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  1. I just bought a Classic Custom 1,899 instead of a Custom 3,899 so I might not be the right one to say this, but I would buy the Standard if you can afford it. I also like stein's advice.
  2. I have a J-200. I love the way it sounds when I'm playing it. In the studio it's a little boomy, we roll off the low end a little bit. I bought the guitar because I like to hear the bass. You could probably find a more "balanced" guitar for strictly recording purposes. J-200s are a blast to play. There, that's my attempt to talk you out of it.
  3. I went into the local music store and grabbed an American Standard Tele (my guitar at the time), electronic tuner and all of their capos for sale. I tuned the guitar, then took turns putting put each of the capos on the 5th fret and checked for tuning. Only one was in tune, so I bought it.
  4. Q: Why was the blonde so impressed with herself when it only took her 6 months to put the jigsaw puzzle together? A: The box said 3-5 years.
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