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  1. Yep yep, that's what I got as well and an owner's manual with the Epiphone story. It's a pretty interesting read I might add.
  2. I'll answer the OP...No. I just recieved my first Epiphone and it has impressed the hell outta me. I have been an American Fender and ESP man until now. I wanted a LP Custom soooo bad I couldn't stand it anymore buy the one I wanted was $3,900 so I turned to the Epi version which was only $550. I am an Epi advocate now. These things are utterly amazing!
  3. This thread is called "What comes with a new EPIPHONE GUITAR, not your Gibson LP Studio, so....really couldn't tell ya.
  4. I was being sarcastic, it's pretty obvious that he was a trouble maker. I don't give a flying....why he was banned.
  5. All I know is that when I recieve my new Epi from AMS it better damn well have all the "box candy" with it. I want stickers, manuals, posters, all that good stuff. Or heads WILL roll!!
  6. Nice Eppys br0! I'm really diggin' the SG Custom with the custom p/u's you installed.
  7. Is anybody else wondering why this guy got banned?
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