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  1. Hello, I have a Epiphone SG, i think g400 limited edition the one with the 3 pickups and the meastro tremolo. I bumbed it into a table corner and now it has a dent in the fretwire. I want to replace it but i dont know wich fretwire my epiphone has. So my question is: What fretwire does my epiphone have? Greetings, Gene
  2. gene

    big crack?

    Good tip^^ I will do that, but do you have any type of glue you would recommend?
  3. gene

    big crack?

    Yea i know i should just be happy then with the imperfections :) And no iam not concerned i were just wondering. And another question, how should i apply the glue? Thanks for your help. Greentings Gene.
  4. gene

    big crack?

    Well if i buy something that expensive i want it to be perfect. But how much do you tink the resale value would be lowered? Greetings Gene
  5. gene

    big crack?

    Well it already has. If i would touch it to hard the piece of wood will be broken off. It is realy lose already. Greetings Gene.
  6. gene

    big crack?

    Thanks for the reply, but i didnt do it because i didnt hear any crack or something. And for a 1150 euro guitar i think this is unforgiveable and realy lousy of gibson. I got an 200 euro guitar that is perfect from the inside no cracks and soldered properly. (the les paul is soldered perfect too.) Greetings Gene
  7. gene

    big crack?

    Hello, I just got this guitar a few months and i was kinda curious how the inside of the guitar looked like. So i screwed it open realy carefully, and saw a big crack where the screw was mounted. Is this normal for a guitar? Greetings Gene.
  8. Thanks for al the help, but one more question 3/64 is 3/64 of an inch? (Iam going to search an metal inch ruler.) Greetings Gene Troost.
  9. Thank you for the string heights, But with what measure instrument should i measure it, and how should i measure it? Greetings Gene Troost.
  10. Hello, Iam kinda new with the tun-o-matic bridge, and i was wondering what the standard bridge height is. some people on forums talk about 0.040 and 0.055 but i dont know what 0.040 or 0.55 (cm, mm, inch). my bridge height is to high at the moment so i wanna adjust it correctly now. (i got an Bigsby on my les paul studio i dont know if that matters anything.} Greetings Gene Troost.
  11. Thanks for the reply i was gone for a while so didnt have the time to do it, but i will remove the pickguard tomorrow and start rubbin. Greetings Gene.
  12. My case is white, but my clothing black, and iam warm.^^
  13. Hello, I finaly got the stuff, but how to use it just with a cotton cloth? And do i have to get my humbuckers/Bigsby/knobs of the guitar, to rub it in everywere or could i just rub over the humbuckers/Bigsby/knobs? Thx and Greetings Gene Troost.
  14. Thank you guys for helpin me out, i read alot of good stuff about the Virtuoso cleaner and polish. Just one last question i live in The Netherlands, but i cant find any shop where they sell the Virtuoso cleaner and polish so do you guys know where i should order it? Thanks again and greetings Gene.
  15. Hello, Thanks for the fast responding,i will keep it sealed now then but wich polish do you prefer?
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