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  1. Sorry that wasnt a personal assault on you, yours was just the last post so i replied to it. There just seems to be this big thing about pickups and so on. All i am saying is just try and find the tone in your setup its normally there it just needs to be coaxed out of hiding. I'm not against modding by a long shot my strat and tele have upgraded electrics to fender spec and have been shielded to reduce sc hum, my strat has a full block trem rather than the standard thin block, my tele has upgraded saddles, and my firebird is completely stock and in my opinion doesnt need anything changing.
  2. so you like the sound of the cheaper guitar, whats wrong with that? :)
  3. i have to disagree its a combination of pickups, amp and pedals that make the difference, if you have the right setup you can make a tone work, even with stock pickups, i have a vox pathfinder amp, and a number of pedals, i play the beetles, acdc, metallica, pink floyd to name but a few, on my firebird, strat, and tele, they all have stock pickups all this talk about "you must change your pickups to get a great tone, or make your guitar better" what a load of twoddle. http://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/artec-vintage-style-stratocaster-pickups/ Have a watch of the video on this page, then t
  4. i voted for the casino, more for the fact it has the bigsby, you gotta love a bigsby
  5. personally i would go for the 50th anniversary but that is because the kluson tuners add class to a LP but thats just my opinion, both these guitars ooze with mojo and have slightly different features, i like the coil splitt idea of the tribute, damnit why do you have to make it such a hard call? :D
  6. Pics seem to be the law on most forums, HNGD
  7. I think the questions about difference have been answered, now lets get down to the nitty gritty bit :D i'd have the cherry burst if it were me, but that said they are both fantastic looking guitars and i am sure you will be happy whichever one you choose
  8. I have to agree with this you cant say astrat looks generic, without including all popular shapes, thats the nature of the beast isnt it? the "quack" is in the pickups though some have a better quack than others, just go and pick up one of the higher end squier models you'll be surprised at how good they are
  9. it would seem so, thanks for all your help much appreciated
  10. The difference i have noticed is the banjo tuners on my FB have a Tbar affair on the front rather than the domed ones so that might be it hell i dont care i love it, the mojo this thing has is awesome
  11. Thanks for the replies its just nice to know more about it that's all
  12. ok so mines a 2011, that makes it a studio, but the twist is its a custom shop limited edition, whats the difference if there is any? It just seems theres not enough info out there on them, i read your wiki it doesnt seem to be on there either
  13. Is the Epiphone Firebird a thru neck like the gibson or is it just a set neck?
  14. i'm not sure if i am going to do anything to my firebird, and definately not right away i love the sound of the stock pups,i may get some chrome pup surrounds but that just an asthetic thing otherwise i am a happy bunny
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