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  1. Aural memory is transitory. I like to think that my early 70s SG Standard roared like the Gods and the Heavens parted when played through a Marshall stack. Did it really? I can't honestly say, I'd have to A/B it to a current model to know for sure.
  2. For sure, some of the current Gibsons sound as good as anything I've ever heard. As one of my friends put it simply because it's old doesn't mean it's any good.
  3. Got the first one, only thing I've noticed is I've got a real hankering to buy Windows 11. I've been scouring Amazon but nothing has turned up so far. It's gotta be out there.
  4. Can Curious George be far behind? Screw those guys, I just dug out my 335 Satin and boy, what a great guitar that is! I can't believe I keep letting it sit like an idiot. Time to suit up and ride ye olde Triumph Tiger to the hospital for my shot.
  5. Let us know how this works out. My Firebird VII sounds decidedly wimpy compared to the Vs, I was putting it down to the pick ups but now you've got me wondering if it isn't the patented Tone Suck Handle.
  6. One last thought for those far, far away, which might help put this into context: Asian Americans are being physically assaulted by boneheads who associate them with the COVID-19 pandemic. Like they have anything to do with it, you know? That's kind of like throwing a beer at the TV when Mr. Sulu comes on. Dr. Seuss, like so many artists of his time, drew Chinese cariciatures with rickshaws and domed straw hats and whatnot. I'm sure there was no malice behind it, it's just some silly book. At any rate, I believe that's what led to someone to make the connection between hate
  7. For those of you who are luckily far away from the USA, a bunch of bored weirdos took exception with racial stereotypes in childrens books written decades ago is the Dr. Seuss bit. Kind of like Aunt Jemima got a make over and then disappeared, Mr. Potato Head is now a neuter, stuff like that. Supposedly it's to stamp out racism and celebrate diversity and help achieve the ideal of the great melting pot but you know how people tend to go overboard and then everybody throws up their arms and runs around in a circle for a bit and after a month or two everyone forgets all about it. I'm
  8. Tomorrow afternoon for the first one. As a reward for not dying horribly I'm going to finish off the Covid Collection with a beauty.
  9. Getting back on topic, I do think our school system has failed us with their cirriculum. They're just starting the kids off wrong with Dr. Seuss. Green Eggs and Ham isn't very helpful for later on in life. Take interpersonal relationships, for instance. How do you deal with annoying people? Ask the Checkered Demon, he knows. Or what about dealing with matters of the heart? You know, gurlz? You have to prepare kids for life. We're just not doing it.
  10. Now that I think about it, didn't Prince have a guitar shaped like the letter Q? He may not really be dead, I've never actually seen his body...
  11. I'd prefer to see schools set up based on the teachings found in the old Zap Comix but that's just me.
  12. Sorry to hear that about the wife. I only know of a couple of people who have had it so far, no reactions. Guess I'll see what, if anything, it does to me.
  13. The SG gets pride of place, of course, as consider the source. Plus I'm sure it's REALLY nice. Be kind of a shame not to get a Firebird to keep it company, though, and that one wall looks out of place with an odd number and then an even number.
  14. Maybe you'll like this one better. I try but the necks on them just feel totally foreign to me so back on the wall they go.
  15. No thank you. Got the appt made for my coronavirus vaccine so this Sat it's shoot me up.
  16. Now we're talking! You'd better keep her around.
  17. You aren't kidding that looks beautiful, congratulations! Thanks for the review on the pick ups, I was wondering about them.
  18. We've got to see a picture of this one! Gibson pump polish or Virtuoso with a soft cloth should be okay and I'd avoid prolonged sunlight on it. A little humidity couldn't hurt things.
  19. I dunno, that 5% will get you every time. Just kidding, I wouldn't have even noticed and I doubt your fretboard will, too. Worked, played guitar, watched two long interviews with first Dave Davies and then Ray Davies from a couple of years back. It's kind of out of sight out of mind and then a shock when you see that they're not still young men like you'd last seen then. Kind of like that weird old fart in the mirror, where did he come from?
  20. The biggest issue was no P90s. That alone is enough to curse your gold top. All the rest can be fixed easily enough but back it went. If it had gone through a couple of hands prior it's unfair to blame Gibson as who knows what people do although I doubt they pulled up that bushing. A little tap like Badbluesplayer suggested.
  21. Looks like the start of an X-Rated episode of the Beverly Hillbillies from here but I could be wrong.
  22. Can't help you with your question but congratulations on your purchase!
  23. Change a set of motorcycle tires (don't forget to grease up the axles), wipe your hands on your pants, play the guitar for an hour, pull the strings and grind it in there with some Lemon Oil, restring and problem solved. Must I do everything around here?!?
  24. What I do with all albums is burn them onto a CD-R with an Hhb Burn-It Plus and the sound is pretty close to the album. The preamp used makes a MAJOR impact on the quality so I used a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp with a Jolida JD-9 phono stage and that gear has a a really crisp sound to it. To answer your question, I use a CD-R of Zappa's Apostrophe' to see if things sound right. I can tell within a few seconds with that wind in the beginning if it'll cut it or not. Some gear will make that sound tinny or distant but not this stuff, it's spot on. Then there's Tina Turner's vocal
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