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  1. Heck, I didn't realize that the original post was from 2011. Sorry.
  2. To my knowledge Gibson Custom Shop serial numbers are CS Y(year) X(1=Memphis or 2=Nashville) NNNN (order it was produced). My guess then is your 330 CS052851 is from 2020, made in Memphis and is the 2851st guitar produced that year.
  3. Not a dumb question. So you're changing strings. How to keep the ball end of a new string from falling out of a trapeze tailpiece while you're trying to put the other end of the string in the tuner at the headstock. My solution is to change strings with the guitar laying on a table. I get the string seated in the tailpiece and then use a capo around the 6th fret or so to hold the string in place (with enough tension on it to keep from falling out) while I deal with the tuning machine at the headstock. Might not be the most elegant or best way but it works well for me. I'd be curious to hear how others do differently.
  4. You can absolutely fix that! Not a defective switch at all. Look inside the guitar at the selector switch. You'll see a pair of metal strips on either side of a post underside of the switch itself. When you move the switch to one side or the other, the post causes one of the pairs of metal strips to separate thus breaking the circuit that runs through that pickup. One side separated for the bridge and the other for the neck. When the switch is in the middle, then both pairs of metal strips are together and both pickups are in the circuit. Now, if there is some play with the switch back and forth while in the middle position then you can reach in (you don't have to remove the switch or anything) and with a finger, gently bend both pairs of metal strips towards each other (closer to the post) and thus eliminate the rattle and vibration. Go gentle and take your time but it's totally easy to do.
  5. Something doesn't sound right to me. I play a 330 through a Princeton Reverb (1971 with a Weber 10F150T speaker) and don't have this problem. I do tend to roll the bass completely down on the amp though which is fine. You say that other guitars work fine with your amp. so that doesn't seem to be the problem. Does your 330 work fine with other amps? This should be fixable. -B
  6. Hello! From what I understand, Gibson made a limited run of a guitar they called the 330L from 2008 through 2011 which was basically a fully hollow 335 with P90s and other refinements. I believe that they only sold this model through Musicians Friend. (Of course I'm not talking about the current version they have out now with humbuckers and a Bigsby) I am wondering just how many 330L guitars were made in total by the Gibson Custom Shop. Any ideas or corrections to my facts are most welcome. Thanks~
  7. I bought a new Custom Shop 330-L (fully hollow body) and had it set up by one of the best guys in NYC. It still needed a few more truss rod tweaks through the first year as it settled and as I played the hell out of it. I haven't needed to make any more adjustments for the last two years.
  8. Maybe get your guitar all set up and right and then try one string at a time the next time you change your strings and let us know if that helped. Early on I was told about the potential for the truss rod and bridge to move when you take all the strings off so I've always done one string at a time. I'd be curious to see if that makes a difference for you. Good luck! and
  9. Just curious…when you change the strings are you going one string at a time or all at once? Removing all the strings can make your truss rod and your bridge move on you.
  10. Call me dense (wouldn't be the first time) but I don't see the seam.
  11. Beautiful guitar! I got a red 330-L and truly love it. I've never seen the ES-330L truss rod cover before. Yours looks really nice. Congrats! -B
  12. I've had my 330L for a couple of months and I really love it. I have found that the guitar rings particularly well and will feedback easier on some notes far more than others due to the natural resonance of the instrument. These are the notes on mine...6th string: C3, C20. 5th string open A, C3, C15, E19, F20. 4th string C10, E14, F15. 3rd string C5, E9 F10. Just out of curiosity, I wonder if other people's instruments ring in the same place. -B
  13. Hey everyone I just thought I'd post an update in case anyone is interested in how this all went. I got the guitar last Friday (one week ago) and all I can say is I LOVE this guitar! Those fret end cracks in the closeup pictures that were sent to me are actually barely noticeable and the binding that looks so poor is also actually perfectly fine. None of that stuff even matters when considering how this thing FEELS and most importantly how it SOUNDS. What a beautiful, soulful guitar, it was love at first sight and I couldn't be happier. For what it's worth, I'm a professional musician but guitar is not my main instrument (I'm mainly a saxophonist actually) so in the interest of getting some second opinions I've been able to show it to a couple of actual guitarist friends of mine and they were both very impressed as well. I'm taking it to Manny Salvador here in New York on Tuesday for a set up; not that it's bad...just a couple tweaks here and there and I'll be curious to see what he says about the instrument. I haven't been able to put this thing down during almost every free minute I've had over the last week and it's all I can do to not cuddle with it when I finally drag myself into bed at night. So, there you have it... Thanks again for all who posted your thoughts and advice. I'll attach a picture but I must apologize for the rather poor quality. -B
  14. They gave me 10% off without me even asking when I originally placed the order for the guitar and then bumped that up to 20% after they told me about the fret end crack issue. So it went from their advertised $2499 down to $2000. This is the price they'd sell it for if it was "used-level II" but this is still being sold to me as a new instrument as far as MF's return policy and Gibson's warranty are concerned. I've never bought an instrument like this online before but this seems pretty reasonable to me. Sound good? -B
  15. Hello everyone thanks very much for your replies and advice. General consensus seems to be that the cracking is not unusual and doesn't indicate any serious flaw which might effect playing at all so I've decided to take the guitar. MF will totally pay shipping if I decide to return it so I've got nothing to loose. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again! -B
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