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  1. They also seem to have cut the color options down to just 'burst, natural, and cherry. I'm a big fan of the vintage spec too. Now that they've changed the biggest thing that bugged me about the standard models, I might just have to finally pull the trigger on one...
  2. As in, did they have him sign every guitar? These ran for a long time...I'm sure they are prints.
  3. Curious to hear your thoughts on the sound vs. say, a Martin 000? I always find these Gibsons to have a very deep and bassy tone for the size.
  4. I've had 50s style and regular, and the tone always seems best dimed. More aggressive and trebly all around.
  5. Can you put washers on there anyway? Seems like it might be a little strange, and wouldn't be "vintage correct", but maybe worth a shot?
  6. +1, just replace the switch and see if that does it. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes if you're handy with a soldering iron. Make sure you get the Switchcraft model. Helps to use a quality switch.
  7. Hey guys, apologies if this has been covered. A quick search turned up nothing. I was over on the Epi site recently and noticed that the standard Casino has apparently changed from a 17th fret neck join to a 16th? http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Archtop/Casino.aspx May seem like a trivial matter, but that detail has always bugged me when compared to the Elitist, Lennon, etc. Can see why they'd do it...standardizes the line especially since the 'Inspired By' line came out. Anyone else notice this?
  8. I unfortunately have not really had the pleasure. Got a Casino online which played great but the top had an odd combo of one very grainy half and one totally plain half. Exchanged it for another which played awfully - loads of tuning problems, buzzing, etc. Got rid of it. Someday I'll find that perfect Casino...
  9. Would like to see some more of these. Sorrento reissue, anyone?
  10. Good call on RS. Totally opened up the tone on my R8.
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