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  1. I updated firmware , that's when all the trouble started , all fine before that!! still playing up.
  2. Thanks , but I don't hold much hope for returning a unit that I bought around two and a half years ago, all my trouble started when I uploaded the latest firmware . I had no trouble ever before that!!
  3. Hi , my unit is crashing and showing a system failure and shuts down and restarts only to do it again, It seems to be behaving now and I have done a full diagnostic test. Got a gig on Saturday and don't want any let downs!! Can anyone give me any advice on what to do or try please! cheers, D
  4. yep, sorted thanks for yor time.
  5. Hi, I hope someone can help. I have been using songbird to create my playlists or itunes then upload to songbird. Since seting up on a new windows pc (new song bird new quickgrid) I cant seem to get my playlists to register on my SCS4. I was using the old songbird before and had no problems. All tunes and playlists are analyzed and sync to my usb ok! Can anyone give me any tips please. thanks
  6. can we get played songs greyed out after playing in a set!!! <_<
  7. Sorted, uninstalled it and downloaded the old version Thanks for your help tho.
  8. why would they do that! can i get the old one back then? thanks for your time, D
  9. Hi, has anyone had any trouble with the new Songbird , I don't seem to be able to sync my playlists, and its loosing tracks , any help would be appreciated.....
  10. check again that you haven't got any old programs getting in the way.
  11. When you download songbird, you should have the option for some add-ons , have a look just next to the search library box screen and you should see a small down arrow- click on that-then get more media pages- and look for folder sync. hope this helps.
  12. thanks for the reply ishfaq, I have done all of that,it's all there,I end up with the quidgrid short cut to program but thats as far as I get, it wont open. I will try again. Thanks for your time fella.
  13. thanx for that, will try again . I did remove all old java and still no joy on my pc, and when I try and open it on my laptop all I get is windows media player! I am a total newbie so please bare with me!
  14. You can make one to your own spec, all the parts are stock and its just a case of cutting panels and riveting joiners etc. http://www.flightcasehardware.co.uk/index.php?cPath=70 Or there are companies that will make a case for you cheaper than a ready made. I have had tool cases for overseas work made for me at a good price. Hope this helps.
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