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  1. Okay.....I don't know what an LDT is supposed to be but okay. I guess I've ruffled your feathers, probably because you realize that your "new" pieces of crap aren't anything like the old Gibbys with ebony boards & solid hardware. Carry on buddy
  2. You are undoubtedly in the minority in this thinking. ~richlite ~robot tuners ~weight relief ~exorbitant price hike IDK anymore
  3. I'm just messin' with ya... us 2012'ers gotta stick together!
  4. You got a month on me. Guess I need to post more often. :P
  5. Just look around you man, the world is an eff'd up place anymore... Sorry but that's just the way I feel. Not everything revolves around the fact that I love and carry my guns but I just saw that the OP left the LEFT coast and moved to a very pro 2A state which I thought was awesome....good for him and his family. I always loved Idaho when I visited, it has a very safe feeling.....if a state can have a feel.
  6. Plan A: File your fingernails after you use nailclippers to make them not as sharp. Plan B: Just play that thing and don't worry about some little scratches on the fingerboard that's just normal wear & tear and you should be proud of it!
  7. Phase reversal huh?... Me wanty, me must havy!
  8. Garbage, garbage and more garbage! I hope Gibson wakes up and smells the coffee and realizes that nobody likes all these new changes. They need to make their new guitars the way that their customers want them! UGGHH :angry:
  9. I really dig Whitesnake Absolutely one of my favorite 80's bands.
  10. Congrats on the new geet and good move from California to The Famous Potatoes state! At least now in Idaho you can protect yourself & your family but carrying a concealed weapon ...something that Commiefornia would pretty much never permit the average citizen to do because they're so worried about your well being. <_<
  11. Unless Boss fixed the "pause" between patches problem that my old ME-50 had, I would steer clear of the ME-80... I run a pedal board but if I were to go multi-fx processor I'd go with the Line 6 POD HD500X ....hands down!
  12. That's hilarious! Someone was a barrel cleaning nut to have that many brushes...that's like a generational supply!
  13. Worth it? Or not worth it? If you want one you'll buy one, like what I'm planning to do with a Gibson Custom Shop LPC ...
  14. Personally, if I were looking for a loud head, I'd go with this ENGL Fireball60......of course the Ironball 20/5/1watt is more versatile with the power soak but if you want raw tube power the Fireball or Powerball is the way to go. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/engl-fireball-60-60w-tube-guitar-amp-head?pfm=sp
  15. LOL@ kuma's avatar ! (post#2) brings back memories from the '90's I'd go with a 50watt or less Marshall head as previously pointed out 100watts of tube power is window shattering. You wanna be able to let 'er breath & stretch 'er legs not castrate the power section to <4 because it's blowing you away. Playing a 100w Marshall full stack makes me think of Ryan Dunn doing the Memorex man scene behind the jet engine!
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