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  1. Hello, Which model was the infortunate victim ? Luc
  2. Hello, The seller was selling it for his son. The son bought it used 5 or 6 years ago, used it at home and left his parents home a year ago to live his own life, and asked his father to sell his stuff among those this guitar Whichever is its history this is a real bargain, compared to my Dot Studio, the build is very different, the sound is gorgeous (my Studio has very nice SH1's) the neck is larger but not more fat
  3. Hello, I did some pictures this morning, they are here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/audioblog/sets/72157630249172924/detail/
  4. Hello, I finally got it. I paid the price of a brand new DOT Studio and this guitar is much much more beautiful, unplugged the sound is fanatstic quality build is not to compare to my Dot so whichever is the real story of this guitar, it was a wonderful deal The woods inside, seen through the F holes seems much older than my korean Broadway or my chinese Dot Studio The label is not the usual oval one. It is rectangular, blue and states "Epiphone Kalamazoo" it's the same as this one http://vintageclassicalguitar.com/files/2011/09/-43922006510692250.jpg but mine states Style : es-335 Epiphone : DOT NO : 80093104 So if I'm right according to Gibson site serial system YDDDYXXX it might have been built on january 9 1983 (009 = 9th day) at the Gibson Kalamazoo plant, and was the 104th instrument stamped that day.. or been built in Japan or Korea On the other hand Blue Book of Electric Guitars ( http://www.scribd.com/doc/50250193/EPIPHONESERIALNUMBERS ) says : " During the early 1980s, the Japanese production costs became pricey due to the changing ratio of thedollar/yen. Production moved to Korea, and again the serial numbers are not an exact science as a datingmechanism. In 1993, a structure was developed where the number (or pair of numbers) following theinitial letter indicates the year of production (i.e. “3” indicates 1993, or a “93” would indicate the same). Some top of the line Epiphones were produced in the U.S. at either Gibson's Nashville or Montana facilitiesin the 1990s. These instruments are the only ones that correspond to the standard post-1977 Gibsonserialization. Like Gibson numbers, there are 8 digits in the complete number, and follows the code of YDDDYNNN. The YY (first and fifth) indicate the year built. DDD indicates the day of the year (soDDD can't be above 365), and the NNN indicates the instrument's production ranking for that day (NNN =021 = 21st guitar built). The Nashville facility begins each day at number 501, and the Montana workshopbegins at number 101. However, in 1994, the Nashville-produced Epiphones were configured asYYNNNNNN: YY = 94 (the year) and NNNNNN is the ranking for the entire year." My dot has the Gibson 8 numbers serial scheme so another possibility is a Montana item.. don't know I'll take some pics tomorrow if I have time
  5. Hello, I 150% agree.. But I have two concerns : 1) I don't have a huge lot of money and I'm a little bit tired of the cheap guitar that I buy and quit without affective relationship. I love having a relationship with my objects, so I prefer if they have a rich story. If I had a lot of money I would buy a Gibson, I don't and I would like to buy a guitar that I am happy to keep. I currently own a Dot Studio, good guitar but just a tool. I would be happy to replace it with a nicer one. 2) I am offered this guitar for less than the price of a new current chineese DOT I'm a little bit afraid to ask too much questions to the owner in case it is a high end Epiphone dot (more high end than a regular one) to avoid a suddent price increase... Luc
  6. Thanks a huge lot for this very detailled explaination Luc
  7. Hello, Someone proposes to sell me a Epi Dot cherry. This guitar has been bought used a few years ago Serial number is ES-335 DOT - NO 80093104 .. well here is the problem The Dot series started in 1997 ( http://www.epiphonewiki.com/index.php?title=Dot ) According to Epiphone official history this might be a Matsomoku period instrument but I find no mention of a Matsumoku ES-335 and Guitar Dater Project says : Your guitar was made in Korea September c.1980 Production Number: 3104 ... but according to official history and Wikipedia pages) Epi switched to Korea in 1983 The guitar is not an elitist but looks like (Same headstock logo, neck binding when regular dot doesn’t have a neck binding) Any idea about “what is this strange beast” ?
  8. Hello, I'm the happy owner of a cheap but nice looking (and sounding thanks to a little seymour duncan help) china made Epi Dot studio. Its neck is a little thin for me , I there in the Epi hollowbody range a model with a much fat neck ? On the top of that, my Dot has a very thick paint and the neck has a unpleasant "plastic" feeling, is the re in the Epi hollobody range a model with a lighter finish ? As a comparizson I have a Stratocatser MIM, the neck is very thin, but the finish is far more pleasant than my Dot's one How is the es175 neck ? Thanks in advance Luc
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