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  1. Be.eM ....THANK YOU for this informative reply ....I have an entire bridge coming from a seller that I may utilize entirely or just pull the 4 saddles, but I will keep your reference for the Spirit spare parts from Hohner in Germany .....interestingly, I do have a friend in Germany who I can contact about ordering from Hohner there, so that's a big plus .....again, thank you Bernd
  2. greetings and welcome to 2020 all .....I am in need of locating a set of 4 string saddles for a Steinberger bass from the early (to mid) 80s I am restoring .....see pic, I just need the 4 string saddles ....any concrete direction to a set would be fantastic, I've already sent Steingberger (Gibson) a note asking for their assist as well .....all help & pointers highly appreciated, THANK YOU
  3. Is there any definitive way to tell if the pots removed from a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top are the very same pots that were installed by Gibson in the factory when the guitar was new ?? .... I believe they are all replacements but 1 has stamped writing on the side of its case that says CM45429 500K 19-8609 ......my gut tells me this 1 pot may be factory Gibson from 1972, but I think that all of the other 3 are replacements ......let me know guys, thanks for the assist !!
  4. Restoring a 1972 Sg with the old school (stamped Gibson) bigsby-type tremolo......the arm is missing and I'm looking to get one for it.......can anyone assist me ?? THANKS !!!
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