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  1. greetings from Mad Scientist Guitar ....I have a 1938 Cromwell on my bench at the moment, fixing a neck heel crack that will require some color matching to re'stain .....in an effort to get my color shade just right, I'd like to do my test swipes on the same exact wood that this neck is constructed from ....anybody happen to know, definitively, what wood the Kalamazoo factory utilized in 1938 for these Cromwell necks ? ....this would be a huge assist in getting the stain color just right .....THANK YOU for your help, be safe -
  2. hello again guys ....looking for leads as to where I can obtain a brand new set of pick-ups for a mid-80s bass I am restoring ......this bass has the dual offset neck pick-ups and the single bar bridge pick-up ......they will have to be direct drop-in perfect fit for these routes ......also, they need to be passive, as this bass is no longer active ......any help highly appreciated, THANK YOU
  3. Be.eM ....THANK YOU for this informative reply ....I have an entire bridge coming from a seller that I may utilize entirely or just pull the 4 saddles, but I will keep your reference for the Spirit spare parts from Hohner in Germany .....interestingly, I do have a friend in Germany who I can contact about ordering from Hohner there, so that's a big plus .....again, thank you Bernd
  4. greetings and welcome to 2020 all .....I am in need of locating a set of 4 string saddles for a Steinberger bass from the early (to mid) 80s I am restoring .....see pic, I just need the 4 string saddles ....any concrete direction to a set would be fantastic, I've already sent Steingberger (Gibson) a note asking for their assist as well .....all help & pointers highly appreciated, THANK YOU
  5. Is there any definitive way to tell if the pots removed from a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top are the very same pots that were installed by Gibson in the factory when the guitar was new ?? .... I believe they are all replacements but 1 has stamped writing on the side of its case that says CM45429 500K 19-8609 ......my gut tells me this 1 pot may be factory Gibson from 1972, but I think that all of the other 3 are replacements ......let me know guys, thanks for the assist !!
  6. Restoring a 1972 Sg with the old school (stamped Gibson) bigsby-type tremolo......the arm is missing and I'm looking to get one for it.......can anyone assist me ?? THANKS !!!
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