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  1. I never understood the VOS treatment but some people think it's kewl.
  2. I've never seen any with red numbers if that's what you're after.
  3. I think the part the wife objects to is her living in that little trailer parked alongside the house. Women!
  4. They say "Custom" in front of the P90? First I ever heard about the pick ups being different but I'll be happy to be proved wrong.
  5. Ho Ho Ho, everyone have a good holiday and remember, Santa only comes once a year so take pity on the old duffer and lock up the women folk.
  6. I did the same thing a few years back and they said oh, no point to point wiring. Guess what? PCB board. You need to get someone who owns one to pull off the control plate and take a look.
  7. We had our floor's Christmas Party today which was catered just like every other year. The plates were really dinky and the food was blobbed on there, cafeteria worker style. No seconds, half hour and out the door, back to the Pit Of Misery. Oh well, at least it was free.
  8. If you're lucky he'll throw a guitar pick into the crowd and you can catch it and sleep with it under your pillow!
  9. I never heard of a VariTone with P90s, let us know how it turns out.
  10. There's a lot of air in that one. I think my Studio was filled with fishing weights.
  11. I've learned a lot here, myself. I joined asking if there was such a thing as a Flying V that had some heft to it (short answer: no) and hung around ever since. For acoustics it's pretty much you get what you pay for but with electric some of the ones I've enjoyed playing the most are the less expensive models: Studio Les Paul, Faded SG, Satin 335, you get the idea.
  12. Used Firebird, used 335, used Flying V. Shop around and you can do it.
  13. Always happy to help someone buy a Firebird!
  14. SteveFord


    Good move, there will always be bills to pay.
  15. SteveFord


    After having a heart attack and blacking out while riding a motorcycle last month I'm thankful to be above ground. We take so much for granted but that's a mistake, we should enjoy every minute of it no matter what it is. Go forth and eat turkey!!!
  16. SteveFord


    With all of that space I think you could get by with a Marshall stack of two, that tree probably won't mind. Good to hear you're pulling through in style!
  17. Do laundry, clean up the garage some so I can at least walk through it, watch bits of SNL on the laptop, feed tortoises, monitor lizards and baby boa constrictors, conjugal visit, watch Meet The Press if it's on, wax motorcycle helmets, play guitar, watch football through my eyelids, clean up house some, get ready for work on Monday.
  18. You don't want to damage the period-correct pick guard cover plastic so be careful with that thing. Handsome guitar!
  19. I do not but I asked Buck Dharma if he used a Gizmotron on Godzilla and he said no, that's an ebow. He had a Gizmotron but it eventually fell apart from old age.
  20. Nothing a van load full of cocaine and hookers won't cure. See you when the money runs out and have fun!
  21. I've never seen one or even seen one advertised for sale for whatever that's worth.
  22. Very handsome, congratulations!
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