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  1. Amen! Take care of your guitars boys and girls, don't be a moron with it.
  2. Sdahe, I would suggest at this point to take it to some luthier you can trust. To me, seems strange that your 6th and 5th strings are cranked up in the direction of the nut than in the other direction towards the tailpiece. And as suggested by KB and others, get a tuner that is for the guitar - like the Boss tuner that isn't too expensive, but does a good job helping with intonating a guitar. Used the Boss TU-12H for many years and intonated all my guitars with it just fine, so something along these lines will do you some justice in the future. I recommend not using the mic function though - plug into it directly for better results (been my experience to get best results like this). Overall, maybe $50 tops would get you a trustworthy tool if you have to spend that much. Good luck and hopefully your guy can get your guitar its first initial setup and make it play better than it looks - which I might add is one sweet looking guitar!!!
  3. Another thing I wanted to mention is the pickup height... If this is too close to the string, it will actually detune the string a bit and could also make sound like crap, but make sure that this is not too close to the string when setting intonation. Very important...
  4. Apologize in advance if you are aware of these things I am about to discuss here, but have to ask about simple things first. You haven't by chance changed the string gauge? Small thing to ask here I know, but per Sweetwater's specs for these 50s Collection guitars, they are strung up with 10-46. Make sure you give them a good stretch too - more so on the wound strings and don't tug too hard on solid core strings as these aren't really too friendly with stretching IMEs. Another thing is when you check intonation, make sure that you are not fretting too firmly to the point where you are actually sharpening the note. I suppose in the end if you're happy with what this LP can do - like make octaves with A string and not hearing a whole lot of dissonance up on higher frets - then I'm all for it. I will say that perfect intonation on any guitar is somewhat of a myth, but you should be able to get fairly precise results. What about string height, neck relief??? Here's my setup routine: neck relief check string height, then relief afterwards. Repeat as necessary to make sure string height and relief are where they need to be intonation last Possibly repeat previous steps to make sure relief is OK and string height isn't going out of whack. Takes time... I know it's a new guitar, but sometimes the "green" guitar's neck does some bending from factory to store to your house... Hopefully when you get the neck relief right on, your string height falls in line, but wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't set up 100% to 5/64" on 6th string - 3/64" on 1st string. And neck relief around 0.010" or so give or take a thousandth of an inch or two if need be. Again, sorry for basic setup explanation here... Just trying to make sure all other things are right before doing the thing I do last on a setup.
  5. If you recently bought it, I would return it if it bothers you. Nothing wrong with that IMHO. You bought an expensive guitar and should get something like this working as you would expect. No other solution to this than to return, or try flipping the saddle for the A string and re-align the string spacing at the bridge - have two slots in saddle. If you can live with it, then that's your call, but not too many options here. If it were me and it bothered me enough to write something about it here, I'd turn it in. Too much money to spend to be unhappy about something like this. I've turned in Gibsons for lesser issues than what you're dealing with. Good luck and best wishes whatever you choose to do here.
  6. @Filbert, you can rave about this guitar whenever you like as far as I'm concerned. Pretty BH you got there. Thank you for sharing with us!
  7. I'd get a case of it and spray it on everything haha!
  8. I know that new USA Gibson smell... I like it. I have to say that one day when I gave my kid a Honey Maid graham cracker, it seemed to oddly enough remind me of the smell of a new USA Gibson. I mean, my 2018 LP Classic had the smell we are talking about, and if I put on a blindfold and you asked me to smell both - the LP Classic and the graham cracker - I might have a difficult time discerning the 2 apart. I know, I'm crazy, haha! So if you want that new Gibson smell, start putting Honey Maid graham crackers in your cases along side your guitar ๐Ÿ™‚ May get a little crumby in there, but hey, it smells good...
  9. That is unfortunate that your friend was duped. My question though is... where I get a 2008 LP Standard for $900 that is in good condition? Most of these are easily around $1500 give or take, so that should have been a red flag. Oh well, we live and we learn. Sucks that we have to learn the hard way at times, but I'll bet the same mistake won't be made again. I too am not a fan of the imposter China Gibsons/Fenders. They are genuine POS. Unless you have the necessary luthier knowledge and tools to perform fret levels, nut slots, electronics knowledge - just a bunch of specialty tools, because you don't know what you're going to get or what quality it will be in - just save your money and time and buy an "authentic" (haha) guitar. That's my advice. Again, know you didn't fall for the trap, but want to contribute my sentiment to the scandalous, infringing Chinese business practices that get their crap across our borders. Not that I particularly care about what moneys Gibson/Fender lose out on, but rather so I don't have to run into dealing with imposters selling for "Gibson/Fender" prices. I mean, I know better by now how to spot a fake for the most part, but you never know how good a copy can be as I do make a lot of used purchases.
  10. Hey @Lord Summerisle, What place were you looking to get them put on at? Perhaps offer some sort of protection plan. I paid a little extra per tire in case anything goes wrong with the tire, and it has paid off in the past. Nothing sucks more than having a flat at the best time, best place... Either way, sounds like you have some good input from others. I haven't tried all the brands you listed so I could comment on the brand I have had tries from. So long as you don't start smashing into potholes like you would here in MI ๐Ÿ™‚, you should be OK with regular rotation intervals and checking for proper pressure if you go through weather-temperature changes (again, like MI). And of course as you mentioned, the alignment/balancing will help you get the best value out of your tires too. Only other thing to do to make sure you get best value is all suspension related parts are in working order - struts, control arms, etc. Always trying to keep my cars in a super-smooth roll. I hate wobbles and noises with my cars... They are like itches I can't scratch!!! Oh well, I've worked on cars for a while and just look at everything when I inspect my cars. Bottom line is that cars suck, they are money pits... They always cost you something that is an immediate loss on your investment typically. I've always tried to stop the cash hemorrhaging by learning how to work on my car - saves you a lot for something you absolutely need to have work, every day. Because of the fact that I rely on this to get me to work or go across town to get the kids, I take these factors into account. Just don't get into the whole throwing good money to bad thing. I digress, go get some tires on that car, what're you waiting for! ๐Ÿ˜„ Cheers!
  11. I used to have Kelly tires on my 91 Plymouth Acclaim, haha! They aren't too bad of a bang for the buck. Make sure you get a decent set though - don't want to have an issue on the road and think - man I shouldn't have bought garbage bag tires... Like mentioned earlier, only part of the car that's supposed to touch the road. I personally never cheap-ee out on car things unless I know how to replace it with another cheap-ee part. But not so common these days with the cars we have. Anyhow, just giving advice here to look out for a purchase that has good value in the end to you. Best wishes man!
  12. Beautiful NH you got there @Filbert! I always liked the solid red specials. The hardware looks typical - just wipe your prints off with a clean, soft (flannel-like) rag, and it's good for the gig. Maybe try out that Gibson restoration kit and see what it does. Don't need to use much of the finish restorative cream - rub it in to the nitro nice and good with another very soft rag and wipe with another soft rag to buff it a bit. It will bring out the best in the finish. For the neck, use lemon oil to clean it and then use the fretboard conditioner in the Gibson restoration kit afterwards - had great results with it that way. Anyhow, congratulations on the "new" NH. They are great guitars and hope it gives you many years of enjoyment!
  13. Nothing wrong with buying guitars online boys and girls, do it all the time. Not our fault you don't pay attention to the terms of a purchase that has absolutely zero to do with anyone but the seller and buyer. Most reputable places have return policies that are more then long enough to evaluate your Gibson purchase. If you're willing to hand over CS dollars "online" for a guitar and don't look at your options to back out if necessary, that's not too responsible, but hindsight is 20/20. That's not what I want to fault you for here. But what else is there to add about this - you don't like a guitar that has "flaws" no one here has seen for a length of days since you started this post, start off negative, return negative... Wow man, were you hoping to change our minds, have someone to wipe the tears from your face? Really convincing method to talk on a Gibson forum about a "Gibson" guitar no one has any history on, where it was bought - just no details other than your verbal devaluation of the Gibson brand. Plead a case properly, please! Give us something to work with here!
  14. This is a classic, textbook troll posting. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean, what the heck is this post going to accomplish? It's one thing to be forthcoming, provide pics, explain where you bought this from and relevant conditions, but it's one thing to come on here spouting garbage and cry when people are giving you good advice regardless of bedside manner. For all I know, you bought this unpictured LP in the back of an alley from a so-called doctor who performs coat hanger abortions... Just be a man and share the facts on the details, because if you don't what the heck do you expect anyone to do for you? Bottom line, you aren't going to convince a single person CS Gibson guitars are garbage. Had my mind made up for over 2 decades on this and have some spectacular Gibson guitars. Not doubting that there are some Gibsons albeit CS ones that have flaws, but you can't blanket all CS LPs because you have a supposed dud - again unfeatured. I'm not trying to be disrespectful here, but you started this thread with a sour attitude and you get back what you put in. Being that you can't try to work with anyone and you just want to pitch a b*tch over nothing when your beef like others have said is with whoever you bought the Gibson from in the first place - if you even have any legitimate case to do so I might add. Again, lack of details on our end and sour attitudes don't go too far here - or anywhere in life for that matter.
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