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  1. The strings are about a week old, DR Rare lights I think. I don't think I like them very much. They have seemed a little dead since I put them on. I had a set of Martin SP Lifetimes on it and they sounded great, but I broke the D string within a week of putting them on. Don't know what was up with that. I haven't broken a string in 5 years. If I had to guess, I would say the Taylor had pretty new Martin Marquis lights when I shot that video. It was about a year ago so I don't remember exactly, but those are my preferred strings. The Gibson can definitely handle the hard strumming a lot
  2. Thought I would share another picture of my J-185 EC. In my opinion, the back and neck are the most beautiful part. Enjoy.
  3. Yeah, the gloss neck is definitely taking some getting used to. I have actually had the guitar for about 8 months and I think it is still growing on me each time I play it. After you mentioned the neck thickness I went and checked the specs on the Taylor. I think it was wider at the nut than the Gibson, but the Gibson neck definitely feels thicker. It is definitely different, but I'm sure the variety will only make me a better player in the long run. Thanks for your comment.
  4. I tried to embed the video, and it showed up in the preview but not in the actual post. Any suggestions? Here's the link for now:
  5. So I thought I would make a video comparing my current guitar, a J-185 EC to the guitar I traded for it, a Taylor 714ce. I'd like to preface this by saying that I know they are completely different guitars, and I am not doing this to say that one is better than the other. It is more of an exercise in listening for me. I just happened to have video footage of my playing the same chord progression on both guitars, from the same camera (Zoom Q3 HD). I think the camera may have been a foot or two farther from the instrument in for the Gibson shoot, but it has a pair of stereo condensers, so the so
  6. I haven't had it set up, but I really don't think that is the issue as much as neck shape and finish. I think I just like the neck profile and satin finish that I had with the Taylor. Like I said before though, I'm not convinced that my mind can't be changed about the Gibson, so I may try a professional set up. I'm just not quite sure how I would want to have it set up. The action is pretty low and the intonation is perfect.
  7. I would say that you've never heard a Taylor that you liked because you have chosen for some reason not to like Taylors. You're definitely entitled to your opinion (as closed minded as it may be), but you've obviously never looked at a taylor very objectively if you think they are "pieces of garbage." I've owned a Taylor and a Gibson and if you compared the build quality of the two, my Taylor was a little better (It was less expensive than the Gibson too). I still prefer the feel of Taylor guitars over Gibsons as well, but I can recognize that they are both great guitars from wonderful guitar
  8. It's hard to pin down exactly why I'm not connecting with this guitar the way I would like. I think part of the problem is that I don't really know exactly what I want. I got the 185 because I play mostly on stage and wanted something I could hear through the mix. This guitar accomplishes that wonderfully. I can always hear myself now even when there's not a monitor close by. Aesthetics are important to me too, and this is one of the most beautiful acoustic guitars I've ever seen. I think if I had to narrow it down, my main issue with this guitar is comfort. It's actually not uncomfortable at
  9. I can't say that I'm really concerned with whether or not the model is popular, and I agree completely that it's all about bonding with your instrument. I think the jury's still out on whether this is the right guitar for me. I'm definitely a Gibson fan for life now, but I just don't know if this one will be my main guitar for much longer.Thanks for the replies so far. If anyone else wants to show off their 185, feel free!
  10. I was just wondering if anyone out there had a J-185. I've seen a ton of post about J45s, AJs, SJs, and Hummingbirds, but not a lot about the J-185s. It seems as if this model just isn't as popular as other Gibsons and I was wondering what some of you thought about that. I have a 2008 J-185 EC and it is a beautiful guitar with some pretty nice appointments. Now this is my first Gibson, and I haven't had a chance to play a lot of the other models I mentioned, so maybe I am the one missing the boat on this one. So what is it about other Gibsons that makes them so much more popular/better than th
  11. Nice Looking guitar, and it sounds amazing. I love that Gibson sunburst finish. I enjoyed listening to you play too.
  12. I may have to try this. I have been playing my Les Paul bass for 10 years and still gripe about the neck dive every time I play it.
  13. I have that exact Epi Les Paul bass and this is the first time I have ever seen another one. I think from the serial number, mine would be a '95, and I've had it since about 2002. Good looking bass, and great tone, but ridiculously uncomfortable to play. I've had it for ten years and I still complain about the weight and tendency of the neck to dive down every time I play it. I must like it enough though, because I still have it. I don't know how, but mine is still in excellent condition.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed her lack of decent pitch during live performances. I see that with a lot of performers though. Makes me wonder if it is a monitoring issue and less of a vocal ability issue. Or it could be a combination of the two. I think Taylor Swift is a talented song writer in terms of her generation but have never been impressed with her voice or guitar playing.
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