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  1. I am only using phono as I don't have a digital cable for line, I will experiment with the latency settings but It doesn't sound like a lattency problem as there are no audio drop outs, It's starts crackling and gets to the point to where the music isn't even bearable.
  2. What a struggle just to play some music! Problem is I purchased these on Ebay brand new at that. So if grounding is only good for hum or buzz and what I'm hearing is crackling, what exactly do I have to do to stop this?
  3. @Professorbx I did that but nothing changes still alot of staic. I am very new to tunrtables and have no idea how to demagnetize anything. I'm using traktor scratch pro 2 on timecode and a DJM 900.
  4. Hey forum I just purchased two stanton str8 150, It says it has internal grounding but I keep hearing this static noise through my speakers. My tables don't have a ground post so where would I attach a ground wire?
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