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  1. I may have saved the day...I posted a picture of my 61 wiring. here it is again
  2. Bring it to a Gibson/Epiphone certified luthier. If there is an issue he can deal with warranty and parts if required. My Gibson custom shop ES-335 had $390 worth of warranty work that had to be done before I even played it. It had a nut that was cut wrong, a bunch of high frets, f holes had not been blacked out at the edges, body cavity was filled with sawdust that required the pots be cleaned. It was taken care of on Gibson's dime.Who knows they may even replace it for you. I would give it a shot.
  3. Sorry to hear the problems with the Masterbilts. I have a 2006 AJ 500R that I had set up by my luthier and he checked it out top to bottom and gave it a clean bill and said it was a very well made guitar. The only thing he did was remake the bone saddle because the stock one was giving him intonation issues. I really enjoy playing it.I hope you can get your issue resolved. Epiphone is a good company to deal with. The company has come along way with QC and it shows. I had just purchased a Epiphone 1961 50th LTD edition Anniv SG TV yellow with p-90s and have to say it was flawless out of the box. Give them a chance to do right and hold on throwing them under the bus. If you want QC issues deal with Gibson...lol. Good Luck
  4. Cant tell you about the neck radius but the Gibson vintage 1961 that I saw with a tv Yellow finish had a bound neck. This Epiphone is spot on even down to the tuners to that very guitar.
  5. Epiphone guitars are well made high quality instruments. I just purchased a 1961 SG 50th anniv LTD model and just love it. overall fit and finish is better than any Gibson I have purchased and the P-90s sound great. My very first guitar was an Epiphone ET-270 still have it. HAve no worries about an epiphone purchase. Actually Gibson should stand back and take note what Epiphone is doing and learn.
  6. Just wanted to ask about others experience with this guitar?? I just purchased one in TV yellow after A/B tests with a like Gibson model and have to say that this guitar is way out infront. The feel of the neck is amazing. The fit and finish was so much better than the Gibson model and the sound of the p-90s just sealed the deal. it was a no brainer as to which one was going home with me. Epiphone really has come along way and the quality of their instruments is amazing for what you are paying. I would have paid twice what I paid for this guitar its that good.
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