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  1. I have an R9 from 2019 that has Bolivian rosewood - Pau Ferro - and it’s pretty nice. Also have a 2015 LP Custom with Richlite. Both look nice but TBH I can’t tell the difference it makes in tone. I’m a pretty good player too so I am in the belief that if you play well you won’t have major issues with a fretboard material messing with your style. Another R9 I have has the Indian rosewood and it is dark. But this is a higher end guitar compared to the USA lineup. Again to me it is mostly cosmetic and won’t make your playing better or worse whatsoever.
  2. When you condition a fretboard you don’t marinate it. Apply, then wipe off. That’s the best you can do. You don’t want to play a fretboard that is all oily and has s***on it. If you don’t like the color of the board, pass on the guitar. @sbpark said it best about availability. What are you gonna do about that... Want dark rosewood today, gonna pay for it. Buy a used model if you want darker rosewood.
  3. Ok your first post with a new account is to tell everyone to buy a Heritage guitar... And you resurrect an old a** thread from one of the biggest DBs to contribute here. Nice start pal. You must do good with the ladies too.
  4. @Crids, I got a few reissues to share some pics of, lol! Nice Goldtop BTW. Maybe if someone makes a "guitar appreciation" thread or something of the sort, I'd be happy to participate... Check out Mark's Guitar Loft in NH if you're in the market. You need to poll his site from time to time and see what comes in new. He's very professional and courteous to do business with.
  5. I'm testing an image too... I used the lower right hand corner of the text box in this forum that allows us to reply to a message and there's a drop-down menu that by default says "Other Media". There's a selection item that says "Insert image from URL". Then, went to Imgur, copied the BBC code link that Imgur let me copy, removed the [img] stuff surrounding the link, and I made sure that the link had the ".jpg" extension. Voila!. Was much easier before just using the surrounding tags... Oh well, as long as it works. Enjoy the pic. 8.3lb R9 60th Anniversary in dark
  6. When I bought my R9, it arrived with the switch tip exploded. No issue getting a replacement though - I actually got 2 from Gibson directly (of course no charge). So yeah, you have to be careful transporting your LP in the case as these switches are prone to "exploding" if it takes a bang. Luckily, the guitar was not messed up... So the moral of the story is that if you use this case to transport your guitar, take the switch cap off if you don't want any issues. Maybe save that foam piece too as it can't hurt. I even save those extra foam inserts that cushion the headstock. As for the i
  7. I still think the 3 by 3 headstock looks weird on these. High fret access isn’t as good as it should be for a 24 fret guitar IMO. Stainless steel frets would have been good too.
  8. @jdgm, I fail to believe that water weighs less when it solidifies compared to when it is in the liquid state. What is interesting is that water expands when it freezes unlike many other molecules. But generally speaking, if the "count" of water molecules are kept constant in a particular sealed vessel let's say, the weight (or mass for that matter) will never change. The volume will change though by virtue of its expansion when frozen. So the rule in buoyancy states that if something weighs less than the volume it displaces of another substance, it will do what we call float in this parti
  9. @Plouvier, I'd ask Gibson on a phone call if you really want the answer to your question. Find some time to make a call - shouldn't take that long for them to find out.
  10. Looks great! Bet it plays as good as it looks. Congratulations! 😀
  11. Yup, haha! I had the same issue. iPhone... I cleared all the private data to browse "fresh", but still getting this issue you illustrated on my phone's browser. Not sure if this is a Gibson thing, but nonetheless, this is irritating as I can now only interact here on my PC. Maybe I'll have less typos - silver lining possibly. But thanks for sharing this, I really hope this issue gets resolved.
  12. Basically, in this situation, it could be one thing or a few things... pickup height, nut slot depth, level frets, etc. If you know how to check all the things that make a guitar play right, then go over everything for peace of mind. If you still are stymied, then go to a trusted luthier and have them explain what was adjusted to correct the issue(s). Nighthawks are great guitars. I set mine up with Fender specs as it's a 25.5" scale guitar. If you set your guitar pound-for-pound like a Tele and you still have issues, have someone else take a look. So @beyoung95 string height
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