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  1. I just can't wait for the next update! The last one stepped up the game alot just would love it if we could use multiple effects at one time
  2. If its not alot of tracks just load into the scs and let it analyze them if quite a few just quickgrid them
  3. Mashup Between Country Girl Shake it for me by Luke Bryan and Freak-a-leek by Petey Pablo. All done on the SCS.4DJ http://soundcloud.com/smalsz0069/luke-bryan-vs-petey-pablo Mashup Between Helicopter by Lil Scrappy Featuring 2 Chainz and No Hands by Waka Flocka. Created in Mashup by Mixed in Key http://soundcloud.com/smalsz0069/no-hands-on-my-helicopter/s-EBa48
  4. After messing around with my friend's mixer and cdj's yesterday I found one feature that I would absolutely love to be included in the next update if possible. That would be fader start. where you cue up a song on a deck and as you slide the fader over it automatically starts the deck. Was playing around and definitely was a fun feature to use and would make the 4dj above and beyond in terms of everything it can do!
  5. Gonna have to say after using this product in a club setting for the past month I really like it. I like the mobility of the unit and how it takes me only about 2 min to have everything set up and running. Yes the playlist situation can be a pain in the butt but fixed that by splitting my playlists into different segments of about 35 songs. Know that wouldn't work too well for a playlist with 3000 songs in it but when I play a 5 hour gig im at most gonna use around 120-130 songs so this works perfect. Yeah the browsing is a little slow but I found by setting the browse up by bpm, genre, ect and using the up and down buttons it still is usable. As for the song not getting the bpm's right I do find it annoying that if I set the bpm's manually that none of the effects or the loop system decide to work. I been relying on the loop system here lately to create a second cue point by using the reloop button and not having that can greatly affect a song. But seriously this unit is pretty good! Could it be better? Of course it could but seeing were only using software version 1 I can't really complain. I definitely would keep using the unit if a few things got upgraded and everyone I show the unit to falls in love with it. It's really nice showing up to a gig with just the unit, a backpack, and a my bag of goodies lol. I definitely can't wait to see what the updates bring with this unit but till then I'll keep using it.
  6. Hey Echone, No offense taken man this is a spot we can all speak our personal opinion on things. I agree that programs such as tracktor or virtual dj are definitely leaps over the mixxx program but for free you have to admit it's really not that bad of a program. Would I personally use it in a set? Probably not because I have virtual dj and to me I absolutely love that program. But seeing it costs 299 it's not necessarily in every dj's budget. As for the mapping it was fairly simple just followed the on screen instructions and was up and running in no time. It did have a few things lacking but if you were doing a little set in a bar or something like that where you didn't need to mix very much it would be fine. Just wouldn't use the program in a setting such as a nightclub because to me it seemed lacking in that area.
  7. Darth I agree with the Mixxx idea. I was able to load it up as a midi controller in the program with no problem other than setting the mapping of the controller.
  8. ahhh sweet totally makes sense on why it did that now. Thanks for the help. How much faster does taking the analysis off make the unit?
  9. Is it normal that when sometimes I do the slice effect that you were talking about the volume starts to drop and it sounds like the track is dropping out and stopping? It normally occurs when I have the time/rate set to 16 and the freq/amount set all the way to the right. Just wondering. Thanks Alot!
  10. I normally just go through and download my new songs before a gig. Then I edit the mp3 info using mp3tag by adding the song title, artist, genre, and by adding the numeric of the key the song is in the title. Good little program and works really well with editing the tags especially has a nice feature to easily add album covers to the mp3's as well. Then After everything is edited I normally sort through my music using virtual dj and create a playlist for my next gig. After the playlist I make sure I add the playlist to my flash drive as well as any new songs that I had downloaded between my last gig and the one coming up. Then I use quickgrid to analyze everything which normally takes around 15-30 min and then I eject the drive and install it in the 4dj. I load up the 4dj and let everything sync before I shut the unit down and head off to my gig putting my headphones, extra cables, and dj goodies in a bag!
  11. Gonna have to agree with Ivan I think having 20000 songs would just be plain confusing at a gig. Normally when I do my gigs I just have around 1000 songs on my flash drive which takes up around 8 gigs of music last time I checked. Then I keep most of my other music on my phone which is tied into the main mixer as well as my 4dj. Then when someone requests a track I don't have on the 4dj I just swap over to my phone or if I don't have it download it on my phone and it's good to go. Would be great if the 4dj had a subscription service to play any song over the internet like virtual dj does built into it but because I don't really see this as a feasible thing seeing there is no wireless built in using my phone has become the easiest route. Also with minimizing the amount of songs it makes browsing through the tracks really easy. Just wish there was a way to sort by key because it was really time consuming putting the key of the song into each song title but oh well other than that the system has performed amazing for me.
  12. main thing I'm getting ready practicing for a gig in a club I have in about an hr and I would absolutely love more cue points and to be able to set cue points on the fly! I been able to create a false cue in the beginning basically using the loop feature but i need more than just 2 cue points to be able to get to different parts of the song. Other than that great product!
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