to this guitar. Works very well and sounds great.
  6. Hi all, making this post to share my latest acquisition here. I had to sell a few things to get myself some funds towards this bad boy and I am really happy that I did. I have to say that hands down, this is the nicest playing and sounding guitar I have ever played... I've heard people saying that CS Gibson R9s are definitely an expensive investment, but they also claimed that they are well worth every penny. Love the soft VOS finish on it, the aged HW, Custombucker tone... And the top speaks for itself. Anyhow, glad to share my pics here. Enjoy!
  7. Agreed @Black Dog I hate seeing crap come out of Gibson's factory too, but it is what it is - have to call it out as I see it. Not boarding the hate train, but you have to be good at inspecting these like BBP did - I commend him for his diligence. As you said, plenty of good USA guitars, just unfortunately the one BBP picked up here is worthy of the trash bin IMHO. I don't want to trash talk, but the 2018 Classic I bought in November of 2017 was a dog - poorly cut nut, gouge in finish under pickguard for $2.2k. Turned it in for another, and had sloppy fretwork - strings getting caught on the side of frets and nibs. Luckily I sold it for a song on CL and put that money towards a CS R9 (which I haven't NGD'ed yet). My issues WAY PALES in comparison to a neck tenon which IS definitely more of a major issue. Just like WTH Gibson, someone let this go by and no one cared to do anything about it - or it was intentional. Who knows, turn it in, let Gibson eat this return via Sweetwater's report. I defend Gibson, but when stuff like this comes out, this is awful as it gets. Makes me want to eat my words defending the company for all their shenanigans. But hey, my CS Gibsons are great... But not everyone can get CS Gibson guitars, hence why they save up for a long while to get a USA guitar only to be let down. This has to be one of the worst, 100% legit issues I have seen.
  8. Just get your money back and turn in the defective guitar. Sucks, yeah, but rather have my money than an SG with a F'ed up neck tenon at this point. Just going to have to buy a Custom Shop SG to get it done right apparently. Sucks that it has to be this way, but I'd be pretty confident that their CS guitars are going to be done right. If I can afford a USA guitar, I save up a little more to go CS. This way, I know I'm getting a Gibson built right with the care I'd expect for an instrument of that price.
  9. Oh and for the record, I don’t own a PRS. I was going by that joker that made that 3 strikes you’re out Gibson PRS blows you away sort of thing thread a while back - which was a most entertaining thread haha! Sometimes the stories go well with a nice cup of coffee and a donut 😄
  10. Man, good thing BBP did what he did. That crap is scary... problems or not, that’s an ace find right there. However that got out the factory is sort of a shame TBH. I don’t know anything other than what I have seen so I can only say that if I found that on my new guitar it’s going back to wherever it came and I’m trying again.
  11. Good idea! But in all seriousness I’m a big Gibson fan. Being around here even for a short while you hear all sorts of banter about their guitars and I take a lot of it with a grain of salt. Even if I had the most neck diviest, strings touching the back of my TOM bridgiest, no nibiest, weak headstockiest, going out of tuniest Gibson I’d love it. I think it’s just a game with some of these folks, because if they are playing the same Gibsons I have, they’d be keeping their mouths shut.
  12. Haha I know Bill I love Gibson guitars. I’m just playing around and don’t care what Gibson does as long as they aren’t trying to sleep with my wife. I like a lot of different guitars and Gibsons are my favorite. Always have been probably always will be.
  13. Yup, was thinking this exactly... Well, this is why I buy PRS guitars - wouldn't find this going on with one of them! 😄 Hey it happens I guess. Not the end of the world, but hopefully the replacement is a great SG. Good thing BBP found this out now...
  14. I hated it so much I ran over it with an excavator! 🙂
  15. This is the last draw... After this video, I'm selling all my Gibson guitars and going to PRS! Even worse, FENDER! I'm so ashamed of Gibson for this...
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