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  1. Looks like Brian Mayes first attempt. I would have put it away too.
  2. Hey Neo, You do know that there are forums specifically geared to political crap, right? Or can't you keep up with people that frequent those forums? Just sayin', cause it seems like you don't give a squat about music or guitars, so why not take it where it's appreciated? I know I don't speak for everyone, but I'm gettin' tired of it myself. Apparently so have many other people, but they just gave up and left, rather than call out the people that are ruining a good thing.
  3. I hope your gig is a few months away. That's a lot of material to learn, and you can only go as fast as your slowest band member.
  4. Gotta have "Young Lust" by Pink Floyd, and "Low" by Cracker. Both are fairly easy to learn. If you can pull it off, "Swamp Music" by Skynyrd is fun song. Gets the dance floor hoppin'. Long time ago, my buds and I used to play at a bunch of hole in the wall redneck joints, and we'd do the "Munsters" theme for a break song. I kid you not, it was always the song that would pack the dance floor. It was hilarious to watch people get off to that song.
  5. Rolling Rock used to be the cheapest beer you could buy. It was the true hobo drunk's choice. Somehow, it's now been lifted up to the status of the good stuff. It's a strange world.
  6. On the rocks, with a twist.
  7. Mojo? Does that mean "Hard to tune, and sounds bad"? Believe me, you won't like a Harmony, unless you plan to play slide.
  8. Man, that's just awesome. :) This is actually one of the songs I was hearing as a kid, and made me want to play guitar. The quality of the vid isn't great, but the song is very moving.
  9. Younger sister, strung out on coke and crack for like 18 years. She just recently got herself together, and appears to be done with the drugs. A year ago, I was still expecting to hear from the police that she was dead.
  10. Silvertones are junk, seriously. If you get an old one, you just have old junk. Try out a company called Kona. They make a killer A/E for under $200. I bought one of their thinline A/Es from a pawn shop a few years ago, and after a good setup it outplays most any guitar I've ever tried, and that includes Martin, Gibson, whatever.
  11. Harmonica and keyboards. Learning violin.
  12. Is the Blackheart a tube amp?
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