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  1. Just one thing i forgot to ask. where did you get the pick guard with no toggle switch hole? did you make it by yourself?
  2. Indeed I have one and I do know how to use it.
  3. Since my last topic i ran into a new issue, do explorers really have enough room to put the switch where the neck volume was? I like explorers better with just two shafts and the switch where the volume should be, so can I do this?
  4. Hey! I'm new here and i don't know if someone else has already posted a similar question. As a result my "knowledge" I wanted to know from more experienced people what is better to go with emg 60/81 combo: two volumes or master volume/master tone. thanks for any replies.
  5. Hey!

    Since I bought a Les Paul I thought I might just as well join the forum.

  6. I thinking of buying an explorer but i want to put master volume and master tone, or should i go for two volumes?

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