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  1. To all that responded to me about my stolen ES-347, thank you for the condolences and kind words. All your suggestions are helpful, at least I know I AM doing all I can to find it. I cruise all the local pawn shops, have filed the police and insurance report. I have not found my photographs I took of it (including serial number) but am still searching. It looks exactly like the one on this blog from Fred, blond, with the switch on the lower horn. Not all 347's have that switch. Still looking, kind of like a loss of a loved one!
  2. I had a ES-347 as of 3 days ago, my home was broken into and they took the guitar. It was a guitar that my buddy had before he died at an early age. I purchased it from his wife so I could have one of his instruments. Very sentimental. My ES-347 was exactly like the one posted, blond. But mine had a switch on the lower horn. Glad I have renter insurance and I am hoping to find one just like mine. It is hard to adjust to the loss of a guitar, ES-347's are beautiful guitars.
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