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  1. Not a Taylor guy, but found these vids very informative. Repairing a crack by re-humidifying the guitar. Kind of cool. The guitar in the vids is in much worse shape than what you described with yours. The process took about 5 days.
  2. This one is on ebay now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gibson-J-45-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-Cobraburst-888365189208-/261599115927?pt=Guitar&hash=item3ce885ba97
  3. Take it to your repair guy. A new neck is very expensive.
  4. These have scalloped bracing, the D-15 has standard bracing. I once tried a D-17 & a D-15, side by side. There was a huge difference, in tone. The D-17 had scalloped bracing too. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer the tone of the 15 series.
  5. 2005 short scale AJ , & 2005 Historic
  6. I've always loved that song. Johnny Cash said it was his favorite Kristofferson song. I can understand why! Well done.
  7. http://www.activemus...hone--t101i4542 "To commemorate the date, Epiphone have announced a limited production run of 1,964 Texan acoustics, to be constructed in Japan as part of Epiphones Elitist series."
  8. Bought an EF-500RA, about a year ago. I play it most of the time. It is at least one of my favorite guitars. Having said that I wouldn't throw out the OM-45! (if I had one)
  9. Congrats on the D55. I have to agree with you, it is a great guitar. Is yours natural finish, or sunburst? Both are gorgeous, & I would be happy to own either! Pic?
  10. Scalloped bracing. Solid wood. 1.69" nut width. 24.75 scale length. Bone nut, & saddle. 18-1 Grover Sta-tite tuners. (open back) I'd like to see one of these up close, & personal.
  11. I will go ahead and throw in one more statement here.... it's NOT some super rich investment guy buying all of these guitars. And frankly, that image is getting pretty old. Almost every $2000- $4000 guitar we sell goes to someone who loves playing the instrument. I'm not saying they are all great players, but they aren't buying it to invest and sell later. That is NOT the truth. Most aren't struggling, working musicians either. They are just regular guys that love guitars. Some have a good bit of money, and some buy the guitar with their savings instead of taking a vacation. Mo
  12. Aren't prices rising, on everything?
  13. I love those AJ's too. Never met one I didn't like! Enjoy. Same for the J-45 RW . Different guitars, I know, but both are outstanding.
  14. If I don't play a guitar, for "months" I'll sell it to someone who will. Made to be played, & all of that!!
  15. Had a friend who bought a J-200 in 1975 for 500 bucks.
  16. In 2005 I paid $2,500 for an SJ-200. Prices have definitely gone up,,,,,,,,,,,,on everything!
  17. I did the same thing. Put the plastic bridge pins, & Tusq saddle, back on my J-45. I like it better too. To my ears the bone is brighter sounding. The guitar lost something when I changed to bone. It's the guitar I fell in love with, again!
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