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  1. Thanks Mark, I found out what I was after.......
  2. I did, seems he does not want to discuss it any further........Maybe it is time to start going up the ladder........I bet Pat Foley or Edwin Wilson would know....... Maybe the Fish and Wild Turkey federation is watching and he is scary to mention anything about the 2001 run........
  3. I am trying to have a 2001 R9 Historic Les Paul serial number verified for Brazilian Fretboard. The guitar is within the Serial Number range and have contacted Daryl Mosley at Gibson Customer Service. Daryl replied back and said, it is my understanding that the only year that Gibson used Brazilian for Reissues was in early 2003. Is there any one else at Gibson that could help me, the thread at the top clearly shows that Brazilian was used on 38 guitars in 2001. My guitar is number 9 1229. Seems people at Gibson should have some one that could be in a position that would know a little about these Historic's, rather than guess and not know.
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