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  1. A friend of mine asked me how I could tell that was bone one my Gibson guitar. I told him I put the bone nut & saddle on the guitar to get better tone from the guitar. How could I tell that I had bone to work with? Because nothing, nothing smells that bad while working it! Ahhh that stink.......yep, that was bone I was working with!
  2. This is one of John's most powerful songs! Great cover!
  3. '1970's with case Gibson J45 deluxe A number 2 S#b004363 guitar sun burst usa' It hasn't sold for that. The price will soon be $1800.00 or so?
  4. The headstock strap will pull your neck up at the wrong angle in a few years (that is IF you stand ) warping the neck into s twist. I've had to remove the finger board on an older guitar (not gibson) plane the neck and replace the finger board. Lots of work, but a fun project.
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