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  2. LOL, I knew I'd asked and gotten an answer to that question before but couldn't remember what it was or where. Thx.
  3. I'm trying to identify the pickups that came stock in all my Gibson models so I can better understand the difference in the sound they reproduce. What pickups came stock in an 01/2012 SG Standard?
  4. I purchased my LPR8 new from an authorized dealer in 1Q06. The serial # indicates it's the 85th LPR8 made in 2006. I believe this was just before the "VOS" line came out. Everything is stock. What pickups does it have? Same question, different guitar: I rescued and repaired a heavily damaged all-stock 1983 Korina V Reissue. What pickups came with that guitar?
  5. Some years back, I acquired a vintage Gibson V without a case. For a Christmas present, my wife got me an Epi V case from MF at 1/2 the price of a Gibson logo'd case (which is a little nicer, has a big compartment between the V's "legs"). It's a quality TKL case. I put a black GIBSON PURE sticker over the Epi logo. Works great. You don't play the case.
  6. As others have stated, I can't tell if it's a finish crack or in the wood but the seller hid it and the item is not as described. File a case with ebay and PayPal immediately. Any and all communications with the seller must be made through ebay or "they never happened". Ebay/PP almost always side with the buyer in these cases (sometimes wrongly so from what I've read, but that's another story).
  7. I never underrated him. I remember buying the CTA double-LP soon after it was released. I still like listening to it. Saw them at Carnegie Hall during the shows they recorded for their 4th LP. Also saw them at a festival on Long Island with a bunch of other bands (Beach Boys, CSNY....). TK ripped it up. When he died, Chicago was never the same.
  8. I've been a Crimson fan since '69. What you need to understand is that the name belongs to Robert Fripp now. KC is whatever he says they are. To be honest, I have not enjoyed their last few releases but from what I understand, making recorded music is no longer his goal (if it ever was, I don't really know). He is a PERFORMANCE ARTIST first and foremost. Also, Crimson has had a number of very different periods: 1st 2 albums are similar (but the 1st ITCOTCK is a classic you must hear) 3rd LP Lizard - very different - horns, jazzy but deranged (in an really good way) https://www.yout
  9. Sad, but he leaves behind a mountain of recorded music that generations will continue to enjoy.
  10. I have a '67 ES335-TD12 that has those same nibs on the frets. That's a Gibson trademark technique. I just bought a 2012 SG Standard which also has the fret nibs. The problem I had was Gibson QA must have been absent for the final check of my guitar. "Plek'd nut" indeeed - the ^@%$#! high E string slot was over the binding! Had a new bone nut made now it's perfect.
  11. I bought a black MDM shelf, some rubber feet, a couple of simple brushed aluminum cabinet handles, some heavy-duty velcro and made a cheap pedalboard. Had a large plastic shallow tub w/lid that it fit in perfectly and an old "Sir Bently" soft carrier (from some ancient time-share marketing give-away) that the tub fit in to carry. Gigged with it for years and still use it. Only issue is the formica-type surface doesn't retain the velcro as well as it could. I should have sanded it a bit first.
  12. Why? Because they can. Slightly more seriously, and on a positive note, music appreciation (and even more so playing and performance) is emotional so I think it's natural that people who love music will react strongly to what they like and dislike.
  13. I've always loved Leslie's playing. I will definitely check out that link, thanks! Anyone heard how he's doing after his leg amputation? Haven't seen anything in the news so hopefully no news = good news?
  14. To quote Popeye, oh how embasascing......
  15. I heard it had to do with a fight between the previous owner and his gf, although the rumor is probably more intriguing than reality.
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