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  1. This is what I put into my Epi LP over a year ago and I like it alot. http://douglas2000.com/joomla/jimmy-page-wiring You need pickups with 4 conductors and 4 push/pull pots. Parts were not expensive that I got from Ebay. Iet took me about an hour to wire it and got it right the first time, but I have done projects similar to this before, just not in a guitar. -Chris
  2. I have a 339 pro with the Grover vintage and I don't care for them. But I put some new Grover 502c locking tuners on my Epi Les Paul and they aren't a whole lot better. I much prefer the old Grover's on my '88 Charvel and the new fender locking tuners I put on my strat.
  3. I got rs 2014 for myself for Christmas and I am enjoying it. I have the PC version and it works great on my laptop as long as I don't use hdmi audio. I've only been a bedroom player and it's really helping me with playing more accurately since it's much harder to gloss over when I make a mistake. My one gripe is that learning solos with this is hard and wish they had a tab view. I immediately inverted the neck to match tab since playing with the see thru neck was hard for me.
  4. I was considering one that gc had on a big sale until I played it. Neck is really fat and uncomfortable for my hands and the back of the neck had sticky paint syndrome. Am much happier with 2011 Epi lp std I got used.
  5. I put the borsanova Jp wiring with 22 options in my epi lp. I really like it. I have a Duncan sh1 in neck and sh5 in bridge. I bought push pulls off eBay for around $24 for 4 and they work great.
  6. I have put Dunlop locks on my 5 electrics, including an epi les paul and es-339 and none have needed any modification, just screw in. I am very happy with them.
  7. Here are my two epi's. 2011 LP with Seymour Duncan's and jimmy page wiring and a stock 2012 es-339. Right now the LP is my go to guitar. Chris
  8. Here is the Borsanova version I built and all of the combinations: No. PU BV BT NV NT 01* R dn == == dn neck humbucker 02 R dn == dn up neck screw coil 03 R dn == up up neck slug coil 04* T dn dn == dn bridge humbucker 05* T dn up == dn bridge dual (parallel) 06 T dn up == up bridge screw coil 07* M dn dn dn dn bridge and neck humbuckers parallel 08* M dn up dn dn bridge dual and neck humbucker parallel 09 M dn dn dn up bridge humbucker and neck screw coil parallel 10* M dn up dn up bridge screw coil and neck screw coil parallel 11* M dn dn up dn bridge and neck humbuckers parallel out of phase 12* M dn up up dn bridge dual and neck humbucker parallel out of phase 13 M dn dn up up bridge humbucker and neck slug coil parallel out of phase 14* M dn up up up bridge screw coil and neck slug coil parallel out of phase 15* == up dn dn dn bridge and neck humbuckers in series 16* == up up dn dn bridge dual and neck humbucker in series 17 == up dn dn up bridge humbucker and neck screw coil in series 18* == up up dn up bridge screw coil and neck screw coil in series 19* == up dn up dn bridge and neck humbuckers in series out of phase 20* == up up up dn bridge dual and neck humbucker in series out of phase 21 == up dn up up bridge humbucker and neck slug coil in series out of phase 22* == up up up up bridge screw coil and neck slug coil in series out of phase The combinations signed with * should be fully hum-cancelling. Moreover, by turning down the neck tone to zero, the combinations 15-18 can be turned to a broadbucker ™ configuration with contemporarily more trebles and bass. The effect will be most evident with combination no. 16.
  9. My 2011 honeyburst LP got upgraded guts today: duncan sh1 in the neck, sh5 in the bridge, and the borsanova twenty dual mix wiring that is a version of the jimmy page wiring. Surprisingly it worked right off the bat considering how complicated the wiring is. I've only had a little time to play with it but its pretty amazing the number of different sounds I can get out of it now. Can't wait to have a few hours free to really go through it all. If anyone is interested in the wiring diagram, lmk and I will post it. It only took maybe 2 hours to complete it all. Chris
  10. I would say you really need to go play a bunch of different LP's and then decide. I decided I wanted a LP and went to GC and played all of the Epi's and Gibson's that were easy to get to (anything less than $1200), and every one felt different. Some of the neck on both brands I liked and some I hated. Some are heavier than others. Some have "sticky" necks and some don't. I definitely don't get along with 50's style necks. One Gibson studio had an interesting neck that wasn't super slick but not sticky either, not sure what it was coated with. In the end, I got a used Epi LP plustop off of CL with a few mods and I like it very much. -Chris
  11. I hardly play the Ibanez or the Charvel anymore, I've owned them since like 1987 and just haven't let them go. More sentimental I guess. I usually now play the Fender and the LP or 339.
  12. New to me at least. A 2011 with a sd 59 in bridge, 50s wiring and Grover tuners. Future plans are a sd 59 in neck and Jimmy Page wiring. I am very hit and miss on lp necks and this has a great one. This is my 2nd Epi, joining an es-339 i got last summer.
  13. My Es-339 Pro buzzed really bad when I got it. I ended up raising the action a bit on the low strings and then ended up taking it back to the shop to have their tech check it. Problem was that the frets aren't completely level across the entire board. He said I could get another but the chances of it being perfect are slim, and next one might be worse. Or pay $100US for a fret level. I ended up leaving the action higher than as it came, which I have no problem with. Buzz isn't noticeable through amp now, but still is when not plugged in.
  14. I have never played a Wildkat, but bought an ES-339 pro sight unseen after playing an Es-339 Ultra at GC. Got it for $340 after a 15% coupon. The guitar looks awesome and plays really well. I really like the humbuckers with coil tapping for versatility. Also like the neck on it. Most LP necks I have tried I have not liked. Only problem I had were frets aren't super even so you cant go real low on the action. I didnt want to spend additional $100 for a fret level. Love the sound of it through my modeler of a JCM800 and tube screamer. If it was stolen, I would get another one. -Chris
  15. It might be blasphemy, but I ended up buying a new Fender gig bag for $12 for my 339.
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