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  1. Oh, thanks for the replies. Some good tips there. Next thing to do is learning how to work properly with the VF. And I'm using a strat. And the VF does amp simulations, yes.
  2. Well, first of all, merry x-mas to you all! Today I got some nice presents: A Boss VF-1, a Roland EV-5 expression pedal and a Boss FC-50 pedal board. I begun to play a bit, but I found it a bit hard to work. I'm looking for a Pink Floyd-ish sound in these machines. Also, my amp is a Fender Mustang I. Can you give me a hand?
  3. Ok, then let's make thing easier. My favourite band and the one that I play mostly is Pink Floyd. Favourite guitarist too. Lets focus on that. To get a better tone (minimum) for that Echoes, Comfortably Numb, Another Brick In The Wall, Shine On You Crazy Diamond... should I take first option or second option?
  4. Well, I noticed and I use almost all the times my Mustang's effects. And when I tried the Boss Vf-1, it had almost the same effects that Mustang effects, but, of course, better quality. And I liked to change sounds with pedals, and the expression pedal.... ohh, that, I loved it! Question is: Can I get that kind of feeling, adding some footswitches/pedals to my Mustang?
  5. Hello community! So, Christmas is arriving and I'm buying a new guitar. Question is: Should I buy: - Fender New Standard Strat (for 455€ - 475€) or - (2nd hand) Boss VF-1, plus a Boss Midi FC-50, plus a Wah pedal for 200 € and a (1st hand) Squier or Epiphone guitar for, maximum, 300€ Which one? A or B? If you choose B, which guitar would be better for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Deep Purple and some clean stuff player? I have a Fender Mustang I. Keep in mind that I'm a bedroom player. I don't have any bands. All help and constructive posts will be much apreciated!
  6. Take a look at this: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-limited-edition-1966-g-400-pro-electric-guitar Are these going to be availabe in Europe? I've been looking for them in european shops and found nothing... These colours are good and I still prefer full pickguard rather than the cutted pickguard on the standard SG's.
  7. Well, I just saw this new notice about the new PRO's. I noticed that the SG's only had 2 colours (Cherry and Ebony) and the LP's have many. So, do the SG have more colours or just those 2? And which one has a better relationship between Quality - Price?
  8. I've been looking for that new version of the G400, the G400 Pro, with coil tap. I found some, but all american shops. Do you know any european shop that sells those guitars? In all the colours?
  9. I'd like to know, from experienced guitar players, the information and specs about these guitars. Which one has a better relation of Quality-Price? The LP-100 fits which style and bands? And the G400? Let me know :)
  10. Thanks, but as I said, I want a guitar that has good acessibility to the upper frets. I haven't tested many Les Paul's, but I heard that they don't have a good acessibilty to those upper frets.
  11. Thanks but it doesnt really fit my type of guitar body. I hate Flying V's, Warlock's and Explorer's. Dont ask me why, but I dont like them.
  12. Well, I dont have a band, I only play in concerts with my friends from the guitar lessons and in those concerts I use guitars from the school, I think it is a Squier Bullet Strat... But getting into the topic, what I wanted to say with this is that I dont need to look like Gilmour, because I don't play Gilmour in concerts. Just want to sound a bit more like him. I'm totally addicted to the Comfortably Numb 2nd solo. I'm glad that I know how to play the basic of the solo, not so good as it should be :P I can say that it gave me a lot of work and time to get a sound similar to the original solo on my Fender Mustang amp. My problem playing this solo is that sometimes, in the "louder" part of the solo, that he plays in the 22nd fret and around that, I miss the pull-offs that he does because my fingers are small. If a SG can get a good sound similar to Gilmour's, it is the perfect combination.
  13. Thanks! I play guitar at home only. I usually take one to school to have some guitar lessons with my musical theacher. I put it in a place safe from thefts and falls :) I'm getting the idea that the SG is the guitar perfect for me in terms of acessibility to the upper frets, but what about the sound? David Gilmour doesn't use SG's and I play a lot of Pink Floyd. What can you say about this?
  14. Those Nighthawks are quite versatile, I agree, but I like to play in the upper frets and my fingers are not so long(i'm just 14, so...), I'm also looking for a guitar that has a good acessibility to the upper frets. And I don't like the body of the Nighthawk.... What do you say about the Squier Classic Vibe Tele? Do they match the SG's?
  15. Thanks for this! They're beatiful! :o
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