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  1. So Far I have read only Good things about these Epi's - Congrats - Hope you get the problems Ironed out.
  2. Thats Great Sal - I have been reading a lot of Good things about the Masterbuilt Bird's - I'm glad your enjoying it. Post a Pic. Ken
  3. Great Stuff Sal - You are the man
  4. I just recently picked up a 2020 model - The same model as Twang's. I love this Guitar - I am at the Age where I thought a smaller body Guitar would suit me better - Well that didn't really pan out - I have been playing Dread's most of my life and they are hard to give up. I was lucky enough to find a new HB in a shop near me. After playing it for a bit - I loved it! To me very Warm and Tonally equal across all the strings. I loved the way it felt in my Hands. So I traded my 2019 Martin 000-28 and came home with this model. Not one regret.
  5. Congrats on one of the Nicest models in Gibson's Acoustic lineup! Enjoy her! If I didn't have a HB I would have the Sheryl.
  6. Yes the Older Model Sheryl was the one I owned - It had a Std Natural Top with no Aging. I Should have never left that one go. The Mom and Pop store I sold it too said the Finest acoustic they ever had.
  7. I had a 0M-28V in the early 2000's I should have kept - But wanted a Martin Dread - That OM still sticks with me... Though as of recent I bought a 000-28 - Drop dead Beautiful Guitar. Not one thing wrong with it. But sold it for a Sweet Hummingbird. Sometimes I just have to switch up the Flavors.
  8. Yes I hear ya - But I am Thick headed and really wanted to like that model. The first one I had was defective. The other two where replaced by better sounding guitars - My Opinion.
  9. Hey V - For what its worth I have owned and loved a bunch of Martin's. Though to be honest the 000-28EC Which I have owned three - I just never bonded with and none of them sounded that great. Like allot of high end Guitars people either love them or hate them - I joined the latar. Ken
  10. Congrats - You are going to love The Sheryl. Ken
  11. So with all that being said - I think a Gibson Sheryl, a Country Western and Hummingbird all complement a voice very well. Of course so do many other Guitars. It is truly a Personal thing...
  12. EM - Its funny you mentioned Sal - We are sort of from the same area. Sal is a Great Talent and knows his Guitars. And I am pretty much with him with the Guitars he chooses to play. Sal is a Singer - Player and that makes picking a good Guitar to go with your voice a even harder decision. Ken
  13. I have owned both and they are both Excellent Guitars !!! Wish I still had the Sheryl - Love my Hummingbird. Very close in Playability and feel.
  14. Thanks EM - My first real good Guitar was a Gibson Gospel. But before that I played a Fender F-15 1971. Got the Acoustic Bug early in the nineties. I have owned Many Martin's - a Bunch of signatures - From a D-28, Clapton model, 000 etc. Was on the Taylor wagon when they first came out mainly a Ovankol 414 - sweet guitar - Don't care for all the cutaways of recent. Had a bunch of US Guild's Great Guitars a bit over built for me. Had a Bourgeois Guitar 000 - Very Expensive and it was ehh... And a Gaggle of others that I won't bore you with. I live driving distance from the Martin
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