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    I am just an old Drummer that loves a good guitar.
  1. As a Young Boy - The first Really cool Guitar I saw in a Local music store - was a 1965 Gibson J-45 Red with the adjustable bridge and Gibson logo on the pickguard. The store owner wouldn't let me touch it. But 55 years later I still have that memory of the most Beautiful Guitar I ever saw... Many Happy years with your new Gibson.
  2. Hey Sal - Another real Beauty - sounds Great too. I think you and I got our Eagles around the same time. You gave yours to your Son and I sold mine. I couldn't really bond with mine. I recently picked up a new Gibson L-00 / Walnut - And I am really loving this guitar. Like yourself I use no pick with this guitar and it just sounds Great. Hope you are doing well. Ken
  3. You are welcome Jeff - I think it is hard to beat "cost wise" for a Handmade all solid wood Instrument made in the Great USA Today. K
  4. I Recently purchased a 2019 Gibson L-00 Studio Walnut burst - I really love this guitar!!! As I am getting older I wanted to pick up a Quality Instrument that was more comfy to play. The 00 fits the bill. The Fretboard is nice and flat and the guitar just plays so well. As Far as Walnut being chosen as the Fret board material - I know other companies have used it for years with no issue's. Believe me - your Frets will go long before the Fret board. It is a small body instrument - so do not compare it to your favorite Dreadnought. Its a different animal. For me it has a Heavenly tone and response. The only thing I would change is the Grover Mini Tuners to Grover locking tuners. I have locking tuners on all my Acoustics. Faster string change and better Tuning stability. The Gibson - L-00 Studio is a Great buy for a time tested instrument. They are worth trying out. K.
  5. Gasman

    John Prine

    John - Was my all time Favorite - His Songs just reach in your Heart and give it a little tug... I will miss him Dearly - We Love you John KF
  6. Hey Sal - Another real Gem from a Great Guy. Hope you are doing well. Oh and "Midnight in Harlem" is still my Favorite "Sal Upload' Pennsy - Ken
  7. Geez Sal - I thought for sure you would take a drive and pick up that 00-15. Hope you Dig the Eastman. Ken
  8. Great Looking and sounding Hummingbird Sal - I hope you keep her.
  9. Another Great Song Sal! My Wife and I danced to Mr. Lightfoot on our Wedding night almost 40 years ago.
  10. Hey Sal glad you picked up a new LG - They are great guitars - I sold off my LG and my Farida - Bottom line I am just a Dread Guy. My Gibson J-30 and my D-28 are keeping me happy.
  11. Sal - I am no kid so I mean this with my soul! Your are a True Artist my Friend - And a Great Song Writer. Sal everytime I listen to one of your songs or covers - I am always smiling at the end. Carry On my Friend.
  12. Great Tribute Sal! Your the Man.
  13. I am a little confused - Did you say you are not a J200 Fan...
  14. Hey RDZ - Welcome! Like yourself I also played Drums for over 40 years - But the Guitar was my Salvation. You will find a wealth of Info. on this site.
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