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  1. I have to agree on the JCM800 myself. I had one built for me by Aris Amplification, he's also my dentist. Sounds incredible. It's the 50 watt version and is more than enough for what I need. I have downsized my amplifiers to more fit my needs. Give the Fender Supersonic a try also. I picked one up used and it's a great grab and go amp. I have one Fender 65 re-issue and it'a also a good grab and go. Toss a distortion pedal at it and it sounds nice also. My go to amps are my JCM 800 clone and I have a couple Blackstar heads I like very well also. If I had to only own one it would be the JCM800.
  2. Yea, no kidd'n. I have 3 of the 2008 series Standards. Love the necks on them. They all sound different too, but in a good way. I have one Traditional also but like the Standards better. Just picked up a new Gary Moore tribute model yesterday. Need to get my strings of choice on it and install the Graph Tech saddles on the G,B,& E strings and it will be set how I like them. Another different tone tool. Good luck finding your Blue model. Try Chicago Music Exchange too. I got my 08' Standard made in 2012 Gold Top from them. Good folks to deal with and they will negotiate.
  3. Tuner update, I called Grover directly this morning and explained the tuning peg issue slipping back out of the body. Chuck, says although rare, he has seen this issue before were an internal snap ring may be the fault. He said ship it to them and they will replace it. Problem solved.
  4. Hope somebody has an answer to this odd occurrence. The model in question is a 2008 standard model with the locking tuners made in 2010. I was changing strings tonight and the B string wouldn't tune up. It was slipping, so I checked the locking thumb-wheel to be sure I hadn't lost my mind and it was tight and the string was locked into place. Then I noticed the peg was much lower than the rest. I flipped the guitar over and noticed the worm gear was exposed. I pushed up on it and it went into place and I tightened the locking sleeve and thought it had just come loose no big deal. I proceeded tune up and I was watching the peg and it started coming back down again so I pushed up from the back side to keep it in place, then it tuned up. I just played it for an hour and it does stay in tune, as much as one can expect after changing strings. Thought I'd take a break and ask here what the heck is going on. I have four of these guitars and this has never happened before. Any thought's out there? Do I have a defective machine?
  5. I posted earlier of my recent experience with my first on line purchase from Chicago Music Exchange. It was suppose to arrive tomorrow and to my surprise my wife called and said my guitar was delivered today. It was a used 2008 Gold Top Standard made in 2010. The manager assured me that it was a 10 with no blems, dings, rash or issues. I just opened the box and he was right. It's a 10 condition GT with no issues. They tossed in a bunch of picks and a microfiber towel and polish. It also appears to have a fresh set of D'Addario strings installed. Had to get back to work so I couldn't play it but will do a set up when I get home from work today and play it all evening. I'll have to call them and express my grin I have with their service and merchandise. May go as far as a like on my FB page. I think I'm feeling sick and must go home early today B)
  6. That's nice specimen and welcome to the forum. My Standards have what they call locking "keystone" tuners. My Standards are the 2008 model so not sure if they are the same or not. But you came to the right place for an answer. Also try the Les Paul forum, there's some knowledgeable folks there too. Good luck fixing your baby.
  7. I've always purchased a guitar privately or new in store until..... yesterday. I had been looking for the LP Standard 2008 model in gold top to add to my stable. Hard to find them new anywhere since the 2012 & 2013 came out and as far as I'm concerned Gibson ruined a good thing. Tuesday I found one used at Chicago Music Exchange claiming to be in 10 condition other than a cracked tone knob. That didn't bother me as long as it was a 10, no dings, buckle rash or other cosmetic issues. While on line examining it, I had one of those pop up's for chat and I replied. After some brief chat exchange, the manager called me and he was very pleasant to deal with. He assured me as he was inspecting it that it was perfect as the pictures showed in detail. He excepted my offer including free shipping to Ca. and he threw in a new knob to boot. He said if I am not happy with the guitar, I have 30 days to return it on their dime. The case is assured in as good condition including original case ingredients. So my experience with the vendor was good, no excellent. The new fiddle should show up by this Friday unless weather in Chicago has flights down, just in time for me to string it and go to an invite jam / practice on Saturday.
  8. Possibly, I have a HB 2008 model made in 2008 and it sounds a bit chunky / fatter than my CB 2008 made in 2010 on the same settings. BTW, my search for a gold top 2008 is over !!!! I found one in 10 condition made in 2010 from Chicago Music Exchange. I've never purchased on line before until now. I Have always bought new in store or private party were I can touch feel etc. The store manager accepted my offer including the shipping and no tax. He guarantees the guitar is perfect no dents, buckle rash or nicks or blemishes in the top gold coating. He said I can return it in 30 days if I'm not happy with it. In fact my phone just got an e-mail that it's been shipped. I will have it on Friday and I get to show up at practice Saturday with it. I'll put my new favorite strings on it and set it up and away we go! I'm stoked, I really didn't want to settle for the newer models that I don't like.
  9. I like the 2008 model so well I have two of them, cherry B and a honey B I'm currently trying to find a 2008 Gold Top but missed out on one from AMS. now that I have the dough saved up for one and mission control approves, I can't find one any were. I don't want the 2012 or the 2013 because I don't give a crap about push pull pot splitting or the skinny *** neck. I think Gibson messed up by not keeping this model in their line up. I'm still searching.....
  10. Well, they've done it again. Another JB artist model. That makes three and they still can't get it right. http://jbonamassa.com/gibson/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter7Tribut+Batched&utm_content=Newsletter7Tribut+Batched+CID_524eda6ccb5feaee3124a7e3548a5ca4&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Gibson%20releases%20Joe%20Bonamassa%20Les%20Paul%20Standard%20Read%20more Even though a big JB fan myself, I won't be in line for one until they get it right. In this video, it does not appear to be the guitar as advertised.The one in the video is a clear mahogany back. MSRP is 6k. Once it hits the streets it may be around 4.2k-4.5k plus your state taxes. This appears to be nothing more than a 2013 model with the black trim and the back painted black, the tone and volume knobs changed and a signature truss rod cover. No JB SD pu's or the real deal neck shape. Not a fan of the 60's slim neck but do like the asymmetrical necks on the 2008 Standard plus models, I have two of them and the Traditional as well and like those neck shapes. I think Gibson and Joe missed it on this one.... or is there something special about this guitar I'm not understanding?
  11. I think you'd like the 57 set. I didn't want the new 2012/2013 SG so grabbed up the last Standard fresh out of the box before it got to the shred monkeys. It came with the 490/498 set which I don't care for at all for my playing. Since I've got other Gibby's with the 57's and others with the BP PRo in them I decided to go with these instead. http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/sets/hot_rodded_humb/ I had them in a SE PRS and liked the tone a lot.... hated that skinny neck though. They sound great in the SG and am happy with my choice. The BP Pro's are different than the standard BP series. Swapping them out yourself isn't that difficult and they usually include instructions. If your not comfortable with DIY, music stores that have a guitar tech don't charge much for installing them and they will usually install and set them up for free if you buy them from them. Good luck, tone is like a rainbow... ever ending search.
  12. I did a lot of reading on this subject and it pretty much boils down to a players preference of feel. The biggest benefit is that you can drop the stop bar down to the body studs and tighten them down. This will increase harmonic resonance into the guitar and help sustain. I tried the wrap and non wrapped and the wrap did feel a bit slinkier, this could help with higher gauge strings. I stick with 10's so it's a non issue for me and I'm not marring the finish of the SB. Being a machinist, I really do not care for the strain the stud inserts pressed into the wood body and the strain on the studs themselves. I know Gibson has been doing this for years but it just didn't seem right to me. My fix to this was to measure each of my LP's, SG's and my 339 Stop bar distance from the bottom of the SB to the top of the body with each guitar bridge set up to my liking. I then machined 316 stainless steal spacers to fit each hold down screw location. I then polished the stainless spacers with a scotch brite wheel and then a buffing wheel. They look great, will not ever rust or tarnish and increased the harmonics into the body of the guitar. I can feel the harmonic difference in the neck. Does it effect sustain? maybe a little, about 10% but it did help the tone maybe 30% better. I mentioned this spacer mod to a buddy of mine and he said he saw them at Stew Mac for 30+ bucks for a set of three different length spacers. Ok great, 30 bucks for a set of spacers and the other two pair goes where? Didn't make sense to me. Now, If I get another guitar, it's the first thing I do is set it with my string of choice up and make the spacers the correct length. I also turn my non locking Stop Bars into locking Stop Bars by drill and tapping the SB to accept the set 3mm set screws that come on the LP Standard Plus models. The angle will depend on the bridge set up and that will vary from one guitar to the next so shooting for a given angle will be difficult to achieve.
  13. Crappy shot, I took it last night... need to do another one. Here are most of them, my favorites any way.
  14. Toolman


    And yours reminds me of when I'm having a bad day at work and want to go into the parking lot and scream Pick attack (like raking your right hand #1 finger on attack) will have an effect on tone and materials will also. So far I really like these Graph Tech 1.oomm tusk picks so far. Interesting reading and getting opinions on this. Oh oh....time for that quality time with mission control now...
  15. Sam ash is blowing out the Haze 15 watt head for 249 and each cabinet is 149. I was reluctant to own one of these but since I had a Haze 40 and am happy with it. I pulled the trigger on the complete stack of both cabs and head for 600 bucks. It's now my go to take to open mic night set and it doesn't weigh a ton and it gets through the mix very well. It has a decent trem, delay and chorus effect built in of which I use and keep the pedal board at home. Or you may consider a Blackstar 20 watt combo that's in your price range. I don't own any Vox amps, but those that do like them. Just not my cup of joe. I also have a Tweed NOS blues Jr. and it's not my favorite for my Gibson's but it's a grab and go amp to take to a buddy's house. I get my best tone out of my Blackstar 50 watt head and cab with an EVL Classic speakers but that sends the dogs running upstairs. Happy shopping
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