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  1. Actually, standard ivory (the kind most chess pieces are made out of) is softer than bone but is less porous. West African hard ivory on the other hand is much harder (and more expensive). I'd suggest going with fossilised Walrus ivory. Looks and sounds great!
  2. This guy, he knows what he's talking about [thumbup] Best overall sounding guitar I've owned. Not to boomy, not to trebley, not to loud (great with male vocals) and a stunner in the looks department. If you can get a pre 2012 one even better, the few I've seen recently have sitka tops and two piece bridges (and almost certainly 2 piece finger boards). Mine has an aid top and is flawlessly put together!
  3. 2 things that might help (they certainly helped me!): 1. Learn some basic fingerpicked numbers based around very simple chord changes (the less your brain has to deal with the better at this point). Don't start to simple though, perhaps something like Stack O Lee by Mississippi J Hurt or Alice's Restaurant if your feeling adventurous. Developing independent thumb bass will put you in a great place to go on. 2. Jam the heck out of the pentatonic or blues scale in 3-4 positions using just your fingers (no picks). I don't think jam tracks are necessary, but they might help you get into the playing more. 3. Country chords! Pick the hell out of them. Jam out all the classics and learn some tracks you can perform (Angie, Black Sheep Boy, Rex's Blues). 4. Improvise and write your own tunes! 5. That was more than 2 things wasn't it... Dunno if anyone else would agree with this, but it's pretty much what I did and I've never had a lesson in my life.
  4. Try it first dude. I love big necks on my guitars (have a TV J45 and a 57 Lester Gold Top both with big necks) but couldn't deal with the size of the one on the Legend. It's ok for picking, but I found it to big for rhythm work (though you may have bigger hands than me). I had a really nice Martin 000-28VS for a while which had a similar sized neck.
  5. You got dem blues alright. Lovely feeling, could listen to that all morning.
  6. That was awesome. banging version of a classic! Is it you singing?
  7. What a delightful way to spend my morning, hot cup o tea, slice of lemon cake and your two tracks to listen to. Amazing work and really well recorded!
  8. Ah, I think it's some odd edition Martin did, certainly not a D18 which is what I always thought it was. I looked in the sound hole a few months back but I have a memory like a sieve. Oh and the pickguard is just another stuck next to the first. I can tell you everything you want to know about the gibson though
  9. Ahaha how could I take offence to being likened (looks wise at least) to a musical legend!
  10. Fantastic thread and some wonderful versions. Here's our interpretation of Deadflowers:
  11. Wow, I just logged in before bed and wow! What a wonderful and lovely supprise to read all these positive comments! You guys have made my week.
  12. So, I've been a member of the forum for a few years now (not the most prolific of posters but I like to browse daily). I've always written and performed my own songs and was recently lucky enough to find a kindred spirit to write, perform and record with. This was about a year ago and we've just finished recording our first album 'Peace To The Wanderer'. The album officially comes out at the end of June with a supporting tour to follow shortly after, but we have just received a 3 track promo sampler. As you guys have been such a great influence over the past few years (I've been introduced to countless great artists and styles I would probably never have heard of) I would like to be able to offer everyone on the forum a listen of the album when it's released. If your interested pm me and I'll send you a link when the time comes. I've uploaded the tracks from the sampler to Youtube and posted them below and would love some feedback. Also, if anyone is in the UK and is up for getting together for a few gigs at somepoint, that would be fantastic! You can hook up with us on our facebook page Anyway, we're called Birdbrother and you can have a listen one of the tracks below (the other 2 are on our youtube channel)
  13. Man, thanks so much for putting me on to this, you've just made my afternoon a whole lot more fun!
  14. Man, I'm going to have to get saving! Just finished - Nick Drake, The Pink Moon Files, which was a lovely beach read (if a little depressing at times)
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