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  1. Why am I going to get the VII? I like the looks and the challenge of playing something difficult. I figure it makes me a better player if I have to struggle with something, it makes all of the other ones play like buttah. Take the Explorer: I have the GOTW one and a 2019. The GOTW one has a stout neck, a thicker, much heavier body and taller frets. It's a challenge to play, especially at the upper registers as you can't really get your hand in there very well due to the thicker body. I play that one all the time, the 2019 sits in the case. The 2019 plays really easily. You pick that one up and it plays like a normal guitar. I futz around with it a little bit and go back to the GOTW monster and struggle with that some more. Urf, I'll get it yet (maybe)... Go figure!
  2. Who knows what these people are thinking but he'll have that one for quite some time. Here's my last Firebird VII Fun Fact: the neck pick up sounds great, flip to the middle and it's Hmmm let's try the bridge pick up and it's even wimpier than the middle position. Why have 3 pick ups when only the top one sounds good? Maybe they're just for looks. When I sold mine the buyer asked me, "So, that's your main axe, right?" Well, ummm, sure! All of the above might explain why they probably sell 1000 Firebird Vs to every VII they make.
  3. If they turn out to be decent porn links I say grant them full access. We are in a lock down, more or less.
  4. Arf! although the week is still young. The order is in, now just the wait for it to make its way from Canada to Pennsyltucky. I ordered a padded Levy's strap for it as there's no weigh relief so I expect it will weigh as much as an MG Midget. The people at Gibson are evil. Every so often they'll come out with something very similar to things I saw as a kid and then filed away. Still on the hunt for that Firebird VII, I'm pretty sure one will pop up by mid September at the latest. If you've never played one, they may look similar to a Firebird V but feel like a totally different instrument. The V is real easy to play, the VII is something you have to struggle with - they're heavy, they feel really long, the neck is kind of stout and they're just really weird. What the hell is this thing and why did I buy it?!?
  5. They are good actresses when you are dating and the little head isn't very bright. This one hasn't been on a motorcycle in years. Whole different thing before the ring went on.
  6. I'm not sure, I think it'll be 13 electrics, one nice acoustic and two low budget acoustics. When a Firebird VII I can afford finally pops up I will do a group shot. Probably be best when The Wife Monster isn't around to jaw away at me.
  7. That's a 2018 Classic. The last one is going to be a Firebird VII. I did something really stupid (went to a stereo store) and put myself into a bind and had to sell mine years ago. I missed one for $1900 and then another one for $2200 in the last two weeks. One will turn up sooner or later. If anyone stumbles across one, please let me know.
  8. I told my wife. Also told her about my next (and final) electric guitar purchase. I think I'll start giving portions of my dinner to the dog and see what happens to it before I dig in.
  9. Back in High School Guitar Player magazine had just been launched and I started reading all of Tom Wheeler's articles about Gibsons from days gone by and my drug addled teen-aged mind was permanently warped by the pictures I saw there. I saw an early black Les Paul with P90s and my eyeballs popped out of my head with an audible BOING! noise. Holy Iconic Guitars, Batman!!! I've wanted one ever since. A little over 40 years later here comes a modern day facsimile of sorts. I'm really excited about this one. (don't tell the wife)
  10. Halloween just stopped being something to look forward to when Frank stopped coming to NYC. The last time I saw him was at Upsala College in NJ on his last tour. The next night he was across the river ini NYC. The show was held in a big basketball arena and he kept apologizing for the acoustics as it was just one big echo chamber. He played the guitar all through the show, maybe 2 1/2 hours of him going at a Stratocaster (with a whammy bar). Man, that big nosed guy could play! My girlfriend kept going, Frank, shut up, already, but I thought it was great. Because it was a basketball arena there were no seats so you could just walk right up to the stage and hand him a US Bong (oh, wait, that's been done already, ha, ha). Today it was work all day, cut the lawn, feed a room full of ornery snakes and (here's the good part) I'm getting ready to buy another guitar. This model is something I've had in the back of my mind since I was probably 17 years old. I'm waiting for an answer from two sellers. After that it will be one left to go, buy a decent small amp and then on to house repair hell.
  11. Wife noticed the black Firebird. That's new... What, this old thing? It was made in two thousand and New to you! Well, yeah...
  12. That is going to look stunning in person - congratulations!
  13. Five minutes or so every string change or once a year, whichever comes first.
  14. And Les Paul said an SG would poke your eye out - better be careful with that one!
  15. So, sparquelito, Now that you've had time to reflect on the error of your ways what are you buying next?
  16. SteveFord

    ES 125

    I had a single cutaway a long time ago. An inexpensive guitar back in the day so it's not going to be like a 335.
  17. Boy, that's handsome. How slim is the neck on that model? My 2012 '61 Reissue feels like a Firebird neck that's had about 3mm shaved off of the back.
  18. Let's see, had a boa constrictor miss the food and tag my hand at lunch time and being on blood thinners it took a while to finally stop bleeding. Our mail delivery is maybe 3 times a week so that gave me an excuse to go for a motorcycle ride after work to swing by the Post Office and I finally put down that 2007 Explorer and went back to the tobacco sunburst Firebird V. That's the one I had to put two new tuners in as one snapped and one was not doing what it was supposed to. I really missed playing this Firebird. That Explorer was murder in this chair I'm sitting in, it weighs a ton and kept trying to slide off the side of the chair. Wife still hasn't seen the black Firebird, she'd probably notice it if I brought it downstairs...
  19. I don't know how happy I would be to receive a Les Paul in two separate shipments but maybe I'm just particular.
  20. If all goes well a REALLY nice once. Getting towards the end of the list. The goal was to have it all wrapped up by September and I think I can do it. Might be end of September but Rick Nielsen can sleep well at night, my list wasn't all that big. I think this SG was sold due to the way the bridge pick up was adjusted. I don't know who did it but it sounds terrible with the low E string sounding like the Note Of Doom, ha ha.
  21. Yeah, where have you been? I miss seeing your posts here. Gibson did a tremendous job with this one and the best part is the neck, it's just perfect for me. I probably say this about a lot of things but I couldn't be any happier with it. I have to mess with the bridge pick up a little bit as the low E string is ridiculously overpowering now that I've got the neck adjusted and the action real low. It was strange how it went: there was a semi-beat up one for auction for a couple hundred bucks more and this had a Buy It Now and I stupidly put in a low offer, the next morning I woke up it was declined, cancelled and sold in the space of 30 seconds so I'm kicking myself for being so damned cheap. Well, maybe the guitar was screwed up and that's why the original owner never took off the pick guard plastic, it's probably for the best, must be something wrong with it so just forget the whole thing... The buyer must have flaked out because a week later it's back up for Buy It Now so I put in a slightly better offer and went to bed wondering if I'm just a total idiot or maybe only a complete idiot for being so cheap. I wake up, offer accepted, I think I broke the sound barrier paying for it. PHEW!
  22. A stripped down model from the Norlin era, it probably sounds really good. A much better guitar than that wretched SG II, those things were awful.
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