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  1. I have good news and bad news :) :( ..... the good news is that I bought my steinberger zt3 through musician's friend with a 3 year warranty. I emailed them about the trem problem as well as a few other issues I was having with the guitar (input jack loose with stripped nut, the ball jaw at the bridge end of the high e string was set so short so that it was almost impossible to get a standard double ball steinberger string to reach it for string change). They told me instead of fixing the guitar, if I wanted to return the guitar for a full refund as well as a refund on the remaining warranty I could do that and then buy another brand new one!!!! or I could just keep the money and go on with my life......I was amazed because I had owned this guitar for about a year and they were going to give me a full refund????? this sounds to me like the zt3 has unfixable problems???? so I chose to return the guitar and have now purchased one of the new Carvin HH2 guitars. Its the first year this carvin line has come out so I'm hoping that there will not be a lot of problems with this "beta" model...... Bad news is that I don't have an answer for the zt3 trem problem. I'm sad because it was an aesthetically beautiful guitar and comfortable to play. I personally never saw the utility of having a transposing trem. It's just another thing that can go wrong with the guitar and who really needs to transpose in the middle of a song??.... plus when the trem is in transposing mode you can't use the trem bar.
  2. I have the same problem but don't have the answer...... wish someone would chime in on this!!!
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