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  1. I like metal and hence why I probably never got into the Aerosmith stuff of my MTV generation - when they actually played music videos. I was never really turned on by any of their old stuff, but when I saw Testament covered an Aerosmith tune, I recognized them for this one song. And when I say I like metal, nothing that’s just downtuned chugging. I like bands like Pantera, Megadeth, Testament, and bands of the like. MAYBE throw in the early Metallica stuff but even now I have a hard time listening. I learned to play guitar by buying the Kill em All, RTL, MoP books decades ago, but now I just don’t like them. That’s another story though and constitutes another thread IMHO. Either way I never thought of Aerosmith as anything other than rock plain and simple and it wasn’t my gig. I could have lived without ever knowing about them - not to talk smack on their success. They are living a lot better than me with the exception of Mr Kramer apparently. Even then, I’m sure he’s got a few more bucks in the bank than me... good for him. Good for them.
  2. I almost forgot to add that Aerosmith song I like that Testament covered was Nobody’s Fault. That song rocks - but I like the Testament version more. Aerosmith does a great job playing it of course too.
  3. I’m going to add I really don’t know jack about anything important to this. The idea of me losing out on something I do with a lot of passion and getting cut out for no good reason - not that this Aerosmith situation pertains to me or is the actual case here - would be painful on my account. That’s where people might insinuate the trouble with all of this. Whatever really the deal is here it happened and not on either side of this thing as I don’t lose sleep over it. Just saying again I’d hate to be left out of something I love to do that I put in a ton of work for.
  4. I mean, what are they going to play that this guy hasn't played with them for 40+ years on stage that he couldn't handle? It's not like Aerosmith music has this astounding drum stuff to do - especially for a song or 2... It obviously ticked off Joey to the point he tried to go to court. How long should it take for this band to do a song or 2 they've done for many years at a live Grammys performance to celebrate the anniversary of the band? He's coming back now ready to play and I think that decades of founding and work - through thick and thin - should be good enough track record to say welcome back... What if you left your job on disability and come back to find that someone replaces you. Mind you you would have to have had significant experience and time put in at some place where you have a good track record of getting the job done just fine. I think that would tick me off too. It actually might be heart wrenching especially if I had some passion in my job. In then end though, not my business, nor do I really care what happens to this band, but the whole thing just sounds like something is afoul. Not trying to ruffle feathers here, but the optics as I said look very bad for someone who is looking in as a fan of this band. If I were in this guy's shoes, I'd be flabbergasted. He's only given this band the best years of his life only to be denied the once in a lifetime experience he wishes to have. Serving the likes of the Steven Tyler and Joe Perry as a lesser known member of a band giant for decades... Yeah, I'd be more than upset too. It's not like this guy was coming back from a drug-fueled binge AFAIK. And it's not like the guy asked to have health problems either. I'd be putting years of alliance into question given these circumstances. So I do understand what you were getting at, and in reality, I know only the smallest part of this whole story most likely. But based on what I heard and hearing fan reactions - which themselves may not be worth anything at all (willing to concede that) - it sounds like the band is treating him like he's just a replaceable piece of the project he's been part of for decades - i.e. the better part of his lifetime. Sucks you spend decades working on something only to live now and look back and think this is what it all came down to?! Wow... Funny game life is.
  5. My desktop amp is SS, my band practices and performances will always use a tube amp. I don't get into effects that much other than a nice reverb. As well, I always prefer tube distortion to something coming out of electronics or DSP. I mean, modelling is what it says, modeled. it will always have some sort of lacking to the real deal, so you would have to take it for what it is. As a keyboardist in a band I play in, I can't play classical music on it like my home upright (that weighs probably close to 500lbs). Even the highest end keyboards/synths I have ever seen can never truly replicate the sound of the sympathetic tones that are made from a real piano - even a tiny spinet sounds better to me. And to add, the feeling of the wooden keys actuating the piano's action. There's a reason bands typically use keyboards and orchestras use full 9' Steinway grand pianos. I digress... So in a nutshell, the more digital and convenient we get, the more we are actually losing from the true sound we are trying to emulate. If you're going to get better software that controls the sound output, going to cost more money for the design details. Not knocking electronic/processed sounds for guitar tones, just that we all know it is what it is and will only go so far. Like anything in life, there are trade-offs going on here. To me, depends on the application I am using the stuff. Home stuff is OK for processed sound, but I prefer to get the richest tone when practicing and performing which I feel is a better experience for me and the listeners.
  6. Some of their old stuff before my time was OK. IDK, I was born in 1980. First I ever heard of them was when they were on MTV with Alicia Silverstone (hubba hubba back then). I mean, yeah, the optics look very rotten since I am hearing this guy was the founder of Aerosmith and they are basically cutting him out because he doesn't "match the energy levels" anymore or something like that after he had some sort of injury - heard from radio announcer saying this. He had to re-audition for his band that he created??? In today's world, nothing surprises me anymore though. Personally what I think about the band, don't care about them. They have been irrelevant to me forever. To each and to their own, not an Aerosmith fan here. When I hear their stuff on the radio - and yes, I listen to the air waves still - I change the station.
  7. It has the historic badge on the back of the neck, so probably has long neck tenon. Pull the neck pickup out and see what set is has. While you're at it, in the neck pickup pocket, you can see if it has a long or short neck tenon. It's pretty easy to see the difference between ebony and rosewood - as I couldn't imagine it would be something else on the fretboard. I am confident that it isn't Richlite. That stuff came after 2012 I believe. Other than that, it's a LP Custom - MOP inlays, bound body front and back, split diamond on headstock... Commenting on the price you paid, I wouldn't worry about it. A guitar like that won't come cheap being that there are probably no more out there like it - and if there are, definitely VERY few around. Cool guitar man, best wishes and enjoy!
  8. I know what you need to do, but you're not going to like it. Honestly, I know it's new and all that, but now, you don't have to worry so much about being gentle with it. ALL guitars that get played are inevitably going to get scratched, dinged... you name it. At least the first one was on the back where no one will see. It could always be worse.
  9. Nice LP congrats! As advice from here on out and your own good since you asked the forum about this stuff, trade ins are guaranteed to short cut yourself. Your best option to get the most out of your guitars and what your hard earned money got you is to sell it yourself somehow, someway. Unless you needed insulin, no way would I ever consider short cutting myself in any sort of deal as you were proposed. I’m just confused and I don’t want to get into your finances whatsoever, but if you had the means for a LP Standard, you have about half the money at least for an R8... Why trade for it in a seriously unbalanced deal (IMHO) when you can get it with cash? Keep your collection going my friend if you have the money and you’re not shorting your kid lunches. If you don’t care for a guitar, best value is to sell yourself - again. Nothing wrong with flipping a guitar, but don’t make facetious deals like you shared with us. Just trying to give you honest advice looking out for your interests. Keep your GAS in check always. Just know that there’s always someone selling something out there that will catch your eye so usually there’s nothing out there you have to screw your self on to get. Unless you’re some high profile collector, that’s different. But if you were, you got tons of cash and they don’t trade - they hoard!
  10. Did you buy it brand new? Since it’s a blue quilt, I’m guessing it’s a more modern LP, so what it was worth brand new, probably can get about half of what it was brand new MSRP. I know from experience as I bought a beautiful LP Custom myself brand new and I would be lucky to get half of what I paid. Luckily I don’t want to sell it because I’d lose out big time. But then again, the world is a strange place and if you just happen to run into the right person, you might get more. Selling guitars is a strange business. Anyhow, with no pics and you’re vague description, I am unsure how anyone would have anything to say about a concrete number for a price where to start. What year was it made? Do you have all the stuff that came with it new? There are literally thousands of LP Customs out there and just because it’s top is quilted doesn’t make it any more special TBH. Can you find somewhat comparable LP Customs online for sale to get an idea where to start? A lot of times, pick a number and if it doesn’t sell in a long time, it’s obviously too high for the market that brings the demand. If you want to be bullish about it, may take years to sell at your price... yes there are people who are selling 5lbs of gold at the 10lb rate. All depends how fast you need to move it out for the money. Good luck!
  11. I have learned in my life that there is no absolute formula to anything regarding humanity. We are all different and we all have different journeys through life. I find myself very content living the family life, playing in my basement on my expensive Gibson guitars while paying for nearly everything I own on credit with the money my corporation gives me in my periodic paychecks. Nothing prevents me from smiling in the mirror every morning while I prepare to grind it out for the benefit of my family. God, am I triggered, haha! Peace be with you Notes.
  12. Nice case! Those I have generally seen come with Gibsons from the 90s. The only thing I never cared for on these are the handles as the leather (maybe) starts to get cut by the clasps that retain it to the case. But they will definitely protect your guitar nicely. If the tolex starts to peel away, I have used wood glue to provide it with some adhesiveness as a case that is nearly 20+ years old may suffer from this. But after that, they should be good to go. Look very classy and all that. So congrats, I'm sure your goldtop is happy to have a nice safe zone to reside in 😀
  13. Anything other than cash-in-hand for the deal, a scam. No cashier's checks, no PayPal... NOTHING other than cold, hard cash in hand. Being that you don't want to eat shipping charges - don't blame you and worrying about mishaps during shipping - you're stuck with local ads and consignments. Consignment is a great option for the fee because someone can be in the store and try it out - entice the sale a bit more. Also don't have to host people coming over to your place to try it out if you're not too keen on this happening. But, I've done CL for a while and I don't mind having guests come over to see my merchandise. My advice here is to get everything ready to showcase comfortably so you can limit where they can go in your house if you so desire. Maybe you're going to have to keep lowering the price until you get bites. Don't respond to the tire kickers and scammers. You should know who the right buyer is. Typically, they will call you and have questions. Tire kickers send emails - so do low-ballers. Scammers try to ask for cashier's checks and tell you movers are coming to pick it up. You should NEVER have to share ANY personal information other than your address to see the sale through. Also, you might get the guy who wants to do last minute negotiating on the price after you have already negotiated a price. When they do this as I'm not desperate for the cash, I counter with more money than what I was asking. They get the idea where I'm going with it. Stand your ground. That's what you deal with when you list ads. Oh, and delivering an 85lb amp is also something I would never volunteer for either. So, these are your options AFAIK. Another thing is if you go CL route, I have found it somewhat useful to spell out your phone number. Whenever I have listed it outright - numerically - I get the scammers. Protect your interests. I hate to hear about people getting ripped off. Good luck!
  14. Glad you like your new LP and hope for many years of enjoyment!
  15. Mind you, this is my opinion YMMV. I wouldn’t do it. There are tons of R8s out there and if you decided you didn’t like it as much, you’ll deeply regret it that you lost 2 great guitars for 1. While I think the RIs are very nice, you’d be losing out. Save your money and buy one later. I don’t like to do trades personally because it usually seems like someone does better off than the other guy. And unless it was a real special R8, you’d take a pretty big hit on the price when you sell it. Even then if it were some special run you’re waiting for a “special” buyer costing you time most likely dealing with the troubles of selling and shipping. Just be patient and save up the dough. Again plenty of R8s out there. ... and what you really want is an R9, haha! Best wishes!
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