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  1. This may/may not be helpful: I put a pair of Gibson US Burstbucker Pros in my old Korean es335. And what a magnificent improvement, it now sounds superb It might be worth considering, worked for me, cheers
  2. Hi, bit of a late response here. I too have an IBJL and wouldn’t say that the neck is that thick. I’d notice as I have small hands. If this is any help to you I have an old MIJ Baja Tele and that does have a thick neck, the Casino isn’t chunky like that one. Cheers
  3. Hi Dan, have you got the Casino yet? We've seen your photos on OP but be very interested to hear what your thoughts are when it arrives Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, thank you for the additional info. and the kind welcome DennisG. My Epi ownership started way back in very early 70's with the purchase of two Made In Japan acoustics, a 6 string and a 12.These are fabulous instruments with highly adjustable bridges and necks that are more akin to an electric. Still have them with the 6 string tuned to David Crosby's wonderful, often titled Deja Vu tuning. Then a few years ago Epiphone introduced the Inspired By John Lennon Casino's. I bought the Sunburst '65 model, absolutely great guitar. Later I noticed an Epi EB3 advertised locally which gives just 'the sound' I want for recording my originals (60's/70's vibe stuff). And now the Dot 😊 Before buying the Casino and being unsure whether a semi would be what I needed a friend lent me his Nat 335 Dot Gibson for a while. Nice guitar but played acoustically sounded more like a small banjo. Plugged in, what you'd expect. Interestingly, the Epi Dot sounds far more balanced acoustically which has been a pleasant surprise and plugged into my Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb it sounds fabulous. Because this has been owned by previous owners and I haven't taken the pickups out yet I've no idea whether the pups are standard or upgraded. Doesn't bother me either way as it sounds really nice. So, again I'm incredibly impressed by Epiphone guitars. Maybe a Wildcat beckons next? πŸ˜„ Finally cheers for an excellent forum
  5. Ahhh, brilliant, thank you. Yes mistook that I for a 1. Guess someone has popped on the Gibson truss rod cover and perhaps changed the scratch plate too as it doesn't have the usual e A while back I had a friend's Gibson ES335 on loan for sone time, prior to getting the Casino IBJL Casino. This Epi 335 Dot in question sounds every bit as good plugged in and acoustically better, less like a banjo. So this has been quite an interesting experience.
  6. Hopefully this will help Back of headstock with series number Back view which shows what I presume is the maple neck, not usual (?) mahogany. Any help would really be appreciated. Cheers πŸ™‚
  7. Yeah Brad...but as I pointed out we all know what an Epi 335 Dot looks like and apart from the descriptions I pointed out it looks like every other one out there.......unless you think I don't have one πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the link but that's where I got the No Result. Series Nimber is 103012894
  8. Hello, last time I posted here it was regarding my Casino IBJL. I have in my possession a beautiful Natural Epi 335 Dot. It belongs to a friend who has loaned to me to see how we get on 😊. He didn't buy it new so has no information about it. However I'd be interested to know something of its history as in where it was made and what year. I've had a good look around the Internet but when keying in its serial number which is on the back top of the headstock it comes up with a No Result. The beige/orange factory paper sticker inside the f hole only states DOT NA ( hardly surprising ) but no number where it says Seriek Number. The scratch plate doesn't have an e on it and is black/white/black. The truss rod cover says Gibson. The last mystery is the neck, it appears to be a maple (rosewood fingerboard) and not what I assume is the normal mahogany. I could post here the guitar's serial number but not sure if it's the done thing here. About supplying photos, my iPad2 has a very poor camera and to be honest we all know what an Epi 335 Dot looks like πŸ˜‰ So it seems pointless as I've hopefully described all the points of interest. If the serial number can be a help and posted here I'll gladly supply it. So, really hoping for some feedback here, many thanks in anticipation Nick
  9. Plastic I'd presume although the nut does have a strange texture Have just bought an Epi EB3, second hand ( it took a good hour of cleaning to shift the grime and make it hygienic :( ) Am very impressed with it although it desperately needs a new set if strings, what to get being my dilemma at the moment.
  10. Hi LeeG, welcome to the forum Well done in getting your guitar fixed instead of resorting to outside help. Good tips. It's a shame so many guitars need sorting out when purchased new, though its nothing new
  11. Have read good things about Mr Setzers products over on Gretsch Talk
  12. Well done, that looks a beaut and at such a good price. Have you played an SG before? If you haven't be prepared for some 'head dive'. However this is easily overcome with a thickish grippy strap. Also with that long neck fretboard orientation can be a little strange at first but that's soon overcome. I used to gig with a Fender Tele and Burny SG ( another good manufacturer) and found it ok switching between the two. That's a gorgeous SG you've got, am sure you'll love it
  13. That's nice. Good photos too. So glad you pleased with it. Also heard good things about guitarguitar.
  14. Hi Aster, is this any help? http://www.allparts.com/EP-4989-000-CTS-1-Meg-Solid-Shaft-Pot_p_1481.html Cheers
  15. Thank you so much for a sensible answer McGruff. That diagram is interesting too, much appreciated. Never thought of adjusting the pole piece screws in an opposite direction. Will give that a go....cheers
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