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  1. Dream Theater- Pull Me Under (they have troves of incredible songs, that was their only radio hit however) Van Halen- Jump (during the Roth era, their only #1.)
  2. Yessir, I got her to F# standard with 12-56s, so i'm gonna go to 60s and see what I can do. still wondering about the LP however.
  3. I'm a huge Bonamassa fan, and if I were in the market for a 335, that's where i'd go.
  4. I'm sure many websites sell internationally, and if not, contact a pal in the US to buy it and ship it to you.
  5. I have a gretsch g5566, so I know how it feels to play a baritone. I was wondering a few things about the LP baritone- 1) My gretsch has a scale of 28.5", how different would it feel? 2) Would octave down tuning work? thanks cheers
  6. Jim X

    My LP Studio

    Nope- she's still in the process of being refinned.
  7. Jim X

    My LP Studio

    I did a little magic and got GC to repair it for free. It wasn't pretty, but after the refin it'll look good as new. Ha! Good catch.
  8. Jim X

    My LP Studio

    Hey everybody. A little over a year ago, I found myself with a 1993 Les Paul Studio, with a broken headstock. Got it for $600. May have overpaid a bit, but i'm fine with it. When it arrived, this is what it looked like: Well, being the way I am, my first thought was mods. Just aesthetic mods to make it more custom and pleasing. It quickly became this (I apologize for bad iPod photos): Which then became this: And for a few months, was finalized as this: I had it like that for a few months, but as you can see in the last photo on th
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