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  1. How do you find the hipshots? Just bought a second hand Gothic Explorer and don't like the tuners.
  2. Gotta go with the Virtuoso cleaner and polish. I read it about it on these forums, we don't have it in Australia so ordered it from the USA. Make sure you use a 100% cotton cloth and it is awesome!
  3. Awesome! If anyone deserves a tribute it's Mr Rhoads.
  4. I had a DSL 100 and loved it - liked the ability to scoop the mids with the push of a button, 2 channel flexibility and built in reverb. But then... I bought a Mesa Dual Rectifier with Mesa cab - I thought I had tone before, but now it sounded great! But then... visited my friend the amp tech who swapped out the 6L6s and went with JJ EL34s, and even though Mesa says that you don't need to, I had the amp biased. Awesome - I had discovered tone. But then... didn't like the level of noise so bought an ISP Decimator ProRack G and discovered it worked best with a series Loop so had my amp modded. Killer tone! Went from a convoluted set of different pedals, Musicman guitars, and stripped it right back to 2 Les Pauls (1 standard, 1 classic), a ModFactor, Wampler delay, DBX Compressor, Decimator and RJM gear to control it. I have finally found the tone that I want. But then... To be continued
  5. I'm in! Totally concur with Billy Bob. I've had a few cheap guitars in the past - Vantage V, Squire Fat Strat, OLP Luke, OLP Petrucci etc and then I lashed out and bought some nice guitars. I started with a Musicman 2008 Luke, then a 2008 Petrucci JP6. I then bought a 2006 Limited Edition Luke, and they are all really nice guitars. Then about a month ago my mate brought over his Les Paul (2000 Standard with 60's neck, 500t and 496R) and we did a tone comparison. I have a Mesa Dual recto and we played one guitar after the other through the same amp with the same settings. I really liked the sound of the Les Paul and I could feel a case of GAS coming on. I cashed out 2 weeks of my Accrued Time Off and Lo and Behold, it came out that I was paid out the exact amount my other mate was selling his 2003 Les Paul Standard for. I took it home for what was going to be a couple of weeks to see if I liked it - plugged it in and started playing. Exactly like Billy Bob said, I couldn't put the thing down! I played non-stop for about 3 hours and then picked it up again at 5.30 the next morning. By eleven o'clock I had rung my mate, transferred the funds and was now the proud owner of my first Les Paul. Like Billy Bob said, I found it has inspired me to play different styles and I am just loving the richness of tone. I am jamming with the band next Wednesday and I can hardly wait. I just bought a Source Audio programmable EQ, which is the size of a small stompbox, has 4 EQ presets and can be midi-controlled. Between that and the Les Paul, boy I'm having some fun!
  6. Thanks for that - that's great. The colours look really different there from the brochure they sent me. I think the closest is the Cherry Sunburst
  7. That's what Service@gibson told me it was - what do you reckon it is? I thought it looked more like a Cherry Sunburst myself.
  8. I have a 2003 Standard with the vintage looking tuners - they look exactly like the ones in this clip so I assume they're Klusons. This clip shows a bloke reaming out the holes for the Grovers, but the reason I'm looking at Gotohs is so I don't have to do this. I've fitted Schallers and Sperzels to other guitars and never had to do this - no way I want to do it to my first Les Paul. I haven't removed the tuning posts but the post itself appears about 6mm, so I guess with the spacer the holes would be about 10mm. The Gotohs look like they should fit right in, whereas the Grovers seem to require reaming, just wondering if anyone has bad things to say about the Gotohs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4nC0wR-3Y
  9. After some opinion - has anybody tried or heard anything about the Gotoh SD90 Locking Tuners - I looked at the Grovers and you have to ream your holes out - not really comfortable doing that to my Les Paul. The Gotohs look like they screw straight in to the existing holes but they have a 15/1 gear ratio as opposed to 18/1 on the Grovers. Any thoughts, oh wise ones? Cheers John G
  10. Hi, I just bought this LP, serial number is 03263591 I think I understand how the serial number works – I believe it is the 91st guitar made on the 326th day of 2003. (Please correct me if I'm wrong). However, I am hoping someone can tell me a bit more about the model, what pickups came with it etc - I know it has a Seymour Duncan SH4 or 5 in the bridge now, not sure what it originally had or what it has in the neck.Would appreciate any advice - I'm a Gibson newb.
  11. Just got my first Les Paul - I thought my Musicman guitars were heavy! I play standing up so I get a workout at the same time I have found in the past that if I learned to play something sitting down, when I stood up and played with the band there was a period of adjustment to get used to the different positioning so I just stand. On another note (no pun intended), I thought I had a decent tone happening before - then I plugged in the Les Paul - wow! I guess I'd better get ready for the next phase of Gear Acquisition Syndrome...
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