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  1. I'm talking IF there is one more update, what would be the MOST NECESSARY fixes that are needed for the SCS4DJ - and please keep it short and only detailed on the function itself. I don't believe Stanton is going for one more update, but I hope so - I really do - cause this unit (for me at least) is close to perfect. My hopes for improvement would be: - "System Error" crash resolvent, as mentioned in this topic. - "Mono out" for times where you are DJ'ing on a sound-system where one channel is damaged. Please write your most important wishes for update here, so hopefully Stanton crew looks into a last round of development for a version 5.1 STANTON CREW; can you please confirm whether or not you are working on more updates?
  2. Look for SCS.4DJ_error_report_djapp_xxxxxxxxxx.gz on the USB drive (x's are the date)
  3. Can't remember the track, but I'm pretty sure it happened a couple of seconds after loading a track - while I was cue'ing. It was very sudden - no signs of instability before it happened. I'm using strictly mp3, and I would say 90% is 320Kbps CBR, so no other formats are involved. Am I wrong to believe it might have something to do with the playlist and/or log-file cache? I mean, running a couple of hundred tracks in there might fill up the designated cache, and therefore cause the system to crash. If there were some kind of cache-dump to the flash-drive every x hours, it would maybe work.
  4. Cool. I have a suspicion that because I DJ for so long (some times 7 hours in a row), I risk that the log-file gets extremely big, and therefore takes a giant amount of time to write to the USB - and that's why it maybe took so long. I can't unzip the log-file myself, so it might have been corrupted because I cut the power in panic.
  5. Yesterday I was DJ'ing at a birthday party, and luckily it was a private one at a friend of mine. I was entering my 5th hour of DJ'ing and suddenly the system just crashed. There was nothing unusual in my setup, as it's the same setup I've been running since day one. I only use 320kbps CBR mp3 on a dedicated 16GB USB-drive, and rarely use effects, so it's not an external thing. I've never experienced it with any firmware prior to v5. The error on the screen just said "System error. Restarting. Please wait a minute". Nothing happened for several minutes though, and I had to pull the power to restart. I snapped this picture of the error. Here's the log-file created by the system. I would really (REALLY) want to able to trust my SCS4DJ this summer as I have several festivals to play. Can you please look into the matter.
  6. I've had this unit for almost two years. I've had 2 fails in the countless (50+) gigs that I've played - both was the delay-error from between v1 and v3. My unit has already earned in its worth and is still running as it should. I tend to use all effects, do scratches and looping, and push the unit as far as I can, on sets that continue for 4-6 hours at times. I know the software is sluggish, but since v4 there hasn't been any instability - at least on my unit. I don't know if it's because I'm VERY methodically when it comes to CD-ripping, and only use 320kbps CBR - variable bitrates have always been a hazard on hardware systems, at least that's what I've learned from using Denon CD-players in a club for 2 years. The Pioneer unit that just came to my attention, the Aero, could be what I would go for if I wanted to buy something new. But honestly - there's still a year left in the SCS4DJ that I have - that's for sure. I really have trouble understanding why there's so much complaining around the software/hardware now - we just have to live with it. Stanton would never redesign the software for a 2+ year old unit. We can hope someone on the linux-developer front makes something that can prolong the SCS4DJ.
  7. I think that would require too much of the unit (and the programmers). I would be more than happy to live with a "if it has been loaded, it's on the list" function. And that's just grabbing the info from the current playlist, and mixing it with the browser menu. Should be doable from what I understand.
  8. Looking very much forward to this! I'm using my machine to frequently to add the Beta though. I just read the manual and there's one somewhat small function that I would like to be considered: - When songs are added to the current playlist (when I've played a song), could there be some kind of indicator on the browser menu, that a track is in the current playlist? An indicator like a different background-color, a small star or whatever. It would make it a lot easier to know what tracks you already have played when doing 4-6 hour sets. I can feel on your initial text that this might be the last update - Is there any hope for a SCS4DJ v2 or similar device from Stanton in the future?
  9. Oh, and on the mp3 question; My opinion is that mp3 at 320kbps CBR (constant bitrate), preferably Stereo (not joint stereo), is the best and most stable format to use. If you use VBR (variable bitrate) you get lower file-size, but that also draws more CPU-power of the unit, which i think is something to avoid, since the Stanton SCS4DJ already is sucking a lot of processor-juice. I would suggest checking out the dBpoweramp software for ripping and converting.
  10. I use a 16GB Sandisk stick and I only use 6GB of it. The amount of music on there is more than enough for me to DJ for 24+ hours without a repeating track. I use 320kbps compression only and I'm selective with what I put on there - no full albums for instance, so no interludes, skits etc. Of course, If you want all the guest to be able to wish any track in the world, you'll have to haul a whole lot more, but I think if you're selective you can do it under 32GB. About the carting; I'm using a alu-suitcase found in most hardware-stores, where it fits like a glove. I can even have my headphone and 5 meters jack-phono cable in there too. The alu casing doubles as riser for when I'm playing by a low table.
  11. Oh sorry. Yes - just looked at the manual and the Stanton has TRS, but both the cable and the receiver (mixer) has to support TRS balanced jacks to get the balanced signal.
  12. As far as I know balanced jacks has to be TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve), and the scs4dj doesn't support that. I personally have no volume-issues using either one.
  13. I always carry a long (~5 meters) jack-to-phono cable with me on gigs (from Thomann). Then I have best compatibility, whether it should be a pro mixer with line-input, a DJ-mixer or a simple stereo-setup with phono inputs.
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