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  1. My first bass was a 1969 Gibson EB0 Long Scale, with the slotted head.
  2. Hey, Call me JD. I have played bass one and off for sometime. This has been mostly for personal enjoyment. I have been using a headphone amplifier, Vox Bass if anybody is interested. Never been quite up to Marshall Stack Ability. I have owned an old Gibby EB-0. Later a Richenbacker 4001, it sounded insanely good with the headphone amp. I have always had flat round strings on my basses. The EB-0 was used and flats were on it. The Rick came with them. Now I have recently purchased a Toby Deluxe IV after many years of inactivity. It feels so balanced and comfortable to hold and play. Only thing is it came with round wound strings. I play using my finger tips. The strings are rough and make that "squeeking" sound. They tend to dig into my fingers instead of sliding off of them. Can any of you seasoned players make a recommendation on a decent set of Medium Flat Wound Strings?? Thanks, JD
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