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  1. That is one factor, the other is aging...
  2. Strum your guitar for 5 minutes /day, with no reason or rhyme, and it will do the work you need for free 🙂
  3. Here is a tip if you do get them, remove the glue with alcohol, install the high E then the low E with just the pressure of the ball against the plate, really nice, easy to remove... completely non-intrusive. I have installed three so far and will always get them on every guitar from now on.
  4. Just installed on my HB, sounds as good as without and I have peace of mind on a $4K guitar that it's structure will not be damaged by the damn pins digging into the wood. I have one more coming for the J-45.
  5. This morning installed my my Martin D38 '37 AA, and again same experience...IFF I can hear any change is a bit more sustain, but it could be my ears... Really like the idea of this product to protect the structure of the guitar without sacrificing tone. Next will be my Gibs 👍
  6. Received today my plate mates and tried on my Taylor. First time I took pictures of the inside, so please forgive me :). I am a newbie, no pretension to know the technical details and intricacies of how the whole guitar system works....so with that out of the way, looking at how the bridge plate looks like now, I can see the wear and the need to eventually get work done. Installation was pain free, the material is very very light and the plate mate is really nice. I have NOT noticed a change of how the guitar sounds at all....maybe I will be able to as I play some more. For now I am very very happy and have one to install on each guitar I have.
  7. I am doing for all the songs I can now, fun and really sounds great...the song that me going was Dust in the Wind
  8. I prefer unslotted pins, if you do have slotted pins and want to change, you have to slot the bridge....unslotted pins help the ball ends of the string to be easy on the bridge plate and on the pins themselves. I am also going to try the Plate Mate on my other guitar to see how it goes, if I like I will put them on all my guitars.
  9. Really really nice, well done!!!!!
  10. I truly share your experience. I have found my Holy Grail guitars to be the Hummingbird and the D-28 '37 authentic. I also have a J-45 Vintage 2019, which is just AWESOME, and I had it for sale....but thanks to some members here asking me questions about the guitar, I had to open the case to take some pictures of the label and while I was at it I decided to play for a bit...well, the result is I took out of the market...it is really an amazing guitar and playing it again made me doubt if I really want to sell it... As I said, I found the two guitars that float my boat, and my goal is to keep the two, and add other variations of the same....so I might sell the J-45, but today is not that day 🙂
  11. Thanks again. I got a digital caliper and measures just yours! Thank you so much for taking your time to do that!!!
  12. Do you think this is the same as the HB TV 2019 models?
  13. Thank you so much...
  14. Hi, does anyone know what is the string spacing for the HB? Thanks in advance
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