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    For the moment, my new Epiphone LP standard.
  1. You are all so kind You (kidblast and Gordy) are telling me very carefully that the action is too high . “If after a while you find the action still a bit high” yes, the moment is there already . Ok,. I lowered it down to your specs and the way with the capo on pos. one. Yes, NOW it plays smoothly :D ThanX!
  2. Thanks everybody! That’s a relief,… I did it and I do not experience any problems. The picture is my setup now. I got the action on E1 0.070 and E6 on 0.076. That’s the best I can get. Is that ok? It feels smooth
  3. After playing my 40 years old Godwin Leslpaul (frets are now 0.6mm) I purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Standard

  4. Hi everybody! I just purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Great instrument! But like the way it is set up, you cannot intonate it. The 1st,2nd and 3rd string saddles need to be turned around on the bold to get the intonation done. Can I do that without consequences regarding sustain or tone? Is this the way to use these saddles on a Tunomatic? Or are the saddles cut for one way only? Greetings, AutonomY
  5. Intonationproblems on Epiphone

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