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  1. Here's a little eye candy for those that appreciate the Gibson J-45. My favorite guitar as well. This is a 2010 Custom Shop version. Picture taken today by my son. Love the fall colors.
  2. Interesting comment. I owned a guitar shop that sells mid to higher-end guitars from major manufacturers plus some high-end custom built guitars. The shop also does repairs and setups on acoustics and electrics. During my tenure, I've seen literally thousands of guitars come through the shop and we at least checked the setups ... or did a complete setup .. on every one. The Blonde Beauty guitars have 3 ply maple necks which is quite uncommon on a regular production level guitar ... acoustic or electric. In fact, it's the only non-custom built electric guitar I've ever seen with a m
  3. It's maple. Probably more figured than some ... almost "curly maple". I think the lighting in the room when I took the pictures makes it look a little darker than it really is. BigKahune .. thanks for the info and link. RCE
  4. Trying to confirm information on this Les Paul Standard that I just acquired. I have found references to it being called the "Blonde Beauty" which was built in limited numbers in 2007. It is chambered ... weighs about 8 lbs. Burstbucker pickups. Three piece maple neck (which is unusual) is flamed. Top of the body is highly flamed maple. Back is mahogany. All hardware is gold. Searching the 'net results in some conflicting information, so I thought maybe a Gibson guru here might know what the real story is behind this guitar. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, I see it everyday. It's hanging on the wall in the guitar shop I used to own. Visitors get a kick out of it and reading "the story".
  6. I bought this a while back on eBay. It came with the following story. (I had the year wrong ... it's a 1958): -------------------------------------------------------------- This is what remains of my 1958 Gibson J45. I bought this guitar in 1964 in a pawn shop in Jacksonville, Florida when I was 17 years old. I traded my brand new Gibson LG1 and $25. Over the next 10 years I practiced, took lessons, watched other players, had top pickers show me finger by finger, fret by fret, string by string all different kinds of 'hot licks.' I never improved by a single note. The most f
  7. Here's a nice '53 J-45 that is hanging on my wall:
  8. I thought that forum members might get a chuckle out of this. A little explanation first: I used to own an informal guitar shop in which we installed a performance stage, sound system, lights, etc. and held weekly "Open Mic" nights and a few small concerts. One of the regulars who attended the Open Mic nights was "Nanci" who is featured in this video. Nanci, along with other solo performers, often asked the other person featured .. "Brian" ... to accompany them by playing some lead guitar parts to their songs. Brian is a great guy and an excellent musician. He is also well kno
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