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  1. Thanks for the replys guys. I honestly think the drummer will get there. He is practicing every night and taking lessons periodically. The singer however has no drive when it comes to learning guitar. He likes it, but I think ultimately we will either have to find another guitarist or write simpler music. The problem is that we are all on the same page on alot of things. We all have jobs and understand that we cant practice all the time, we want to write original music and play out whenever that time comes. I dont want to leave them for a more professional band because I dont have
  2. We are in the process of buying a room mic and an interface. At this point he can play the rhythm to songs like fly me courageous(drivin n cryin), hard to handle(black crowes), and shine (collective soul). But every practice I have to show him the chords again, or help him tune to drop D. Maybe I will let it ride and he will eventually find out he is over his head and needs to put more into it.
  3. Let it be known that I am very good friends with all the band members, and long after this band is no more I will still be friends with them. So I cant tell them they suck, or that they should quit. Its not that big of a deal. It just irks me that some people in the band settle for good enough all the time. While I dump every paycheck into gear and spend 8-10 hours a week writing originals. For example I write a cool riff, then I add a verse, then a chorus, then leave a spot for a solo or something. Then I present this to the band, or bass player if I can get up with him first. Next week t
  4. Hey guys, I have some problems that need to be resolved. Id ask someone else, but I dont know anyone who's opinion I honestly trust. Some background is necessary. So ive been in this band for at least a year now, probably closer to a year and a half. It started as me and a very good friend, hes pretty much family. He proposed to sing and I would play guitar. Well after a few months playing covers we picked up a bassist (mutual friend decided to learn), then we found a drummer on craigslist. We spent about 6 months playing as a 4 piece, trying to play covers. We didnt get to practice much b
  5. +1 Fame? no thanks. Money? thats what jobs are for. Not to say that being a professional musician isnt a legitimate vocation, to the contrary, everyone was born to do a certain job. Entertain others? Im not sure I understand this one. I have no need to show off. I have played for others, never found it as remotely satisfying as writing a song or just jamming with friends. I love music, I love to listen to it, sing it, play it. If others like it, cool. If not, sorry. A guess its a hobby.
  6. Yup, its good to know scales but the best thing to do is to listen to some lead players and figure it out on your own. Although when it comes to metal, or "shred" guitar its more about speed than dicernible notes. Blues or hard rock on the other hand is more about the feel of the notes and playing them in a specific cadence rather than playing 1000000 notes per minute.
  7. Also, I noticed on craigslist someone was selling a Hughes and Kettner 20th anniversary 20watt combo for 250$. I dont know how similar this is to the tubemeister, if it is its a great deal, also has reverb.
  8. HI, Im in the market for a new amp. My marshall AVT 150 died the other day at practice, Im not too bummed about that though. I am currently having it repaired so that I can sell it, not sure if I want to sell the head and keep the cab to use or just sell the stack. I have wanted to sell it for some time now. Our band is moving away from covers and toward originals (alt rock with some delta blues influence), and Id like something that will fit our sound and be less....generic sounding. I have been looking at the Vox night train 50, and the Blackstar 50. My basic requirements are at least 2
  9. hi, I need advise with recording guitar/bass/ and vocals at some point. I have cubase, I have been running the guitar output directly into the computers line in with poor results. I get alot of weird sounds and when I go to turn the monitor on I get this crazy loud loop. I can pull most of the sliders down and record guitar but when I play it back it has alot of hiss in it and is very hard to record another track over it. I was told by a more experienced friend that I need a guitar interface. I just need to record the guitar and bass tracks so the drummer and singer can work on them on their o
  10. Thanks guys, Its not that I dont want to be able to play all night, its just along way away and others in the band are losing patience quick. They just want to get out of our drummers basement and play for people. I would love to write original stuff, but I also want to entertain people so I guess theres a happy medium in there. Thanks
  11. ...and why do you think so many companies what to go overseas...
  12. Hi guys, I have been in a band for about 5 months now. We play hard rock/classic rock. I have been playing guitar for awhile, just never had a band. We are a cover band. Our singer and bassist have intense work schedules and cant make it to practice but about 2-4 times a month. Everyone in the band except the drummer are new to the whole band thing. We are just weekend warriors. We arnt professional musicians, this is just our hobby. Weve got about 15 songs and we are dying to play out somewhere. We had an indepth discussion with our more experianced drummer. He is oppossed to playing open mic
  13. I think the only way to rid it of all neck dive is to counter balance it somehow. Either by a weight in the control cavity, end of guitar strap or under rear strap button.
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