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  1. I got this one on my Black Beauty But the flower things are a lot prettier.
  2. Yeah sorry, didn't know where else to post it. Only got this picture of the head. But what is it that doesn't look right?
  3. So I got an offer to buy a Gibson ES-335 from 1999. But I'm not sure if it's real because the price is kinda low (€380). Description: Body is Laminated Maple, Neck Maple met rosewood toets, Medium sized frets, Crome hardware 2 Alnico Humbuckers Chrome Dot inlays 2 tone en 2 volume pots 3way toggleswitch om te kunnen schakelen tussen de pickups gesloten Tulip Oliebadmechanieken Gibson decal Gibson label Pictures: So what do you guys think? Buy or not buy?
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