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  1. Guys, This was done so that when using the unit as a sound card you could have a dedicated volume, for instance Itunes or WMP.
  2. I'm sorry but, that will not work. You can however modify the existing SCS1 Preset
  3. These videos will give you step by step instructions on how to install and run the Quickgrid tool. By using the Quickgrid to analyze your collection you will be able to analyze more files and at a faster rate. P.C Mac
  4. There will not be any improvement using 2.5 I would not go past 2(1) series.
  5. I sent you a P.M Please respond at your earliest convince.
  6. The VDJ mappings come from VDJ, You will have to contact them for a mapping.
  7. This video on how to install and configure VDJ 7 should help you out.
  8. The platter is easy to remove you can just lift it and check if there is any debris stopping the unit from moving freely.
  9. It is not possible to add an S arm to the T.80 also what type of records will you be recording?
  10. Do you have the auto analyze feature turned off? Is the skipping present in short recordings like 2 to 3 min?
  11. Vaguinho, That is good to hear please keep us posted to how it holds up.
  12. When you load a different preset does it still function the same way? if so then likely it is a mechanical problem.
  13. If you have installed QuickGrid but have noticed that when you click on the Icon nothing happens or a screen opens really fast then goes away. You should do this: 1) Uninstall Quick Grid 2) Install this --> http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp 3) Install Quickgrid again 4) Hope that it works 5)Enjoy :)
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