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  1. If you're too close, you get a warbled tone because the magnet is too close and physically (magnetically) attracting the string while it is vibrating. If PU is too far, the pole-pieces cannot pick up on the generated field changes of the strings' vibrations as best it can. So there is a sweet spot in terms of where do you maximize the signal output without causing some sort of interference with the entire mechanical process. So that being said, I cannot say what the Gibson spec is to where they should be (1/8" ???) - and it'll be in inches since Gibson is American company. The only wa
  2. No to The Darkness... As far as the guitar... not my gig but to each and to their own. I’ve seen worse. Moral of the story is we are all different have fun. @Rabs good description of the band. The vocals make me sick - totally unlistenable for me. The guitar work is only so-so. I simply dislike bands with ok to great instrumentalists, but horrible vocalists.
  3. #2 looks pretty nice man. Best of luck this time to get something that’s acceptable. A lot of people rave about SW, so hopefully they deal a winner for ya.
  4. @fortyearspickn I don’t get nuts about this stuff man. It’s only words on a forum hosted on someone’s server. I don’t have the energy to make everyone think and act like me. I really wouldn’t want that anyhow. I never think I’m going to change someone’s life by making opinionated blather here. And perfectly fine being humbled by those more knowledgeable than me.
  5. I had a little bout with feeling slightly... well off for a few hours. Nothing Tylenol couldn’t relieve and felt fine afterwards. Happened next day after #2. Just glad it’s over with and probably getting the booster when that’s coming down the pipe if necessary.
  6. Yeah looks like my login messages haha! I must have triggered someone good. I like to use words to show everyone how stupid I am instead of hiding behind a poo-poo emoji spam session. At least you know I’m an idiot as I remove all doubt opening up my trap haha!
  7. Nope sorry bud, not me tagging you up. I thought you and @Mr Gibson are the ones who have been tagging me for the last oh, pandemic consumed months... Finally checked out yours and @Mr Gibson profiles to see if I’m right... I may never know. You and this other guy have had some contention with my content so whatever. Take this to another thread or personally message me if you want to discuss anything as not to make this thread a dumpster fire. Take it to the vaccine thread, why not... Seems to be where the battle wants to propagate to stupidity since people are getting nasty there.
  8. I’ve been getting emoji’ed for quite some time. I think I know who it is... only so few that I’ve interacted with that have had issues with my content, but have at it I say. If we can’t rebut conversational points like grown-a** men, then so be it. But there is some joker or maybe more that likes pop-pooing all over posts that are pro-vaccine, pro-mask, etc. Hey I asked for it the way I look at it though. Whatever. But in the end not sorry for anything I said as I tried to be as honest as I can be saying what I say with strong language and conviction. Reflecting back what good has it brought..
  9. Since you have finish on the neck, I wouldn't advise raising this up via your proposed method. If you had bare wood, then it would work - from experience. The idea is to get water into the wood and make it expand by your proposed method. The finish will not allow this to happen unless you compromise it in some way. Sorry about this. Good luck sorting out your business.
  10. Thanks man, not losing sleep over it necessarily, but I come here not to be some sort of jerk. I like to absorb what others post around here. Most days I don't even have to post anything and just read stuff while learning something along the way about one of my favorite things - guitars; no need to add some non-value-added comment all the time. So I'll own up to what I've said as best as I can because if I can't talk about guitars - especially Gibson guitars on their forum, my favorites - then that's rough. I have enjoyed participating and wouldn't have made a wah-wah post if I didn't care
  11. What's up with all this sad face emoji stuff here? I am getting notified a bunch of times for knowing someone wants to poo-poo on my posts. F this thread... Is this what our "community" has come down to? Why do I even want to waste my time here if my content is not appreciated. Literally, nearly every-single post I make here is getting poo-pooed on and has for a while now. If I am not appreciated here, then so be it. I never tried to bust anyone's balls here or be disrespectful or waste my time going around tagging everyone's posts so WTF? Why, because I don't like Donald the Con Trump
  12. I wish I knew the answers. I’m just trying to manage my life to help my family out to get that back to some sense of stability and structure. I’m not going to say where to get information from etc. Getting a message across to the general public these days isn’t easy. IDK... I’m an engineer where my background is strongly rooted in math and science. Not necessarily biological sciences, but the scientific method is not foreign concept to me. There are some smart people out there - way smarter than our comrades here. Why the hesitancy to believe in it I wonder... We didn’t make it this far - huma
  13. No one knows anything for sure. We are all experiencing something never experienced before in real time, so answering these definitively is not even possible. As well I know vaccines work - measles, mumps, rubella, polio... - so why should I have any reason to doubt a vaccine might work here... It might be a dud, it might be a savior. All I’m saying is talk to someone who studies this stuff or read what someone has published in a credible source. No one has said this vaccine is a silver bullet. In sum, I just don’t know how to answer this but in order to find a solution, stuff needs to be trie
  14. @sparquelito, I’m still upset with you since you tried to shame me for living where I do... Even though I don’t live there, you wanted to make a point and get a laugh out of it. Not happy with you for that. Anyhow, back to vaccination fun hour...
  15. All I’m saying is that no one here is an expert and you have to believe something here - vaccine works, or it don’t. Pretty binary... Whatever I’m not here to argue or start s***, I believe that this vaccine will help me and the community. Simple as that... This is what I get from what I’ve read and such so no one is going to convince me in some pissing match here. I don’t have the energy to do full blown dissertation here to prove all the people who want to “question” this crap... Like @kidblast said I can get a vaccine like buying candy at the drug store and other places in the world d
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