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  1. Hey guys!! I have really enjoyed reading this thread the last year or so and wanted to thank everybody for their pioneering spirit. After accidentally finding a BC 30 on eBay about 18 months ago I found it very appealing to the eye so I did some research and found this thread wich made me buy the amp. To my surprise this amp had all the tags still on it and came in the original box!! It truly looked beand new. Guy said he just used it in his living room. After using everything from a Paula to a tele on it, and treble permanently dialed 0 I made the decision to do Papa's mods. Well that decision was made 8 months ago but then our little baby girl popped out and didn't let me get to much of anything anymore. Yesterday I finally did the mods C3 C5 and C6. Having a 2006 model I also changed the two Resistors R 15 and R 21. ......I am ... Well , going nuts on this amp since....!!! 😁I'll be working on trying different tube setups in the weeks to come but as for now... Rock and Roll!!! I do a lot of rhythm in blues country southern rock styles so finding my own style and sound has always been important to me. You guys made me come very close to what I'm looking for. Only other thing ill be doing is looking into some of jefrs mods and see if they appeal or not....Rock on!
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