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  1. thanks! now i'd like to hear/see you guys playing it! jw
  2. am so glad you guys are enjoying these. for me, it was a labor of love many, many years ago and i'm so blessed to see it once again ...
  3. hey man thanks so much! that means a lot to me ...
  4. thanks man it's takin me way back to a time that anything was possible we did our best ...
  5. we took the unfinished prototype for the shot it made sense to me at the time ...
  6. when i move next, i'll sit down and go through all of the unmarked boxes that i am sure contain the pics that i'm looking for. this has all prompted me to scan a BOATLOAD of shots. my bad for not having done so prior ...
  7. well, there was a one-off that i did. never got into the line, although i wish that i had pressed that beyond the PR effort that it was. it was more than a little bit sweet. i'll find the pic of it, eventually. too many boxes full of unknown ****... thanks so much for all of the effort you've put into that foldout. we were trying to make sense of where we were, and it wasn't easy... i so appreciate everything that you've done to re-capture this one small bit of the heritage. thanks so much!
  8. nice. wish you could actually see the solid body genesis mandolin in that red steagall shot. i know i have a pic of it somewhere ...
  9. OMG. i was just going through some old photos today, and ran across one that blew me away. i had TOTALLY forgot a marketing campaign that i had pulled together while i was at gibson. the theme was 'american made. world played.' i designed and prototyped the guitar for the shoot. once it came out, our sales force INSISTED that we do a limited edition run of it. it's known these days as the map guitar ... http://i1262.photobucket.com/albums/ii606/jimearthmuse/NAMMcirca1980withthemapguitar.jpg wow.
  10. we'd never done a brochure like that ... it was LARGE to say the least ...
  11. things were changing very quickly at the time. almost as quickly as the yen/$ relationship ...
  12. brian thanks so much for the kind words! great review, and i couldn't agree more ... epi1 was incredibly generous in getting one to me, and it's really an exceptional guitar! i'm particularly thrilled to have one in my hands again, as many years ago i had my own personal prototypes of a deluxe and a bass in storage, and they were stolen. i'm both happy and humbled to see this come to pass. what part of this big ol' world do you hang out? would be fun to meet up sometime. if i can swing it, i may try to get out to NAMM this year. would be fun, i reckon ... thanks again for all of the support you've given this, and thanks to epi1 and the entire project staff for taking this design forward, and making it better than it ever was. cheers jim
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