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  1. You mean like when Paul and John would get on a cross town bus in Liverpool and go find the guy who knew how to play B7?
  2. That goes way past long term normal wear and tear and into abuse territory.
  3. When I saw the topic "Hummingbird Pick Guard Vent" I thought you'd knocked a couple of holes in it to let the steam out from playing so hot
  4. My 72 Heritage had curlycue bridge, natural finish, silver machine heads and the block inlay was not yellowish. I checked google images and can't find ANY sunburst/tobacco burst finish on a Heritage . Sumpin ain't right there. Might still be a nice guitar but... How much? Mike
  5. I couldn't make up my mind so I put one in all 5 places. Wish I'd had a smaller drill than that three horse tho.....
  6. I see you also have a White Falcon. I was going to get one but decided on a nashville to honor an old friend and mentor who had a big orange gretsch.
  7. I'm looking at a Hummingbird Custom KOA model and want to know how it will sound vs my Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC. Anyone out there got one? Mike
  8. I would pretty much give my left one to have my old Heritage back. I had to sell it in 1972 to pay my rent. My rent then you ask? $200. 'nuff said - I have had many Gibsons since then but still miss my first the most... Mike
  9. That's funny, I was trying to find a way around the "stool" part. Terrible when you leave it out in the rain....:)
  10. I used to sit for years until one day the stool was left out in the rain and I had to stand for a small event I played at. I found I was more in touch with the music and moved around a little. As a bonus (and I don't know why) I realised I was remembering words better as well. More feeling and a better natural flow. I do this even practising too and it has made a world of difference. Mike
  11. I use the Fender Acoustasonic Junior when I'm jamming with friends for my acoustics and my Gretsch Chet Atkins. Lots of volume, nice sound and decent effects but not earth shattering. As you can see I augment it a bit. I also just got this small 10 pound powered or battery operated Roland Cube Street for about 300 bucks. Runs on AC or 6AA batterys for many hours. Vocal & mic channels, ok effects and pretty flat sounding. I was quite surprised and will use it for street & backyard party fun. I want to check out that Fishman rig at my local music store - looks good. Fender pics:
  12. Thank you one and all. I wasn't getting the date thing until you said the 115th day which made all the difference. best. When I had my guitar set up they put on a new set of ??? strings which sound great. I usually use the inexpensive D'Addario light 3 sets to a box type of phosphor bronze .012 - .053. What kind do you think works best? I like warm but don't want to compromise ringing highs... I'm an old touring sound guy and now work for the union that supplies stagehands for theatres/concert venues in Vancouver. Gearing up now for Roger Waters "The Wall" coming to BC Place Stadium here.
  13. I knew I'd be getting a Gibson a while back and joined the forum. I'm enjoying reading and learning lots about my favorite brand of acoustic. In the early seventies I had a Heritage which I bought at a local music store for near $400 which was a lot of money back then. Eventually I had rent to pay and I guess you've heard this before....I have a nice Taylor but after playing some Gibsons recently it sounded a bit bright and so after trying Doves, Hummingbirds and the big jumbos I finally realised I wanted the warmth of rosewood and here is the result. That's a Gretsch Chet Atkins in the backgr
  14. I bought a Songwriter Deluxe Studio last week and experienced the same thing. As part of the sale they are setting it up and dressing the frets. The store is perfectly climate controlled (Long and McQuade in Vancouver, BC) so it's a factory thing. Mike
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