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  1. Great feedback, guys. This is indeed a Kalamazoo guitar, no wonder judging from the shape of the pickguard :) Looks like the KG-11 to me.
  2. Hey guys Please see the three following pictures: Would you say this is, or at least could be a Gibson guitar? This looks a bit like the advanced jumbo to me, but it does not seem to match the actual specs. Does this serial number printed on the back of the headstock look any familiar to you? I am not aware of such serialization. As far as I can say, this looks to be some weird non-Gibson forgery of some kind... but I might be wrong. Someone is trying to sell this guitar claiming this is a 1938 Gibson acoustic guitar. Any hint or thoughts on whether this makes any sense would be much appreciated. Many thanks!
  3. Not at all, I bought it with doubts in mind... and have since contacted the seller to let him know his guitar is not an actual Gibson.
  4. Is this a Gibson acoustic guitar? My link Unfortunately, I have no information at all, at least none one could legitimately rely on. I "bought" this guitar yesterday on eBay (for 355 euros) but highly doubt I'll ever want to get it since it clearly seems to be a fake Gibson instrument -- and am (obviously) not willing to pay in these conditions since the ad mentions it is something that it actually is not. (Note I also bought it with the idea in mind that it would prevent other "innocent" users from buying a fake...). I could go to the seller's but am not willing to spend time and energy to make sure this is a bad joke. Here is a link to the ad: http://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/221013831437?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 As you can read, the seller stated this is a very old guitar used by his grandfather in his ad; now, it was actually used by her grandmother as per a follow-up email. Here is a copy of part of his follow-up email he just sent out: "Thanks for buying this 'rare' guitar, i didn't know they are so many 'types' of them.. Funny: its belongs to my grandmother, and she has a picture of her with that guitar in the late 50ties!! It has no damaged at all..I cannot tell you which model it is, unfortunate the paper on the inside is uncomplete and overwritten by my children.:( sad Anyway this guitar sounds really good, model or age ..B-) cool" I suppose the headstock picture should be enough to rule out the likelihood that this could be a Gibson guitar. To me, the Gibson logo was hand-painted and looks super weird, not to say totally inconsistent with those used by Gibson over time... while the shape of the headstock does not match any of the legit Gibson headstocks I got to see. Also, since the first dreadnought produced by Gibson was the hummingbird in 1960, this mere fact clearly rules out the possibility that the guitar at hand was made prior to then, unless it is not a Gibson. Now, I would like you to confirm this is NOT a Gibson guitar at all, notwithstanding its age. When I see these plain squarred plastic keys, this tiny soundhole, the Gibson-inspired shape of the headstock, it seems to me this could well be some Japanese piece of junk from the early 70's or so. At the end of the day, this all looks quite fishy to me. The guitar supposedly belonged to the seller's grand-father (or grand-mother... who knows?); we only have two shitty pictures; "kids" supposedly have written on the soundhole sticker...; the seller pretends to know nothing about guitars on the one hand but still affirms that it "sounds really good"; and more importantly, the guitar does not look legit at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
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